Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Google, VeriFone to Become Mobile-Payment Partners

Google Inc. is working on a potential partnership with electronic-payments company VeriFone Systems Inc., to allow shoppers to use Google's mobile devices rather than physical credit cards, to pay for goods in retail stores.

VeriFone makes point-of-sale terminals that retail stores across the country use to process credit-card payments. As part of the potential tie-up with Google, VeriFone's terminals would be able to accept payments from mobile devices that are embedded with technology called near-field-communication, or NFC, according to news sources.

Google's Android mobile-phone software powers hundreds of different types of devices. The latest Android software, called Gingerbread, includes support for NFC technology while other mobile-device makers, including BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd., have said they would build smartphones embedded with the technology.

Google later this year is looking to test its mobile-payment service in stores in New York and Portland, Oregon among other places, people familiar with the project said. One thing, Google has not elaborated on how the system would work or how it would make money from helping to facilitate mobile payments.

UK Council Dumps Confidential Records in a Skip

Wolverhampton City Council breached the UK Data Protection Act by allowing confidential personal information to be disposed of in a skip, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said.

The ICO first became aware of the breach in October 2010 when a local newspaper reported that council documents containing names, dates of birth, bank details, employment records and medical information had been found after being dumped in a skip located at a community leisure centre. The skip was stolen and the documents in it were discarded.

The ICO's enquiries into the circumstances of the breach revealed that although the council had a written contract in place with a waste management company for the secure disposal of personal data, council employees had failed to recognise the confidential nature of the information when they disposed of it.

Simon Warren, Chief Executive of Wolverhampton City Council, has signed an undertaking to ensure that staff are made aware of the council's policies on data protection and confidential waste management, and are suitably trained in how to follow them. The council will also ensure that compliance with the policies is appropriately and regularly monitored.

New Ingenico Terminal Ingenico Installed For the First Time in Germany

Ingenico announced the delivery of a new payment module to automated retail stores called "Media Markt toGO" and "Saturn Xpress" in Germany. The i9500, Ingenico's unattended terminal, delivers convenience and speed of service. The payment processing is handled by easycash, an Ingenico company.

The approval for the payment schemes "EMV POS (debit/credit)" for the i9500 terminal was given by the German ZKA "Zentraler Kreditausschuss" in September 2010. The innovative fully automatic goods dispenser offers over 50 different electronic devices from a range of products supplied by Media-Saturn markets to customers around the clock. The types of payments available are VISA, Maestro and MasterCard. Approximately 10 automats are installed across the country and more automats will soon be installed in Germany and in Italy.

Software Testing in UK Banks Puts Customer Data at Risk: Warns Research

The survey of 437 senior IT professionals in the financial services industry by analytics supplier Informatica says that UK banks use customer information to make up 85% of the data used for software development and testing of web portals and applications during the initial production stage.

But 43% of IT professionals say their organisation lacks processes for protecting customer data. The risk is increased for over half of companies outsourcing development of software applications, where confidential customer data is shared with third parties without appropriate safeguards, such as data masking.

Informatica believe the action puts millions of bank customers at risk of personal data loss and theft. As John Poulter, senior vice president at Informatica says: "It is imperative that financial organisations take greater ownership of the data they house by putting people with the right skills and motivations in control". Banks must do all that is required to ensure their customer data is well protected and safe.

SCM Microsystems Delivers SIM Card Readers to China Unicom for a Record Second Time

SCM Microsystems, a business unit of Identive Group, Inc., announced its second time delivery of high speed SCR3310v2 reader/writers to China Unicom, which now has deployed more than 90,000 SCM reader/writers to facilitate SIM card issuance to its mobile phone customers across China.

One of the largest mobile service providers in China, China Unicom is using the SCM reader/writers in point of sales kiosks, stores and retail shops to quickly personalise a SIM phone card for each subscriber on the spot. Responding to the increasing demand for instant personalisation of SIM cards at issuance, China Unicom has recently expanded its RPS (remote personalisation system) program to its partners' retail shops and point of sales, which are now also enabled with SCM readers.

SCM's SCR3310v2 reader/writers enable China Unicom and its partners to quickly and cost effectively configure the specific services requested by each new or returning customer. By using blank SIM cards and SCM's reader/writers, China Unicom and its partners now can personalise the cards based on each customer's SIM cards used in the popular iPhones and iPads, which China Unicom exclusively provides to the China market.

WorldPay and RSA Become Partners

International payment services provider WorldPay has entered into a partnership with security services provider RSA, a division of EMC, to support the cardholder verification processes in USA and UK where RSA provides RSA Adaptive Authentication for e-commerce authentication services for card associations.

As part of the deal, RSA is set to integrate WorldPay's technology to verify online payment card transactions on a daily basis. RSA has incorporated the WorldPay Risk Guardian platform as part of its e-commerce security services in order to process card owner verification checks. The WorldPay Risk Guardian platform enables checks at a number of points during an individual e-commerce transaction and allows identity verification to help online retailers and issuing banks to combat fraud.

Additionally, the WorldPay Risk Guardian platform supports RSA during registration of cardholders in the Adaptive Authentication for the eCommerce Secure program by providing consumers with the ability to register their payment card details before the cardholder's identity is checked with the individual's bank.

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