Wednesday, 05 October 2011

eMarketer Estimates 38% US Mobile Users Will be Smart

By the end of this year, eMarketer estimates, 38% of US mobile users will have a smartphone and 41% will use the mobile internet at least once each month. These developments mean an increase in the opportunity for mobile advertising-and an increase in spending.

eMarketer forecasts that advertisers will spend nearly $1.23 billion on mobile advertising this year in the US, up from $743 million last year and set to reach almost $4.4 billion by 2015. This includes spending on display ads (such as banners, rich media and video), search and messaging-based advertising, and covers ads viewed on both mobile phones and tablets.

On-line Top-ups for Irish School Children

sQuid, the electronic payments provider has announced the launch of online top ups and cashless catering at St Patrick's Academy in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

sQuid now enables school parents to top up their child's school cashless catering account online so that children can pay for food and drink in the school canteen, without the need to take cash or cheques to school.

Mary Thompson, Facilities Manager at St Patrick's, said, "We are delighted with the integration of our cashless system with sQuid's ePayment technology. Our main aim is to remove the need for cash in school, as well as creating another simple and innovative way for children to pay for their school meals, it also means much less administration for the school. By making online top ups, parents can quickly and easily load money onto their child's sQuid account, and with the ability to view transactions online, they can be certain that their child is spending money on a healthy meal at school."

The school was an existing Impact biometric site and having added online top-ups for cashless catering, they are now also providing school parents with the ability to pay for school trips and other school related offers via sQuid online too.

John Gallacher, Regional Manager for sQuid, said, "Allowing parents to top up their child's sQuid account online demonstrates another progressive use of technology at St. Patrick's Academy. This completely removes the need for children to take cash to school in order to access catering facilities or to pay for those other items that schools request parents send cash to school for."

SmartMetric to Launch Fingerprint Card

SmartMetric has plans to launch a smart card with an integrated fingerprint scanner. The technology will mean there will be no need for a PIN. The expected launch date of the fingerprint activated card is Spring 2012.


At last ACI has come to an agreement to purchase SI after a bitter summer of merger and agreement battles to stop the merger of SI and Fundtech. Fundtech eventually backed out of the SI deal in favour of a deal with GTCR. It is understood that the price paid is approximately $360 million in cash and $5.8 million in ACI shares.

Betfair Loose 2.3 million Customers Details

In an article by the Daily Telegraph it reported that Cybercriminals had stolen the payment card details of almost 2.3 million Betfair customers' just months before the betting exchange's GBP 1.39 Billion float. The paper claims that betting exchange did not inform its 3 million registered customers and did not give any details of the crime in the prospectus. Betfair reported the crime in March 2010 to the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, the Australian Federal Police and the German Law Enforcement Authorities and the Royal Bank of Scotland who are responsible for accepting the credit and debit card payments made via Betfair.

HTC Android Hit by Massive Security Flaw

Android Police reported a "massive security vulnerability in HTC Android devices," stating that any app on an affected handset can access data including user account details and location information.

The report said the flaw was introduced with a recent update to "some" HTC devices, including a number of its flagship smartphones such as the Evo 3D, Evo 4G, and Thunderbolt. The company has added a "suite of logging tools that collected information" for an unspecified reason, without ensuring that this data is secured from other apps.

It was suggested that "theoretically, it may be possible to clone a device using only a small subset of the information leaked here."

The information is accessed via the same system request that an app makes to connect to the internet. Android Police noted: "when you install a simple, innocent-looking new game from the Market that only asks for the INTERNET permission (to submit scores online, for example), you don't expect it to read your phone log or list of emails."

The report said that HTC was contacted on 24 September, with the company then given five business days before the vulnerability was made public. No comment was received in the interim. The Register said that the company said it is "taking customers' security seriously."

Jacket for Smartphone that lets you know if you have Bad Breath

NTT DoCoMo will be launching a jacket for its Smartphone that will measure bad breath, body fat and radiation levels at the "Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies" in Tokyo this month.

There will be 3 jackets for use with their Smartphone's which have the appropriate software, as well as a radiation level measure jacket which also measures levels of UV light, they will also be demonstrating a case that tells the holder if they have bad breath or smell of alcohol and another that will measure body fat and muscle bulk.

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