Friday, 27 May 2011

Morpho Deploys Next Generation Biometric System

Yesterday, Morpho (Safran group) announced its first supply of MorphoBIS biometric system to the Calgary Police Service and the Edmonton Police Service in Canada. MorphoBIS is a next generation Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) that can be used for investigation, identification and verification in law enforcement agencies. The Calgary and Edmonton Police Services needed a biometric system to meet the demand for rapid paperless responses, real-time identification and biometric data exchanges.

MorphoBIS is formed merging Morpho and Printrak (Printrak, Motorola's biometric business, was acquired by Safran in 2011). The next generation technology enables real-time identification of suspects and criminals, using its fused algorithms, workflows and features. AFIS is a crime-solving tool that fully integrates fingerprints and palm prints.

MorphoBIS is compliant with international standards and deploys biometric matching technology ranked number 1 by NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) for latent fingerprint accuracy.

Apple iOS 4 Hardware Encryption Cracked

Russian digital forensics toolmaker Elcomsoft claimes to be the first one in the world to have successfully cracked the hardware encryption protecting the Apple-owned iOS4-based iPhones. In an announcement, the security firm said "they will have black-hats working to replicate its results". The company further added "its tool can extract all relevant encryption keys from iPhones running iOS 4 and can also use those keys to decrypt iPhone file system dumps". Apple claims iOS4-to be the world's most advanced mobile operating system.

As Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft CEO puts it, the hardware can easily break "into the heart of iPhone data encryption". The software uses its unique ID and escrow keys (which exist to allow remote devices to sync with the iPhone) to access data.

According to this H Online article, data can only be extracted from an iPhone that's booted in Device Firmware Upgrade mode, which allows direct copying of data on the Flash drive. This breaks iOS's protection of the keys themselves, which are not visible to applications running in normal mode.

ElcomSoft promises to guard the tool closely, with the CEO saying "we made a firm decision to limit access to this functionality to law enforcement, forensic and intelligence organisations and select government agencies". ElcomSoft had already demonstrated password recovery from iPhone 4 devices in 2010.

Co-operative Life Planning to Take Action Again Exposure of Customer Details

Co-operative Life Planning (CLP) breached the Data Protection Act by failing to ensure a contractor followed the company's security procedures, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said yesterday. The incident led to the accidental online of personal details relating to 82,000 customers.

On 8 March 2011, an electronic file that had been repaired by CLP's software support contractor was hacked into. The file, which was stored on the contractor's server, contained personal data relating to tens of thousands of customers who had previously paid into funeral insurance policies, including names, birth dates, addresses and insurance contributions. The details were then accidentally made available online.

ICO's investigation found that the software support services provider had no authorisation to copy the data from the organisation's servers and failed to delete the information once the file had been repaired. CLP also failed to realise that the data had been transferred on two separate occasions and were unaware that customers' details had been made available online.

On being informed of the breach, CLP ensured that the data was securely deleted by the software services provider. The provider also made sure that, as far as possible, the information was no longer available online. Ian Mackie, Managing Director of CLP, has signed an undertaking to ensure that the Data Loss Prevention software already tested by the group will be introduced across all the company's servers. The organisation will also carry out testing of all future databases which are subject to maintenance to ensure that the data remains secure.

mopay Brings New Mobile Payments Platform

mopay, leading provider of mobile payment services, has launched a new mobile payment platform that will allow merchants to access mopay on any web-enabled device and across several operating systems, be it Google's Android, Samsung's bada, Apple iOS or Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

mopay has also added third-party services to its new platform, in a bid to support payments made online or via mobile phones and in-app billing. The new platform offers support for all internet-enabled devices and several funding methods, fraud protection capabilities, enhanced integration for merchants and language support and reporting in over 40 languages.

mopay's new platform is integrated with nearly 250 network operators, including T-Mobile, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone.

BRTA to Introduce Smart Card to Check Fraud Licence

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) will introduce smart cards from July this year to check issuance of fake driving licenses. The new licensing system will have security features like hologram and Optical Variation Image (OVI).

Initially, 2000 police officers will be provided with barcode readers enabling verification of the driving license.

Ayubur Rahman Khan - BRTA Chairman, believes the new automated licensing system will be more secured and can be updated when necessary. According to BRTA data, the country has 1,504,897 registered vehicles of which 792,933 are motorcycles. The number of authorised driving licenses is 982,475.

AT&T to Launch Its Own Network

AT&T Inc. will soon be launching its super-fast wireless network in 5 US cities - Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio said John Stankey, head of AT&T's business-solutions unit. Stankey added he expects to rollout 4G LTE to 10 additional markets by the end of 2011.

The rollout is more modest than the effort made by Verizon, which released its LTE network in 38 markets and 60 commercial airports. AT&T said "its faster 3G service would allow for a more-gradual transition to 4G".

Earlier this year AT&T said "it would speed up its deployment of the network, underscoring the importance of keeping pace in the wireless speed game". With the coming of "4G" connection, mobile phone carriers are favouring increasingly sophisticated networks.

AT&T and its rival T-Mobile USA have inadvertently caused some confusion about 4G services, since in 2010 AT&T began calling its upgraded 3G network 4G, although the service failed to meet expectations due to the slow expansion of its enhanced ground infrastructure.

Verizon Wireless recently announced its plan of presence in 21 markets, and expects to cover 76 by June 16, this year. Sprint and partner Clearwire Corp. offer 4G services using a different technology in 77 markets. The companies are also looking at moving to LTE as well.

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