Monday, 05 September 2011

VocaLink Launches Multi-channel Gateway to Enable Real-time Interbank Mobile Payment Services

VocaLink announces the launch of their new multi-channel gateway product that enables banks to offer customers true real-time, inter bank mobile payment services. The multi-channel gateway has been designed to work in conjunction with the VocaLink Immediate Payment solution, but can operate equally well with other payment services, such as the UK's Faster Payments Service and the LINK network.

Central to VocaLink's multi-channel gateway is a proxy database that has a look-up capability to associate a proxy such as a mobile phone number or email address to identify customer bank details and enables the payment to be completed. The proxy database ensures that the highest level of safety and security are adhered to, protecting the privacy of the bank and customers.

Marc Terry, Managing Director, Global Transaction Services at VocaLink said "The VocaLink multichannel gateway provides the final piece of the jigsaw that allows customers to initiate real time mobile payments just by supplying the beneficiary's mobile phone number."

VocaLink will be demonstrating the capabilities of the multi-channel gateway at Sibos in Toronto 19-23 September 2011.

Gift Cards get Smart

Retailers, restaurants, hotels and leisure outlets can get smarter about maximising return on their gift card and voucher schemes as card solutions provider Contis launches the UK's most advanced smartphone gift card platform.

The smartphone gift card programmes operate on Contis's dynamic payment processing platform. Smartphone gift cards can seamlessly integrate into an existing, 'traditional' gift card programme or operate as a stand-alone scheme. With a tap of the screen they can be bought, topped up or redeemed.

In terms of cardholder benefits, gift cards can be bought and sent in seconds via a smartphone and redeemed in store or online. Cardholders can instantly track how much they have left to spend and, as accounts are PIN protected, the funds are secure even if a phone is lost or stolen.

Contis managing director Mike Fromant said: "It's vital that gift cards evolve to meet customer demand for instant, hassle free purchases that can be easily tracked.

Get Square with Sitter Pals!

Sitter Pals, a network of friends' babysitters, has announced a new partnership with electronic payment service provider Square.

Sitters simply register for the app and credit card reader through Sitter Pals website, which means parents can now skip the ATM on the way home.

Parents simply swipe their credit card with the reader on their sitters' smart phone. The money is deposited into the sitters' bank account the next day with a 2.75% charge for each swipe. The sitter can then email the parent a receipt and track their babysitting income.

Bank-Merchant Communication on POS Terminal from Ingenico

Ingenico today announces that the first "Interactive Messaging System" application, developed by Ingenico Turkey, which transforms the POS terminal into a two-way communication device between the bank and the merchant, is put into practice with Is Bank. With this application, a first in Turkey, Is Bank became able to directly deliver marketing and campaign announcements for merchants through Ingenico POS terminals.

Technological transformation in payment systems in Turkey is evolving at a dazzling speed. POS terminals are gaining many features and payment receiving functions are creating convenience for banks and merchants with different hardware solutions. "Interactive Messaging System", developed exclusively for Turkish banking and card payment systems, former communication over the phone or by SMS, can now be done over the POS terminals, thanks to an application that transforms the merchant information operation into mutual communication.

Ingenico Turkey and Middle East Managing Director Alpay Sidal, stated: "The application developed by our software team is designed to use both written messages and visual and audible videos in advertisement, presentation, instant campaign set-ups and cross-sales. The system, firstly used in Turkey with Is Bank, opens a door to a brand new era that will add value to the acquiring business."

VASCO offers Dutch Government Joint Approach of Diginotar Incident

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. has invited the Dutch government to jointly solve the DigiNotar incident.

As part of its proposal the Dutch Government has been invited to send staff to work together to jointly assess and remedy the problem.

"It is our firm belief that cooperating with VASCO is the right decision for the Dutch Government. We are convinced that together we will solve this issue," said Ken Hunt, VASCO's Chairman & CEO.

FirstGroup plc Opts for Hoeft & Wessel Ticket Machines

FirstGroup plc and Hoeft & Wessel AG have signed a framework agreement for the supply of electronic ticket machines (ETMs). This is part of First's new E-Ticketing system for its English bus fleet.

The initial order volume covers a solution with 4,000 ETMs tightly integrated into Firsts IT-system. Further orders with a volume of 1,500 machines and more are planned. The supply contract also includes the development of the contactless credit card option EMVco (Europay, Mastercard, Visa contactless) for the ETMs. EMVco has become an international standard and supports fast contactless payment and ticketing.

The delivery of the large-scale order is scheduled to begin immediately.

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