Friday, 02 September 2011

Turkcell and Huawei select NXP Technology to Launch First NFC Smartphone in Turkey

NXP Semiconductors announced that Turkcell, the leading communications and technology company in Turkey, has selected the PN544 near field communication (NFC) radio chip for Turkcell's recently launched T20 smartphone.

The T20 is already pre-loaded with Turkcell Cep-T Cuzdan; a mobile wallet service on Gingerbread 2.3.3 OS, and uses a secure element in the SIM card, which is connected to NXP's NFC chip, PN544, via the single wire protocol (SWP).

"NXP co-invented NFC with the aim of putting the mobile phone at the centre of the consumer's world - the launch of the T20 is a significant achievement and truly supports our ambition to enable more and more NFC-based services around the world," said Jeff Miles, vice president, mobile transactions, NXP Semiconductors.

PaymentOne Partners with Telefonica Germany for Direct Mobile Payments

PaymentOne Corporation has announced a direct carrier billing relationship with Telefonica Germany. The mpass system -- driven by Telefonica Germany, Telekom and Vodafone -- enables merchants to accept direct carrier billed payments for virtual, digital and physical goods.

PaymentOne's merchants can now offer Telefonica Germany customers the option to charge services up to 30 Euros directly to their mobile phone carrier bill. The partnership enables one time transactions, recurring subscriptions, in-app billing and Web billing.

"PaymentOne says 'put your wallet away and use your phone number to pay,' bringing the speed, security and convenience of mobile payments to the millions of Telefonica Germany subscribers."

Children's Case Files Found in Second-hand Furniture Shop

The Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) breached the Data Protection Act by failing to keep sensitive information about the welfare of young people secure in two separate incidents, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said today.

The first incident happened in September last year when nine case files were mistakenly left in a filing cabinet which was removed as part of an office refurbishment. The cabinet was supposed to be destroyed but was instead sold on to a second-hand furniture shop with the files - containing names, dates of birth, social reports and referral decisions relating to children - still inside. The person who bought the cabinet discovered the files and they were returned to the organisation.

Four months later, in January 2011, a second breach occurred when legal papers containing sensitive information about a child's court hearing were sent to the wrong email address. The documents included details relating to physical abuse and included the identities of the child's mother and witnesses.

Both breaches were the result of the SCRA's failure to make sure that the organisation's existing data protection and IT security guidance were being correctly followed by their staff.

Ken Macdonald, Assistant Commissioner for Scotland said. "The fact that sensitive information was mishandled not once but twice by the same organisation is concerning. On both occasions the personal data which was compromised related to young children and was caused by human errors that could easily have been avoided. Luckily, on both occasions, the information was not circulated widely.

Investor Acquires all SAFE ID Assets

An investment company that operates internationally, and concentrates on defence and security solutions, has purchased all of the significant assets of SAFE ID Solutions AG. The entire product range, customer network, know-how and patents of SAFE ID, which is established on the market as a provider of security solutions for personal identification, public facilities and buildings, high-security areas, border control systems and intelligent monitoring systems, will be concentrated in the new company. SAFE ID Solutions GmbH will continue to smoothly implement all development and service projects.

The new financing and ownership structure will smooth the company's path towards expansion. With a new address, and in close cooperation with the well-known industrial partner, the company will in future integrate its entire range of products and services into international security projects on an expanded basis.

Verimatrix Licenses Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall

Cryptography Research, a division of Rambus and Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, announce that Verimatrix has licensed Cryptography Research's CryptoFirewall security core technology to help build advanced solutions protecting video delivery revenue streams.

"Content piracy and theft of service are major commercial concerns for our system operator customers, as well as the community of content owners. We are continually evolving our layered approach to embedded security to stay ahead of potential attacks," said Tom Munro, CEO at Verimatrix.

The CryptoFirewall is a self-contained ASIC security core that provides a secure hardware foundation for signal security applications. The core is designed to protect cryptographic keys and computations within a chip, even if surrounding components are compromised. The CryptoFirewall core is integrated directly into leading video decoding system-on-chips, providing a robust and cost-effective solution that is complementary with conditional access solutions.

GlobalPlatform Hosts Mobile Security Seminar

GlobalPlatform is inviting service and platform providers, software vendors and device manufacturers to attend a free, one-day seminar to learn how the mobile industry is coming together to standardize security run-time execution in mobile handsets.

The event, titled 'Leveraging the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to Develop Secure Applications on Mobile Devices', which takes place in October in San Jose, California, aims to facilitate the mass deployment of secure mobile applications by educating delegates about the TEE; a secure area that resides in the main processor of a mobile phone and guarantees that sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted environment.

Delegates attending the seminar will learn about the vast opportunity presented by the TEE for the development of trusted applications which can be run securely in open environments, such as Android, Windows Phone and Linux. Trusted applications require a high level of security and include, for example, mobile payments, digital rights management and content protection.

GlobalPlatform's 'Leveraging the TEE to Develop Secure Applications on Mobile Devices' Seminar is attendance by invite-only. Service and platform providers, software vendors and handset manufacturers can request an invitation by filling out an enquiry form at Please note that this event is not relevant to TEE end-users.

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