Monday, 07 November 2011

Oberthur Provides State-of-the-art Security with Intrinsic-ID Anti-cloning Technology

Oberthur Technologies is proud to announce the development of PUF technology in smart cards, in collaboration with Intrinsic-ID.

PUFs are widely recognised as an important new security primitive and provide embedded systems with silicon biometry. Using this insight, Oberthur Technologies and Intrinsic-ID joined forces to promote PUFs to propose solutions to new security needs.

Thanks to PUF technology, secret and personal data do no longer need to be stored in Non Volatile Memory but can be rebuilt, when needed, from an electronic unique property of the silicon. In such a way, PUF enforces the anti-cloning mechanisms of embedded systems and banking, identity or transport applications are natural targets for this technology.

In a world where more and more security services (e.g. banking applications, access control, and content protection) are executed in a mobile environment, there is a need for trusted and secure systems. When combined with the classical assets of secure elements, PUF answers this need and brings trust by pairing applications with secure elements.

Monitise Welcomes Launch of MMN's Simply Tap

Monitise plc is delighted to welcome the launch of the Mobile Money Network's instant mobile checkout, Simply Tap.

Monitise is a joint venture partner in MMN and developed the technology platform for the launch, which has just gone live with Carphone Warehouse among the first major retailers to integrate Simply Tap into how its customers shop via their mobile handsets.

Monitise Group Chief Executive Alastair Lukies commented: "It is great to see Simply Tap live. The UK now has a bank-grade, interoperable infrastructure for secure, fast and simple mobile shopping. This will inevitably change the way we pay and shop, just like cash did thousands of years ago, bank cards did 50 years ago and the Internet did a decade ago. What seems like an innovation today will be mainstream in a few years time, just as ATMs have become.

Ixaris Announces Launch of Opn Payment Partner

Ixaris today announces the launch of Opn Payment Partner, a new payment application that automates and controls payment processing, allowing businesses of any size to easily track purchasing activity and better manage cash flow.

Using Ixaris' Opn Payment Partner, travel industry organisations can quickly and easily create single-use virtual Visa or MasterCard cards to save money and improve their processes when purchasing tickets and booking travel services on behalf of customers. Opn Payment Partner can also be used to support travel introducers that need to take commission but pass on the remainder of the customer payment to parties such as hotels and car hire companies.

Critical for travel industry organisations that conduct business outside of the main travel distribution systems, Opn Payment Partner allows companies to choose from a range of card types to bypass high merchant surcharges on select transactions. The solution also saves companies from incurring forex fees as cards can be issued in either GBP or EUR currencies.

Alex Mifsud, CEO of Ixaris, said: "Over the last few months we have worked closely with the industry to develop this payment application so that it not only simplifies payment processes to deliver back-office savings, but also helps travel companies to transform their payment processes into opportunities that generate revenues, increase margins and improve cash-flow".

Ingenico's iSMP is setting a New Frontier in the Mobile POS World

Ingenico today announces that its iSMP is setting a new frontier in the fast evolving Mobile POS world. By using the iSMP in conjunction with an iPod touch or an iPhone, the device can be turned into an EMV Chip & PIN secure payment solution. It instantly creates a unique Smart Mobile POS, for in-store mobility or to address the needs of mobile businesses.

iSMP is a pocket sized, lightweight payment solution, compliant with the latest PCI PTS security standards, accepting EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and contactless payment cards. Equipped with an advanced 1D/2D barcode reader and MFI certified.

"The Smart Mobile POS by iSMP is a unique opportunity for merchants to reinvent their consumers' experience by enabling them to pay where and when they want, in the most secure way," says Guillaume Pascal, VP of Solutions Marketing.

Fulcrum Biometrics Wins Two Innovation Awards

Fulcrum Biometrics has been honoured with two prestigious awards from the law enforcement community: the Cygnus Law Enforcement Group's Innovation Award for Forensics and the Paramount Award given to the single product or service deemed the most innovative, new law enforcement product introduced in 2011. The awards were announced at the 118th International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference and exhibition in Chicago. Fulcrum Biometrics won the coveted awards for the company's FbF mobileOne, a biometric fingerprint accessory that snaps onto iOS devices such as the iPod Touch and iPhone.

The Cygnus Law Enforcement Group's Innovation Awards recognise new products and services introduced to the law enforcement market during the previous year. FbF mobileOne received the Innovation Award in the Forensics category.

The Paramount Award, which also was awarded to FbF mobileOne, is a "best in competition" award given each year to the single most innovative product across the 13 categories, with the additional criteria of cost-effectiveness, originality and uniqueness in a product that enhances law enforcement as a whole.

"The law enforcement community is very interested in the new products that rise to the top every year," said Patrick Bernardo, brand director for Cygnus Law Enforcement Group. "They're always looking for the equipment that will make law enforcers' duties easier, and their time on the streets better managed and safer."

FbF mobileOne is a sleek-fitting sleeve that easily snaps onto an iPhone or iPod touch while still allowing the device to fit comfortably in a pocket.

GlobalPlatform and ISO Technical Committee 204 Collaborate

GlobalPlatform and the International Organisation for Standardization Technical Committee 204 (ISO TC204) Working Group 8 (Public Transport and Emergency Services) have announced a liaison partnership. The bodies will work together to facilitate the definition of technical standards which will enable transit operators to launch public transport applications on new and emerging multiple application media, such as near field communication (NFC) handsets and contactless cards, including payment cards.

While ISO TC204 develops standards for intelligent transportation systems, Working Group 8 (WG8) focuses its standards development activities on public transport and emergency services. Among its current work portfolio is a work item centred on providing a standard mechanism for integrating fare collection systems in multi-application media for the international public transit industry. This presents opportunities for ticketing applications to be loaded and operated alongside other applications, on media issued by non-transit partners.

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