Thursday, 08 September 2011

Electronic ID's will Generate US$11Billion

Acuity Market Intelligence has announced that a dramatic shift from traditional National IDs to National Electronic IDs (eIDs) will generate more than US$11 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2013. While the total number of countries with some form of National ID programme is projected to increase just 11%, growing from 126 to 140 between 2010 and 2015, the number of countries with National eID programmes will grow from 67 to 114 over the forecast period, an increase of more than 70%.

According to the research consultancy firm, Europe has both the highest country adoption rates and the highest growth of new National eIDs programmes. Of the 43 European nations with populations exceeding 100,000, 77% will have National eID programs by 2015. However, it is Asia, with dual population titans India and China, which dominates National eID credential and revenue market share, exceeding 400 million credentials and US$7 billion in revenue annually by 2015.

No-Cost Training from Hitachi

Hitachi ID Systems are pleased to announce that, as of October 1, its computer-based training (CBT) program will be available to customers and partners at no cost. The training package is designed to help product administrators quickly and efficiently learn how to configure, manage and support Hitachi ID software

Offering a no-cost CBT helps Hitachi ID Systems customers maximize value from their investment, as more staff learn how to add integrations and automate business processes. In addition to CBTs, Hitachi ID Systems continues to offer instructor-led training to customers and partners, delivered over WebEx and in person.

The 40 hour CBT is designed for individuals responsible for deploying and managing Hitachi ID Password Manager Hitachi ID Identity Manager and Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager. The course material covers product architecture, implementation strategy, software installation, adding integrations, policy and business process implementation, and troubleshooting.

2.5M Commuters to benefit from Ticketless Travel

FirstGroup, the UK's largest bus operator is to spend 27million-pound rolling out contactless card readers across its network of 5000 buses by 2012. This will enable travellers to use their NFC enabled phones, as well as standard debit cards, to pay for their journey.

The system will comply with the Government's ITSO specifications for Smart ticketing

Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Visa & MasterCard

SmartMetric has today filed a lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard concerning both contact and contactless smart card technology when used to automatically access a credit card company network via contact points at ATM or POS machines.

SmartMetric want to inhibit Visa and MasterCard from further infringements as well as a cash reward for damages and a royalty payment.

SmartMetric is a development stage company and has a license to utilize technology to manufacture and sell a fingerprint sensor activated card with a finger sensor on board the card and a built in re-chargeable battery for portable biometric identification.

Report says Teenagers Addicted to their Phone

A new report published by Ofcom has revealed that 60% of teenage smartphone users admitted that they are "highly" addicted to their mobile phone, compared to 37% of adults. The survey, which questioned 2,073 adults and 521 children also revealed that the smartphone is one of the most popular methods of communication in society today, and people are using it in almost every place or situation, say Just Call.

A spokesperson for Just Call comments: Ofcom has revealed that 27% of adults and 47% of teenagers in the UK have a smartphone, and 59% of smartphone owners received them over the past year. But what's really exciting is the study found that while 80% of those surveyed have their phone all day, everyday, 47% of those questioned admitted to using their smartphone when they were using the toilet, which is extraordinary."

In addition to the increasing use of smartphones in everyday life, with 81% of smartphone users admitting to making more calls and sending more texts compared to 53% of regular mobile phone users, the survey also identified how technology was beginning to change the way that people communicated and spent their free time. With 30% of teenage respondents stating that they spent less time playing video games, compared to 23% saying that they didn't watch as much TV as they used to.

EMV Training for Canada and US

An EMV training academy has been set up in Pasadena, California to help with the adoption of EMV Chip and PIN technology for the Canadian and US banking industries.

The academy will offer training courses in test tools and consultancy services covering contact, contactless and NFC mobile payment markets.

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