Friday, 13 May 2011

PIN Pad Tampering Hits USA Chain

Michaels Stores Inc, has learned that 90 PIN pad have been tampered with in selected stores across the USA. And as an additional precaution, Michaels is screening all PIN pads in Canadian stores.

Michaels were alerted after being contacted by the banking and law enforcement authorities after debit card fraudulent transactions were reported. It is unclear if the terminals were tampered with or swapped by thieves who stole account and PIN numbers. As a result customers are reporting unauthorised ATM withdrawals.

Michaels has removed the PIN pad tampering threat from its U.S. stores and believes it has identified the time frame that customer information was exposed. Based on the latest information available, exposed PIN pad transactions occurred from February 8 through May 6, the date Michaels disabled the tampered devices.

Simple Ticketing in an Instant

Chiltern Railways has launched a pioneering new approach to ticketing with an integrated mobile ticketing system that enables passengers to buy, instantly receive and validate tickets through an app on their mobile phone.

This innovation marks the first time that any rail passengers have been able to use both Smartphones and everyday handsets to buy and receive rail tickets through one transaction.

MaxID Acquires Enterprise Air's Mobile Badge Management Suite

MaxID Corp, a leading provider of mobile identity solutions is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement to acquire Enterprise Air's Mobile Badge Management Manager (MBM) software Suite. The MBM product line offers seamless integration to the physical access system (PACS) of an organisation and provides a secure "virtual door or turn style" for facilities.

"Enhancing mobile identity with security that provides true access management is at the heart of the functional requirement defined by the critical infrastructure industry. As part of that, integration to and coordination/synchronization with the physical access system (PACS) is becoming mandatory.

Bill Markel, CEO of Enterprise Air, will be joining MaxID to oversee the Mobile Security and Identity Solutions practice at MaxID Corp.

The Mobile Badge Management (MBM) Suite verifies various card-based credentials such as proximity, HID iClass. MiFare and Desfire cards.

TV Station Reveals Serious Security Flaws with RFID-equipped Credit and Debit Cards

Commenting on a consumer TV report into the insecurity of RFID-equipped credit and debit cards, SecurEnvoy says that the apparent ease with which researchers have been able to create a `magic wand' that reads cards at a distance shows that more work needs to be done on wireless encryption.

"The report from the Portland, Oregon-based TV channel Katu, in which researchers found that $20-worth of electronics could read the card details of payment cards in people's wallets and purses, at a range of four inches, is very worrying," said Andy Kemshall, technical director of the 2 factor authentication company.

Four inches may not sound much of a distance, but in a crowded subway, tube or bus - with people pressed up close to each other on their way to and from work - the possibilities for card fraud are significant.

Although the RFID system seen on Visa Paywave and Mastercard Paypass are designed for low value transactions, once the card details have been downloaded into a reader wand's memory, they can then be used - as these researchers have clearly proven - to make fraudulent online purchases, he explained,

If TV station researchers have discovered this loophole in the Visa/Mastercard RFID system, then criminals are certain to have also made similar discoveries.

VeriFone and Hypercom Comment on U.S. Department of Justice Civil Complaint

VeriFone Systems, Inc. and Hypercom Corporation comment on the civil antitrust lawsuit filed yesterday by the United States Department of Justice ("DOJ") against VeriFone and Hypercom

On November 17, 2010, VeriFone and Hypercom announced that they had entered into a merger agreement. In an effort to resolve potential antitrust issues with the merger, Hypercom announced on April 4, 2011, that it had entered into an agreement to sell its U.S. point-of-sale terminal business to Ingenico S.A.

According to the DOJ's press release, "the planned sale of Hypercom's U.S. POS terminal business to Ingenico does not resolve the antitrust concerns raised by the VeriFone/Hypercom transaction because the assets are to be sold to another significant competitor in the market in a manner that does not create a new, independent, long-term competitor."

VeriFone and Hypercom intend to work with the DOJ to better understand its concerns and assess various options for the planned divestiture of Hypercom's U.S. business, including the possibility of a divestiture to an alternative buyer. The companies continue to believe in the compelling benefits that the merger will provide to customers, employees and stockholders. Assuming a successful resolution of this and other closing conditions, the companies believe that the merger can be completed in the second half of 2011.

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