Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Sir Richard Branson Invests in Square

Square has announced that Richard Branson is one of the new investors in Square Inc. The announcement comes after recently closing a $100M Series-C financing round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

Richard Branson took interest in Square's rapid growth and novel technology, in particular its free hardware that allows anyone to accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime, saying. "I'm very passionate about helping people start and grow successful businesses, and Square is an incredible technology that inspires and empowers everyone to be an entrepreneur."

ON Semiconductor Introduces High Performance CMOS Image Sensor

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new CMOS image sensor that offers the speed, resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance required to address the needs of the growing number of high-end biometric applications such as fingerprint detection as well as several medical device designs. The MANO 9600 is a rolling shutter 9.6 megapixel (MP) (3840 x 2500 pixel) device that runs at 20 frames per second (fps) at full resolution.

The MANO 9600 utilizes new technology to help it achieve a maximum SNR performance of 41 decibels (dB) without the need for oversampling.

"The demand for image sensors combining high-speed, high resolution and excellent SNR performance is growing with the increased emphasis on international security concerns driving applications for biometrics," said Vince Hopkin, vice president of Digital, Mil/Aero and Image Sensor Products at ON Semiconductor.

Datacard Group Announces New Enhancements to its Datacard MXDTM Lite

Datacard Group announced new features to its Datacard MXD Lite card delivery system that enables card affixing on the lower panel of personalised card carriers in one simplified step. Financial institutions, government organisations, healthcare associations, retailers and other issuers can now affix up to two cards per form on either the lower and/or middle panels of the card carriers - enabling increased template and design flexibility.

"One-to-one marketing messages printed on the MXD Lite card delivery system are extremely effective for card issuers cross-selling products and services, instructing card usage and membership information, advertising promotions, coupons, etc." said Russell St. John, senior vice president of global marketing for Datacard Group. "This encourages immediate card activation and usage, and helps attract and retain customers."

Oberthur to supply e-Driving Licences to Bangladesh Road Transport Authority

Oberthur Technologies announced it has been selected by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) to deliver highly secure and anti-counterfeiting electronic driving licences to Bangladeshis.

Oberthur Technologies and TigerIT have been working hand in hand on this project to offer a biometric highly secure solution to the Bangladesh citizens. Oberthur Technologies will provide the smart cards while TigerIT will supply the enrolment solution; Oracle SOA based CMS, personalization system and the AFIS.

The e-Driving licence cards will include a high resolution colour photo of the driver, fingerprints, signature, among other data. It will also bear a large array of security features such as rainbow printing, guilloches, micro-text, colour-shifting ink, invisible UV fluorescent ink, etc. A demetalised hologram laminated on the card surface will offer additional security, as well as protection against aging and abrasion.

The personal information will be printed on the card and will also be stored inside an encrypted chip that can be verified and updated by BRTA officials.

Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking App launches on four mobile application stores

Lloyds TSB has launched its first Mobile Banking app on the four most popular smartphone platforms. It is designed to make it easier to access and manage your money while on the go. It is the first UK banking app to be launched in all four app stores simultaneously.

Since its recent launch on the Apple App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World and Nokia Store, the free app has had more than 360,000 downloads and is enjoying positive reviews.

American Express Announces $100 Million Digital Commerce Investment Initiative

American Express announces a new multi-year digital commerce initiative designed to help identify and develop innovative technologies that will help accelerate the company's digital transformation and strengthen connections to a growing base of customers around the globe. American Express plans to invest $100 million, focusing on early stage start-ups in the digital commerce space.

American Express' digital commerce initiative will look to make such investments in companies focused on serving critical parts of the digital commerce experience, including loyalty and rewards, mobile and online payment management, fee-based services, security and fraud detection and data analysis.

The initiative will be led by Harshul Sanghi, who was recently appointed as Managing Partner, Enterprise Growth Group. Mr. Sanghi previously ran Motorola Mobility Ventures and brings a deep understanding of the venture community, as well as extensive expertise in identifying and working with promising early start-ups.

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