Friday, 05 October 2018

Desperate North Korea Turns to Bank Hacking Sprees to Rake in Much-needed Dosh

Hackers backed by the North Korea government are attempting to ransack foreign banks to raise funds for the cash-strapped hermit nation.

Researchers at FireEye say that a gang dubbed APT38* are trying to pull off a billion-dollar money grab, and are working separate from the infamous Nork-sponsored Lazarus group.

Link: The Register

Stolen Facebook Logins Selling on Dark Web for Just $3

A number of Facebook accounts compromised in the recent data breach have been spotted on the dark web, selling for just $3.

The find, done by Independent, poses a major security risk as cybercriminals could gain access to personal information and use it to carry out attacks, extort money, or commit identity theft.

Link: News Bytes

Norway Introduces Anti-money Laundering Rules for Virtual Currency Exchanges

The Ministry of Finance has established new money laundering regulations that come into force on 15th October 2018. The new regulations will cover Norwegian providers of virtual currency exchange and storage services. These providers will have to comply with the Money Laundering Act and must be registered with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. A transitional period has been granted for registering with the Authority - this period lasts until 15th January 2019.

Link: Finance Feeds

Apple, Amazon, Deny Bloomberg Report Claiming Cyber Attack by Chinese Spies

Apple Inc and Inc have denied a Bloomberg report claiming their systems had been infiltrated by malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese spies, according to statements from the companies released by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Businessweek cited 17 unidentified intelligence and company sources as saying that Chinese spies had placed computer chips inside equipment used by about 30 companies and multiple United States government agencies, which would give Beijing secret access to internal networks.

Link: ABC News

Move to Cashless Society Will Disproportionately Affect Pensioners & the Poorest in UK

According to new research by customer advice website Which?, the nationwide trend towards cashless transactions will have a harmful effect on the most vulnerable demographics in UK society, including low-income households and pensioners who are the most likely to use cash on a day-to-day basis.

Link: Money Expert

PigeonCoin's Day Long Hack

Pigeoncoin, a rarely traded digital currency, was hacked for a whole day due to a faulty Bitcoin protocol bug where 25% of its total supply was generated.

Link: Crypto Digest

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