Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NFC iPhone Case Rolled Out

The iCarte is a Near Field Communication (NFC) / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader, designed for iPhone 4, to provide NFC two-way communication, RFID read/write and contactless payment capabilities. NFC and RFID tag information can be written and read by the iCarte and communicated to the iPhone. The iCarte has an embedded smart-chip that can be configured as debit, credit, prepaid and loyalty cards, for secure contactless transactions. iCarte can also read NFC Smart Posters, download or upload electronic coupons, tickets or receipts. The iCarte is ideal for iPhone users who want to use their iPhone for fast and secure contactless payments, transit payments, loyalty rewards, checking balances, top-up, discovering new services from smart posters or kiosks and exchanging information with other NFC phones. Business iPhone users can use the iCarte for commercial applications such as asset tracking, document tracking, healthcare, security and access control.

Secure Apple email

Thursby Software Systems has announced secure Apple email support for US government workers in the latest version of its PKard for Mac software.

In Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"), there's no native smart card support. Smart cards are required to handle basic tasks like access to secure web portals and email, mandated by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, or HSPD-12 Previous OS X versions had partial support, covering older smart cards only.

PKard 1.1 adds secure mail signing, encryption and decryption in Apple Mail to the existing Apple Safari and Google Chrome secure web and web VPN access that cover all CAC and PIV smart cards. The update to PKard for Mac is free for existing users and pricing remains at US$29.95 for new users.

Parking with RFID Tags

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading manufacturer of RFID tags and RFID readers, has recently launched an RFID Parking Management Solution which ensures that the system has the ability to efficiently release the vehicle. It will identify, collect and record data information when the vehicle exits automatically.

Compared with the traditional parking management system, the RFID intelligent parking management system has the following characteristics and advantages:

First, the system uses UHF equipment. The RFID parking management system reads tags from a long distance which saves certain processes, and makes the time of passing in and out shorter.

Second, the system is very reliable, has good stability, and low maintenance costs. What's more, it has the capacity for data backup, recovery, and tags replacement. The most important function is that the RFID tag has extremely high confidentiality, good security performance, which can ensure that the car is safe in the parking lot.

All the vehicles passing in and out are controlled by the computer. The computer confirmation and statistics can eliminate the error of manual operation and increase the security of the parking lot, as well as the interests of the investors. Thus, it is also helpful to improve the quality of the realty service and visibility.

Use of the RFID technology can let the vehicle have fast identification speed, high accuracy, and parking management without staff.

PhonepayPlus publishes 10-week public consultation on app-based mobile payments

PhonepayPlus has published a public consultation on its proposed Guidance for app-based mobile payments.

PhonepayPlus has been following developments in the applications ('apps') market for some time. There can be no doubt that apps are revolutionising the way digital content is consumed and paid for in the UK. Apps have the ability to enrich the lives of millions of consumers and are a growing and important part of the UK's digital economy. However, just as with any technological development, they can have their downsides. PhonepayPlus is working closely with many industry providers to understand developments in the apps market - both the opportunities and the threats.

Our aim with this proposed Guidance is to intervene early to ensure that those downside risks do not have a detrimental impact on consumers, children or, indeed, the many legitimate providers of innovative new digital services.

The 10-week consultation closes on 5 December 2011.

FIME Achieves MasterCard Paypass 3.0 Qualification

FIME, a global leader in consulting and market integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications, has achieved MasterCard PayPass 3.0 qualification for its EVAL Test Suite. The tool is the first on the market to be approved by MasterCard for PayPass 3.0, and can test contactless terminals designed to meet the payment system's latest specifications for accepting high value contactless transactions.

The FIME EVAL Test Suite for contactless terminal testing has also recently received qualification from the EMV standards body, EMVCo, to certify that terminals meet its latest Level 2 contactless specifications - EMVCo Book B Entry Point. The tool will be welcomed by terminal manufacturers that need to align to the next generation of EMV mandatory contactless terminal standards, as well as preparing for the future introduction of MasterCard PayPass 3.0 certification requirements.

In addition to the sale of the tool, FIME's ISO 17025 accredited global laboratories use the EVAL Test Suite as part of its official certification activity for both EMVCo and MasterCard.

Frost & Sullivan Award Recognises Touchless Biometric Systems for Exceptional Product Leadership in Biometrics

The 2011 Frost & Sullivan European Product Leadership Award in Biometrics is presented to Touchless Biometric Systems AG (TBS).

"TBS has developed products with greater innovative features, capability and functionality than competing vendors and products," notes Frost & Sullivan Program Manager Balaji Srimoolanathan. "Additionally, the company has developed a powerful technological capability making fingerprint access systems truly usable and convenient."

TBS's solutions are modular and can be easily integrated with other legacy systems within a multimodal biometric system, without having to replace any existing system. This enhances the accuracy of the output of a system at an overall level.

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