Tuesday, 08 November 2011

Elyctis Launches Revolutionary ePassport Reader

Elyctis announces ID BOX One, the new ePassport reader that reads the components of an ePassport with a single user's movement, ensuring ease of use and time-saving efficiency.

Until now, verifying an ePassport required either heavy and costly flatbed scanners or lighter swipe scanners requiring multiple gestures from their users. With innovative ID BOX One the user simply places the passport on the reader, which scans the MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) and reads the chip of the electronic passport without requiring any further movement. The ID BOX One firmware ensures fast and accurate reading of the, MRZ and the chip as well as complete RFID and protocol interoperability.

ID BOX One supports all industry standards: ICAO, IAS, ISO-7816, ISO-14443, PC/SC, and FIPS. It is compliant with all ICAO specifications and recommendations: BAC, PA, AA, EAC and SAC. In addition also able to read ISO 7816 format cards, such as ID cards, residence permits, or driving licenses.

SMARTRAC Reports 6 Percent Revenue Growth

SMARTRAC N.V. announced its financial figures for the nine-month period ended September 30, 2011. From January to September 2011, SMARTRAC increased revenue by 6 percent and generated Group Revenue of EUR 138.8 million for the first nine months 2011, compared with revenue of EUR 130.9 million a year ago. Growth mainly resulted from the successful ramp-up of volume production for new e-ID projects, the favourable development of the tickets and labels business, as well as from constant growth in the Business Unit Industry & Logistics.

Dr. Christian Fischer, CEO commented: "We have continued our positive business development in the third quarter of 2011 and achieved decided improvements on the second quarter of the year. Due to the current high-water situation in Thailand we will, however, not be able to keep capitalizing on the initiated measures aimed at the further improvement of processes and structures in the short term."

ENISA Report Tackles Cyber Bullying and Online Grooming

The EU Agency ENISA, the (European Network and Information Security Agency) has launched a new report on cyber bullying and online grooming, warning that misuse of data (data mining and profiling) harms minors. The report identifies the top emerging risks and makes 18 non-technical recommendations for their mitigation. One key recommendation is to strengthen Member State's law enforcement agencies. Other recommendations point to safeguards adapted to the needs of youth's cyber activities.

Digital devices and the internet now play a significant role in children's lives. Today's young people live their online lives in both private and educational settings. This is an environment radically different from that of their parents, in their childhoods.

Apply Security Online to Protect Yourself Offline

As part of this week's 'Get Safe Online' campaign, Trusteer has issued a warning that fraudulent phone calls are increasing in popularity amongst the criminal community to commit ID theft and that everyone needs to be on their guard to avoid falling victim - on or offline. One possible use for these bogus 'bank' calls is to utilise personal identification information stolen using malware to give fraudsters credibility as they collect the missing information required to 'pull off' their scams.

'Professional caller services can be used by fraudsters to obtain the missing data required to complete a successful online fraud. A forum advertisement, discovered by Trusteer, offers a phone service with professional callers, fluent in English and European languages, who can impersonate male and female, as well as old and young voices. As with any business the service states its regular 'operating hours' as available during American and European working hours. The price is a rather reasonable 10$ per call. These criminals were offering calls to private customers, banks, shops, post offices and any other organisations according to the customers' specific requirements. They'll even prepare the spoof phone numbers to accept calls in case victims should want to call back for any reason. Trusteer's additional security verification reveals that the group has been operational since 2009.

ACI Worldwide Launches Online Banking Fraud Management Solution

ACI Worldwide announces that ACI Online Banking Fraud Management Solution is now available pre-configured for ACI Enterprise Banker. The solution enables financial institutions to better protect their corporate customers from fraudulent transactions and attacks, by using ACI Proactive Risk Manager to quickly and accurately identify suspicious activity.

ACI Online Banking Fraud Management Solution will help financial institutions respond to the recent rulings in the U.S. around changing liability for fraud perpetrated through online business banking accounts, and the FFIEC Guidance outlined for layered security and authentication.

ACI Online Banking Fraud Management Solution considers activity on an end-user account to establish a picture of standard activity for that customer, and highlight anything that is out of the ordinary.

FIME Enhances Its GlobalPlatform Qualification

FIME has extended its GlobalPlatform qualified test tool to validate the compliance of secure chips to the new GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration. FIME also announced that its Asian laboratory has achieved GlobalPlatform qualification to certify products, making them the first company to offer GlobalPlatform evaluation facilities in both Europe and Asia.

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