Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Even Those in the Know Can Be Duped

Jenny Durkan, the Chair of the US Justice Department's CyberCrime subcommittee has had her bank card copied by a criminal gang and her bank account depleted by $1000.

Ms. Durkan told Seattle's King 5 News that she was robbed of her card details in August via a skimming device and camera mounted to an ATM.

Free Mobile App. Makes Booking a Trip Easy

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger service linking the UK and mainland Europe has today launched a free mobile application allowing passengers to book journeys on-the-go and receive tickets direct to their phones.

The Eurostar iPhone app, which is available for Android devices as well as iPhone, allows passengers to book and manage journeys between the UK and Paris, Brussels and Lille. Passengers who book journeys using the Eurostar App will immediately receive a mobile ticket with an electronic barcode on their device. The mobile ticket can then be simply scanned at check-in.

Members of Eurostar's Loyalty Programmes (Eurostar Frequent Traveller and Eurostar Plus Points) can also use the App to earn points when they book and to view their point balances at the touch of a screen. Other functions of the Eurostar mobile app include; live service updates to keep passengers informed of disruptions and a personal profile page, which provides an option to store address details and seating preferences.

The Eurostar App, which was created by Backelite, is available for free from the App Store on iPhone or the Android Market on Android devices.

Swedbank to Deploy Gemalto Protiva Solution

Gemalto has announced that Swedbank is deploying the Protiva corporate solution across its organisation, as well as in 60 savings banks in Sweden. The result: a single global identity management system to provide better access protection for networks and cloud resources. Swedbank is the leading bank in Sweden and the Baltic countries, with 10 million private customers and nearly 700,000 corporate clients. The Protiva solution, part of Gemalto's cloud computing security offer, will secure access to data networks and physical access for 20,000 employees, irrespective of country, branch or IT system. Implemented initially in Sweden, the solution is being deployed across the Baltic countries, as well as in a number of smaller representative offices internationally.

Iran Might be Linked to DigiNotar Stolen Certificates

The Dutch government has announced it is investigating whether Iran may have been involved in hacking state websites after DigiNotar digital certificates were stolen. According to the Reuters newswire, a spokesperson for the Dutch Interior Ministry declined to say whether Iranian authorities in the Netherlands or Iran had been contacted, and said more details would be published in a letter to the Dutch parliament early this week.

As reports that Iran may be linked to the DigiNotar hack of last week, the ArsTechnica newswire said that, despite a number of browser updates, users of Safari on the Apple Mac may still be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks using fraudulent security certificates.

The problem, the newswire asserts, lies in the way Mac OS X handles a new type of certificate called Extended Validation, or EV certificates.

The solution, says the newswire, is to use OS X Keychain Access to delete any DigiNotar certificates from the Keychain instead of marking them un-trusted.

RFID Tags Monitor Delegates Movements

The conference and various technical sessions took place in ten halls during four days. Delegates were given an RFID-tagged conference pass containing their personal data and access rights. The Indian Psychiatric Society hoped to find out how much time the delegates spent in the conference halls. The delegates' movements were constantly monitored by Astra Readers installed at the entrances to each hall, and their entry and exit times were recorded as they moved from one hall to another. The data gathered by RFID readers in each hall was processed and evaluated. Data was presented for each delegate and each session, including the time spent at each session and a report of total hours spent in different halls.

The Medical Council of India, a statutory body responsible for establishing and maintaining high standards of medical education and recognition of medical qualifications in India, is considering awarding credit hours to doctors based on their attendance at such conferences for their license renewal. Vicinity RFID Solutions and Alkem Laboratories are aiming to implement more than ten similar projects in the year ahead with a variety of medical associations.

Make Money Finding Security Vulnerabilities

Large software companies and Internet service providers are prepared to offer large sums of money as reward to researchers who find security vulnerabilities within their systems.

Face book has recently been reported to have paid $40,000 in three weeks. The basic rate paid is $500 for each vulnerability found, but Face book has indicated it will pay more.

In August Microsoft put up more than $250,000 in prizes for developing computer protection technologies.

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