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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The FATF is Looking at Exerting More Control Over crypto Exchanges to Combat Money Laundering

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a multi-government agency that is comprised of roughly 200 countries, is clamping down on cryptocurrencies being used in money laundering, terrorism support, and other criminal activities.

As such, the agency is instituting requirements focused on crypto exchanges, requiring them to implement the same AML/CFT protocols that traditional financial institutions have to do.

Link: Micky Media Pty

SIA and SecureIDNews Reveal 2019 Women in Biometrics Award Winners

The Security Industry Association (SIA) and SecureIDNews have announced the winners of the 2019 Women in Biometrics Awards. The winners come from a variety of different sectors, but were all selected for their pioneering contributions to the biometric identity and security industry.

The four 2019 winners are Debra Marcopulos, Dana Michalski, Nicole Spaun, and Sherry Stein.

Link: Find Biometrics

Visa to Acquire Tokenisation and Ticketing Business from Rambus

Visa announced an agreement to buy the tokenisation and ticketing business, formerly known as Bell ID and Ecebs LTD, from Rambus, according to a release.

Link: Mobile Payments Today

Facebook Can't Shake Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Facebook must face a lawsuit stemming from a security lapse that enabled hackers to steal 30 million users' information, a federal judge has ruled.

The legal battle centers on a security glitch uncovered last September, when Facebook reported that hackers had obtained personal data for millions of users worldwide by exploiting a coding vulnerability.

Link: Media Post

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Computer Network HACKED Using GBP-30 Raspberry Pi Computer

A tiny Raspberry Pi computer has been used to steal sensitive data from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), it has emerged.

The credit card-sized computer costs around GBP-30, and has been promoted as a way to teach basic computer science in schools.

However, one of the devices found its way onto the JPL network and has been used to steal 23 files containing approximately 500 MB of data.


CabbageTech Founder & Crypto Trader Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Virtual Currency Case

Between November 2014 and January 2018, McDonnell portrayed himself as an expert in crypto. He reportedly defrauded at least 10 victims of about $194,000 in U.S. currency, 4.41 Bitcoin, 206 Litecoin, 620 Ethereum Classic and 1,342,634 Verge.

Link: Crowdfund Insider

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