Thursday, 10 March 2011

NEC Launches Portable Terminal for Electronic Money Payment

Yesterday, NEC Corporation announced the launch of a new portable terminal for electronic money payment - "Multi-Service Terminal / Portable," which enables retailers to conveniently expand the availability of electronic money payment.

The new portable terminal supports a broad range of electronic money and credit card payment methods, including the NFC international standard for next generation contactless IC cards. NEC aims to provide the new portable terminal to markets throughout the world by capitalising on its broad support for a wide variety of different payment systems.

NEC's new portable terminal, equipped with an NFC reader/writer, supports all 3 of these standards, which enables it to support both international electronic money, such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave, as well existing FeliCa services.

The use of electronic money in Japan is currently undergoing rapid expansion and the need for payment devices is continually increasing, particularly within the retail, food service and events industries. NEC provides services for these various needs with terminals that enable the use of electronic money throughout a broad range of locations.

HID Global Delivers First Gift Card Issuance Project to Major Korea Retailers

HID Global has introduced a pilot digital gift card issuance project at two Korean retail giants, Home plus and Shinsegae E-mart, utilising HID's FARGO HDP5000 high-definition printer/encoders.

With the HDP5000, the two Korean retailers can now brand and customise their gift cards for corporate customers and individuals, adding a level of personalisation unavailable with conventional paper gift vouchers. The digital issuance of cards enables individuals and companies to create custom card designs using their own images, logos, personalised messages and other branding on the card.

As of today, 250 FARGO HDP5000 card printers are deployed at Home plus and Shinsegae E-mart stores, and the digital gift card issuance pilot resulted in record-breaking sales, with triple digit growth over last year for Home plus during the 2010 Korean Thanksgiving season.

Xiring to Supply 7,500 e-Health Terminals to Germany

XIRING has received an order of 7,500 Xi-Plus 5 e-Health terminals for the German market, to be delivered this year.

The German e-Health program involves the deployment of 80 million new-generation e-Health cards, accompanied by the development of the overall infrastructure. Started in 2009, the program had been suspended during 2010, and its resumption from the month of April 2011 was officially announced in late last month.

The Secure Terminal Xi-Plus 5 from XIRING is marketed in Germany by partners who embed their own software solutions. Certified by Gematik and the BSI, the highly secure solution (CC-EAL3+) meets the mobility requirements of German doctors and thus positions XIRING as a major player in this market.

2010 US Cost of Data Breach Jumped to $7.2 Million

The average organisational cost of a data breach jumped 7% last year to $7.2 million, or $214 per lost record, according the Ponemon Institute's 2010 US Cost of a Data Breach Report. This is up from $204 per lost record in the 2009 survey.

The need for organisations to respond quickly to data breaches drove the costs higher, according to the report, which was conducted by Ponemon on behalf of Symantec and examined the data breach experiences of 51 US companies from 15 industry sectors.

In 2010, 43% of companies notified victims within one month of discovering a data breach, up from 36% in 2009. Those quick responders had a per-record cost of $268 in 2010, up 22% from 2009; companies that took longer paid $174 per record, down 11%.

The most expensive data breach in 2010 cost the company $35.3 million to resolve, a 15% jump for the most expensive in 2009. The least expensive data breach was $780,000, up 4% from the least expensive in 2009.

In the 2010 study, 31% of all cases involved a malicious or criminal act, up 7% points from 2009. The cost for a malicious data breach was $318 per record in 2010, up 48% from 2009.

The number of breaches caused by negligence increased to 41% of the total data breaches in 2010. This trend reflects the ongoing challenge of ensuring employee and partner compliance with security policies, the study warned.

Apart from training and awareness programs after data breaches, encryption is the second most implemented preventive measure as a result of a data breach. Both encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions have increased 17% since 2008.

Biometric Signature ID Receives Award from State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund

Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI) announced that the patented BioSig-ID identity management solution has been selected by the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) to receive a TETF Commercialisation Award. BSI is the only software company with patented signature gesture biometric technology in the $12.6 Billion Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication market.

The TETF Commercialisation Award recognises groundbreaking solutions and funds early-stage investments in new, technology-based, private entrepreneurial entities to help accelerate time-to-market, stimulate economic growth through the creation of new jobs, and attract more cutting-edge companies to the State of Texas. The TETF's 17-member advisory committee consists of well-respected high-tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and research experts handpicked by Governor Rick Perry. Since 2005, the TETF has funded 131 early stage companies, investing more than $193.7 million and provided $173 million in grant matching and research superiority funds to Texas universities.

Biometric Signature ID was one of three companies being awarded funds from this recent TETF selection, receiving $550,000 to help bring their patented identity management products to the marketplace. BSI's technology uses signature gesture biometrics, which authenticates a user's identity by how they log in using their mouse or stylus, capturing, and comparing the unique way they create their password to their stored profile. BSI's technology provides a marked improvement to current password-access methods by using a multi-factor authentication that delivers the highest level of security on the market today.

BSI's premier product BioSig-ID is a unique biometric handwriting and gesture technology that is activated simply by using a mouse to create an online positive ID and includes the Company's Click-ID technology to verify the user's identity by clicking on specific objects in a selected image. uSignOnline enables users to sign contracts online, thereby increasing and protecting revenue while providing proof that the user authorised the action.

WinLogon is a new product coming in spring 2011 that only allows access by the actual user to their authenticated personal computer or other personal device control.

Fujitsu Joins the International Biometrics & Identification Association

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. announces that it has joined the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA). Membership in the IBIA exemplifies the company's commitment to provide biometric technologies that set the standard for protecting valuable resources and mitigating business, technology and privacy risks.

"Having served on the IBIA board for years, I have seen the significant benefits of bringing leading biometric companies and security industry experts together to collaborate on how to most effectively promote the use of authentication technology," said Christer Bergman, vice president of Biometric Solutions, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

Founded in September 1998 in Washington, D.C., IBIA is a trade association that promotes the effective and appropriate use of biometric technology to determine identity and enhance security, privacy, productivity, and convenience for individuals, organisations and governments. IBIA plays a leadership role in bringing together diverse stakeholders to advance policy development and define and articulate best practices for the use of biometrics in solving real-life identity, security, and privacy challenges.

"Across nearly every industry, the need and demand for advanced authentication and access control solutions have never been greater," said Tovah LaDier, managing director for the IBIA. "We are thrilled to have Fujitsu on board as an IBIA member and look forward to working closely with its biometric solutions group, in collaboration with our global network of members, to meet this demand with innovative technologies. Together, we have the opportunity to advance the field of biometrics to meet security, privacy and productivity needs in ways never before thought possible."

Gemalto Released Its Full Year 2010 Results

Gemalto has published its annual 2010 financial growth result that shows a full year revenue growth of +19% to Euro (E) 1,906 million. For the full year 2010, Gemalto generated a net profit of E 167 million, higher by E 49 million than the net profit for full year 2009.

The IFRS consolidated income statement for the full year 2010 shows an operating income of E 163 million, a 22% increase over the 2009 performance. Software and services revenue increases by +54% to E 252 million, while profit from operations expands by +19% to E 216 million.

The divestiture of the POS activity, previously reported in the segment "Others", became effective on December 31, 2010. As per IFRS, the contribution of this activity to the income statement is reclassified, and its net contribution is presented as a single amount on the line item "Profit (loss) from discontinued operation (net of income tax)" for both the 2010 and 2009 accounts.

In 2010, this net contribution from discontinued operation was a loss of E 2.4 million, essentially reflecting the net loss recorded on the disposal of the associated assets and liabilities. In 2009, the net contribution of the POS operations was a profit of E 2.6 million.

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