Monday, 14 November 2011

Mobile Industry Leaders Kick Start Drive for more Connected Devices

SFR, Vodafone, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Gemalto will demonstrate how a new standard for embedded SIM cards and related infrastructure is set to speed the delivery of a wide range of connected devices to customers at the CARTES & IDentification congress in France.

Embedded SIMs are set to play an increasingly important role in society as more and more electronic devices beyond handsets will include a wireless data connection to improve the customer experience.

The pilot implementation will show how the mobile industry is progressing plans to create a common standard for management of embedded SIMs, paving the way for the delivery of the first commercial products from 2012.

Embedded SIMs can be built into a broad range of electronic devices then activated both before and after the customer or enterprise has received their device. Mobile operators are then able to remotely set up a customer's personal account onto a device, maintaining the same end-to-end security as today.

Earlier this year the GSMA committed to drive a worldwide standard for embedded SIMs, making it easier for manufacturers across a wide range of sectors to design connected devices that will work on any network in any country.

The pilot architecture is based on the recommendations of the GSMA Taskforce set up to drive a common standard.

Infineon to Presents First eFlash Microcontrollers on 65 Nanometer

Infineon Technologies AG today announced the availability of first samples of the 65 nanometer (nm) embedded flash (eFlash) microcontrollers (MCUs) targeting chip card and security applications. This results from the development and production partnership for 65nm eFlash MCUs Infineon and TSMC established in 2009.

First products to be ramped in high volume will be microcontrollers for SIM card applications. Process and product qualification is scheduled for the second half of 2012. In the highly competitive security IC market the production on 65nm technology means a considerable competitive advantage due to a gain in efficiency through significantly reduced chip sizes in comparison to former technologies. Additionally, the production based on 300mm wafers compared to 200mm leads to further increased productivity.

"We are proud to present first results of our successful partnership with TSMC for the 65nm eFlash technology," said Pantelis Haidas, Division Vice President Operations of Chip Card & Security at Infineon Technologies. "We have enabled this state-of-the-art 300mm wafer-based technology in a production environment fully certified according to the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. Thus, we created an excellent foundation for providing a broad range of chip card and security applications within the next years."

Kineto Wireless Receives IET Telecommunications Innovation Award

Kineto Wireless, the key innovator and leading supplier of Smart Wi-Fi solutions for mobile operators, today announced its Smart Wi-Fi Application has been awarded the 2011 Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Innovation Award for Telecommunications.

Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi Application is the industry's only smartphone application that delivers an intelligent offload solution while improving mobile coverage using existing Wi-Fi access points. The application provides users with an identical mobile voice, SMS and data service experience over Wi-Fi as they receive on the outdoor cellular network.

Upon making the award, the judging panel commented: "This is an intriguing and potentially significant opportunity that addresses a growing need. It represents a hugely important new business approach and the proposers clearly have a good deployment position. It is the future - and the currently only known way to get a mobile network with enough capacity for the future."

Crocus and Morpho Sign Agreement to Develop Smart Cards Based on Magnetic-Logic-UnitT (MLU) Technology

Crocus Technology, a leading developer of magnetically enhanced semiconductors, and Morpho (Safran group), a leading supplier of identification, detection and e-document solutions, announce an agreement to develop and commercialise the world's first smart card based on Crocus' Magnetic-Logic-Unit (MLU) technology. The agreement enables the companies to collaborate on a new breed of smart cards.

Under the terms of the agreement, Crocus will develop an MLU-based secure microcontroller which Morpho will integrate into its smart card products. The secure microcontroller product will be compliant with the latest quality and security standards.

Crocus' MLU, based on a revolutionary magnetics architecture, is a scalable evolution of its Thermally Assisted Switching (TAS) technology. MLU enables practical implementation of advanced logic and memory capabilities, a first for the industry. It is anticipated that the increased security, speed, reliability and cost efficiency offered by Crocus' MLU technology will provide significant advantages for Morpho's smart cards. Previous generations of smart card designs have been based on Flash memory technology, and this application of MLU is a first in the $20+ billion smart card and microcontroller semiconductor market segments.

idOnDemand Integrates Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Service to Deliver Secure Authentication on Mobile Devices

idOnDemand today announced that its idOnDemand SmartID card now can be used to authenticate mobile devices for clientless secure logon to the Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Service.

idOnDemand's enterprise customers now can fulfil the vision of their employees carrying just one identity card to access multiple buildings, log on to their computers, remotely access the company VPN and securely access data from their mobile devices. By embedding a near field communications (NFC) chip into each idOnDemand SmartID card, securely accessing corporate resources through Symantec VIP is now easier, safer and more convenient. Employees simply touch their idOnDemand SmartID to their mobile device and authenticate directly to the VIP application, or enter the One-Time Password (OTP) into their existing VPN client from their computer.

"As enterprises continue to open up and access resources in the cloud, strong authentication can provide increased levels of security," said Kerry Loftus, Senior Director of Product Management, Symantec. "By being able to securely access Symantec VIP with a smart identity card, idOnDemand can now provide its customers that added level of security, no matter the platform or device."

Card Tech Presents pinKey Smart at Cartes

Card Tech will present a preview of the pinKey Smart, an innovative smart card featuring a biometric sensor for fingerprint recognition at Cartes 2011.

PinKey Smart embeds SmartFinger film from IDEX, an advanced capacitive biometric sensor and features a biometric algorithm running on a separate microcontroller capable of real time image processing and matching with the user's fingerprint (template). This particular approach allows to keeping the biometric data of the user secret and safe inside the smart card, thus granting the user's privacy. The device appears as a regular smart card and it is complete with a battery, on/off button and status led.

"We are eager to introduce pinKey Smart at Cartes and we believe it will bring smart security to the next level thank to its ISO-compatibility design and match-on-system biometric authentication" comments Fabrizio Borracci, CEO of Card Tech.

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