Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Smart Cards Could Identify Fake Lawyers

The Bar Council of Tamil Nadu (BCT), one of 28 States in India, which monitors the professional activities of around 70,000 advocates in the State, is to embark on a digitisation project to weed out bogus certificates and misuse of BCT stickers for non-professionals.

Documents will be scanned and digitised in a tamper-proof format. The Identity and enrolment details of each advocate will be in a smart card for easy verification of their credentials.

Biometric Services for New Zealand Post

The New Zealand Post has begun offering its citizens passport and digital photo's incorporating software from Biometrics developer Daon that will include facial recognition, fingerprint scans and voice samples within the data.

The system, according to a Stuff.co.nz article is being trialled in 14 of the 280 Postshops across the country.

Apparently the real reason behind this trial is to eventually roll out a national ID program which will be an optional way for citizens to authenticate their identity for access to Government services online

Slow but Steady Sales

A multiple trip smart card is being issued for Namma Metro travellers in Bangalore. The MG Road station office sold 80 cards on Saturday, a spokes person said "a slow but steady response". A trip between Byappanahalli and MG Road noemally costs Rs15 but with the smart card, for the same route costs Rs12.

FilmFlex adds PayWizard to Payment Options

The first deployment of the PayWizard e-wallet is now live on the Film4oD website. ?FilmFlex Movies is the sixth customer to deploy the PayWizard platform since the beginning of the year, existing customers include Racing UK (Android - iPhone apps) and Omnimotion (online gaming).

A number of as-yet unannounced customer contracts are slated for deployment during the fourth quarter, according to PayWizard.?Film4oD customers can select the films they want to watch, register for a PayWizard account, and top up their PayWizard account balance and pay using the PayWizard e-wallet.

The e-wallet holds digital versions of a consumer's credit/debit cards, the current balance, and various personal data. It also facilitates continual card authorisation for 'one-click' purchases and can handle a range of innovative subscription models.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet withdrawn from IFA Electronics fair.

The new Galaxy Tab. 7.7 will not be on show at the IFA Electronics' fair in Berlin, Germany this week because a court, on Friday in Dusseldorf, granted a request by Apple to ban Samsung from selling the product in Germany.

The two rivals are in a global patent dispute over their Smartphone and tablet products. Apple claiming that the South Korean Samsung product infringes their patent by copying their design, the look and feel of its iPhone and iPad devices.

Samsung has counter-sued Apple, saying it had infringed Samsung's wireless patents.

The two companies have been in dispute since April.

Study Proves Mobile Phones Can Help Target Disaster Aid

A new report reveals how scientist's can map population movements following a disaster.

The information is based on location data collected from 2 million handsets after the Haiti earthquake. This information allows aid organisations to channel relief supplies to areas most effected.

The researchers are now setting up a non-profit organisation to provide location analysis for future disasters.

Smart Cards for Travellers in Devon and Cornwall

According to the BBC, travellers on First Group's 228 local bus routes in Devon and Cornwall will be able to pay for their journey using a pre-paid smart card. The scheme will be introduced in the Autumn at a cost of 1.2million-Pounds Credit and Debit cards will be accepted from late 2012.

Biometric Card for Indian Pensioners

In the districts of Tiruchy, Cuddalore and Kanyakumari India, a pilot was launched on Friday to give pensioners, destitute women and people with disabilities a biometric smart card which will identify them for their monthly payments and to prevent fraud and pilferage. The smart card will carry the thumb print of the cardholder within the cards chip. There are currently 23.94 Lakh (Lakh =100 thousand) pensioners entitled to a pension.

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