Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Multicard Launches Online Cash Account Management for Swiss Education ID Card

Multicard today announced the launch of 'polypurse', an Internet-based platform for managing the cashless payment functions of its popular Swiss ID card for campus environments. polypurse adds new features and convenience, including online account management and reporting, for the tens of thousands of student and employee cardholders at universities and hospitals across Switzerland.

"Our Polyright ID card has been extremely successful on university campuses in Switzerland, serving as an all-in-one ID credential for payment, building access, library check-out, locker or bike rental and a number of other applications," said Thierry Gattlen, Managing Director of Multicard polyright SA. "The ability to manage the cash functions of the card online via polypurse offers significant convenience for holders, and helps prepare the card for an extended life beyond university, as people can continue to use the cashless payment functions of the card after graduating."

"Tap 'n Go" Technologies - Now is the Time to Embed PbD

Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian has released a new white paper entitled, "Mobile Near Field Communications (NFC) "Tap 'n Go" - Keep it Secure and Private," at an Ottawa Conference on "The Future of the Internet: Opportunities & Challenges of Web 3.0."

Nokia was also a major contributor to this paper, which illustrates NFC's capabilities with four smartphone use case scenarios, investigates privacy and security risks, and offers practical "Privacy by Design" solutions to protect privacy, empower consumers, and build trust in the mobile ecosystem.

Tap 'n Go technology gives smartphone users new benefits and conveniences. Advances in mobile technologies, such as NFC, will provide people with control over our converging real and virtual worlds.

"User privacy does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of using NFC, which is currently in the early stages of adoption - we can have both the technology's convenience and privacy," said Commissioner Cavoukian. "Now is the time to apply Privacy by Design - to embed additional security and privacy into the design of applications that use NFC capabilities."

Download available from www.ipc.on.ca

German Banks to Introduce Visa payWave in 2012

Visa Europe today announced that six of Germany's leading banks are launching new contactless services enabled by Visa payWave in the very near future.

BW Bank, comdirect, DKB, Landesbank Berlin, TARGOBANK and Volkswagen Bank have all confirmed their plans to roll out Visa Europe's contactless service by the middle of 2012. This marks the largest milestone yet in Germany's journey towards the acceptance of new payment technologies.

"The retail industry in Germany has almost completed its switch to EMV technology. The implementation of contactless and NFC represent the next step in our journey towards the future of payments," says Ottmar Bloching, General Manager Germany for Visa Europe. "Visa Europe's work in other European markets has shown that contactless technology reduces queuing time and helps customers pay more quickly, conveniently and above all, securely."

Values of less than 25 Euros, the transaction is processed without PIN or signature, over 25 Euros, the cardholder will confirm the transaction with either a signature or the use of a PIN number.

Leading Telecoms Operators Succeed in Outperforming Broader Economy 2011

The 40 leading telecoms operating groups out-performed the global economy by 5.0 ppt (percentage points), according to the latest research from Informa Telecoms & Media. Based on data taken from the recently published World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks (WTFB) service, the largest operators, as measured by consolidated total revenues, increased revenues for the second quarter of 2011 by 6.8% year-on-year to reach US$327.6 billion. This compares to 1.8% growth in the broader economy, indicating global resilience to the amount consumers and enterprises spend on telecoms services as well as the effectiveness of operators' financial and operational discipline.

"This broadly impressive performance has taken place against the back-drop not just of weak growth in the global economy, but bruising competition from new entrants and MVNO players in conjunction with regulatory-led reductions in the amounts operators can charge each other for terminating traffic on their networks (MTRs), each of which has put considerable pressure on revenues, especially those generated by voice services," says, Milena Konecna, CFA, financial data analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media.

ICFE Uses New RFID Technology to Protect against Electronic Eavesdroppers

The non-profit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) based in San Diego, CA has introduced a specially laminated credit/debit card sleeve which keeps personal information safe from prying electronic eavesdroppers and prevents cards from being read by RFID scanners.

RFID - radio frequency identification technology has made carrying credit and debit cards very risky because of the ability of electronic eavesdroppers to read magnetic strips and computer chips embedded in some credit cards that are kept in a wallet, pocketbook or on their person. The result is invariably stolen credit and identity theft. The victim didn't feel a thing; they just got around the wrong people and didn't have any way to protect their cards, until now.

The new anti-RFID sleeves prohibit information embedded in the document's smart chip from being read by an RFID scanner - no matter how close the scanner is held to the chip - as long as the chip is kept inside the DEFENDER product. The secret is the certified lamination that keeps your personal information safe from prying electronic eavesdroppers.

Transport Ticketing 2011

Transport Ticketing 2012

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