Friday, 14 October 2011

Smart Cards Launch at Saudi Airports

Smartcards have been introduced at two major airports the King Khalid Airport and at the King Fahd Airport in Dammam; the announcement was made by Lieutenant General Salim Mohammad Al Blaihid.

The director of the passports department has said that the next stage will be to make the cards available at the king Abdul Aziz international airport in Jeddah. They will then introduce the smartcards at all the other airports in kingdom.

Al Blaihid said "The cards will be granted to all citizens and expatriates. No one will be excluded from this project except those who have committed security offences"

Webcam as a Card Reader

Wirecard AG is exclusively offering shop operators a new function on its Wirecard Payment Page starting immediately. Jumio's Netswipe solution turns any webcam into a credit card scanner. Online merchants benefit from higher conversion rates and a significant reduction in card fraud. Online payments are also even simpler for consumers as the manual input of card details is not necessary. Wirecard is the only payment service provider to support this tool for shop operators who have existing card acceptance contracts.

Daniel Mattes, founder and CEO of Jumio, which is headquartered in Mountain View, California, commented: "Our Netswipe solution transforms any computer with a webcam into a card reader. This means that users no longer have to input long credit card numbers, with the risk of error that this entails, and traders can rest assured that the buyer's card is physically present, just like at a point of sale."

Roland Toch, Wirecard CEE's managing director who played a key role in the negotiations, is very pleased with the strategic alliance: "We offer pioneering payment processing technology, and Netswipe supplements this perfectly. Rapid integration into our payment point is really simple. Traders and consumers don't need any additional software, the number of purchases that are broken off is minimized and the risk of fraud is slashed, as the card has to be presented during the transaction."

Online merchants can integrate the new function for credit card scans immediately via the Wirecard Payment Page. The service supports Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and American Express credit cards.

Netswipe is built on refined technology: All standard webcams with VGA resolution can be used as a card reader in future. The camera analyzes the physical credit card and verifies this in real time. Card holders only have to approve the transaction by entering the security code number. This does not affect the additional security and authentication mechanism 3-D Secure of Visa and MasterCard.

Diebold Solution will Lock and Unlock Bank Cards

By sending a simple text message, consumers can protect their bank cards against unauthorized or fraudulent use. MobiTransact Card Lock, a new solution from Diebold, Incorporated allows consumers to lock and unlock their bank cards to permit or deny account use at automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) devices. Diebold is also making it easier for consumers to take advantage of mobile banking services like Card Lock by facilitating signup right at the ATM.

Part of Diebold's MobiTransact mobile banking offering Card Lock utilizes the mobile channel as an out-of-band authentication tool for ATM and POS transactions. The application enables users to send Short Message Service (SMS) text message commands that control the usage status of their ATM debit cards. By texting "lock" to a designated number, the user locks his or her card for all future ATM and POS transactions, preventing use until he or she unlocks the card. Texting "lock ATM" locks the card for just ATM withdrawal transactions. Sending an "unlock" command opens the card for use in any transaction until the user locks it again. Using these simple commands, Card Lock users gain direct control of their accounts for access when and where they want it.

The mobile banking platform also informs mobile banking users about all transactions that have been attempted with their ATM debit card. The alert message explains that a transaction has occurred or why the transaction was denied. This message is helpful for users who may have forgotten that their cards were locked. It will remind them to simply send a command to unlock their cards. More importantly, the message serves as an important tool to alert a user of suspicious or fraudulent activity and allows them to stop unauthorized withdrawals by locking their card.

Diebold's MobiTransact offering also includes mobile banking sign-up at the ATM. This feature enables ATM users to complete mobile banking enrollment right at the terminal. Financial institutions can push customized screens to terminals, enticing users to initiate the sign-up process. Users then enter their mobile number at the ATM and receive a six-digit code that they text back to the financial institution. To ensure security, the sign-up process provides multi-factor authentication via the customer's ATM card, PIN and mobile device.

New Mobile Wallet from Tyfone

Tyfone announced the availability of iCashe, a mobile wallet and eCommerce engine that for the first time delivers purchasing power through any mobile banking application. Built entirely on top of Tyfone's award-winning u4ia mobile financial services platform, iCashe is the industry's only service to blend comprehensive mobile banking features with convenient consumer purchasing, gifting and loyalty programs. With the option of adding Tyfone's SideTap microSD secure element technology, iCashe also provides contactless NFC payments and the highest level of secure identity management.

The first iCashe feature to debut is a mobile banking application that allows people to purchase, send and redeem merchant gift cards.

Tyfone's patented contactless payments technology lets people customize a secure digital wallet, just as they do with the wallet in their purse or pocket today. Tyfone's SideTap microSD memory cards allow most phones on the market today to be enabled with contactless NFC payments. Tyfone's secure ID management meets or exceeds the security and authentication requirements for corporate mobile banking and high value transactions; and for consumers, financial institutions can security technology engineered for mobile handsets to also include tablets and personal computers through the use of Tyfone's SideTap or SideSafe microSD cards.

NFC payments in UAE

Etisalat - a major telecom operator in The United Arab Emirates will launch the middle east's first pay by phone system. This will allow a pre paid debid card to be stored on the phone. Based on NFC communications, the system will allow subscribers to pay amounts up to $50. It will initially be available on Blackberry Bold 9900 phones and other phones are planned for the future. The system is still awaiting approval from regulators.

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