Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Edmonton Canada to introduce smartcards

Planners in Edmonton Canada have had approval from the city's committee yesterday to introduce smartcards for transport. Stephen Mandel is in favour of the new smartcard system because it will eliminate the need for travellers to count change or decide what ticket to purchase.

"I think with a Smart Card you can open up new avenues. So you can put on there ten single fares at $3 a piece and then if you use it 15 times, it goes down to cheaper," said the Mayor. "So you can really create a card that's very dynamic."

Edmonton Transit officials have said that the system will mean more efficiency because of the way it will allow them to track passengers volumes in real time which will then allow them to see which routes need changing.

"The data we can get, the convenience we can give to customers, the flexibility," said spokesperson Patricia Waisman of the benefits she sees. "You can do all sorts of novel things that would be so exciting and I think would attract customers to want to use transit."

Multiple Secure Elements Drive NFC Market above $1 Billion in 2016, Says ABI Research

Out of a total of 552 million NFC handsets shipped in 2016, 227 million will feature multiple secure elements. The increased inclusion of multiple secure elements will drive the mobile NFC market valuation above the $1 billion mark.

Although MNOs favor SWP SIM implementation, the market will develop with both SWP and embedded solutions shipping onto single devices. Continued development of ICs combining both controller and secure element will result in most handsets shipping with an embedded solution as standard practice. ABI Research forecasts that 78% of all NFC handsets will ship with some form of embedded secure solution in 2016.

Research analyst Phil Sealy says, "The issues affecting the location of the secure element remain a hot topic and although progress has been made there remains uncertainty among ecosystem players." As the market matures and business models are realized and deployed, a variety of secure elements are being deployed into devices to meet different client demands. In the long run, this will allow service providers to enter the NFC market alongside MNOs, in turn making the offerings of NFC applications more competitive.

As well as the well-publicized NFC handset market, lesser known sectors, such as CE devices, tags, bridging solutions, and other markets will account for additional IC shipments totaling 534 million in 2016.

NFC will be an extremely prosperous market for IC vendors, generating estimated revenues totaling $1.3 billion in 2016 in the handset market alone. John Devlin, group director, security and ID, adds, "The ongoing uncertainly over secure elements and ownership will drive IC vendors to develop a variety of competitive solutions, including integrating the NFC RF in a combo connectivity IC or the baseband, embedding the secure element and controller together, as well as standalone solutions. This will enable a number of business models to develop and be served, meeting the anticipated long-term market requirement to support more than one secure element in a device."

Smart Card Alliance Expands 2012 Payments Summit to Include EMV, Mobile and Transit Payments

The Smart Card Alliance today announced that its Payments Summit will return for 2012 with an "all payments" agenda, covering every leading transaction platform: EMV card payments, mobile payments, and transit payments. The event will be held February 8th through the 10th, 2012 at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Registration, sponsorship information, and speaking proposal forms are available on the 2012 Payments Summit event page.

"The Alliance conferences drew such high attendance last year, especially our Mobile and Transit Payments Summit and our 'Roadmap to EMV Payments' track from our Annual Conference, that we decided to combine all payments themes into a single, large event," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. "The result will be an all payments event, where smart card practitioners, suppliers, solutions developers and end users across the financial, mobile, and transit markets can discuss and debate the most pressing issues each of these payments segments are facing individually as well as collectively involving payments."

HTC to buy Inquisitive Minds

HTC, the smartphone maker intends to buy children's software maker Inquisitive minds. The price is $13 million. HTC is intending to increase its investment in childrens applications.

HTC has been increasing the number of apps available on it's software platform recently.

Californian company Inquisitive Minds makes the game Zoodles designed for children under eight.

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