Wednesday, 09 March 2011

Snapper Instant Payment Smartcard Launches in Auckland

Snapper today has commenced an extensive roll out of its leading contactless payments system across the Auckland Super City, bringing New Zealand's fastest way to pay within everyday reach of 1.5 million New Zealanders.

Snapper offers customers integrated ticketing and instant everyday payments. The Snapper system is 99.99% accurate, providing valuable journey data that can be used to plan better transport services for passengers

Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai says, "Snapper is excited to bring the magic way to pay to a third of New Zealand's population. Today we're announcing the installation of a great footprint in the Auckland Super City. This includes 1,000 taxis, and over 150 retail points of presence. Snapper is focused on continuing to build out Auckland's retail network for Snapper customers at a rapid rate, and we're mobilising installers from outside of Auckland to cope with retailer demand."

"We wanted Snapper to be available to as many locals and visitors to Auckland as possible. We are pleased that well-known retail brands are coming onto the Snapper network.

UK Card Fraud Lowest for A Decade

Fraud losses on UK cards, cheques and online banking in 2010 fell to their lowest level to 365.4 million-pound in 2010 - a 17% less compared to losses in 2009. This is the lowest annual total since 2000 and follows on from a fall of 28% in 2009 according to new banking industry data from the UK Cards Association.

The downward trend is attributed to banking industry fraud fighting initiatives, Chip and PIN card upgrades, and increased awareness among retailers and consumers.

Online banking fraud losses decreased, as banks installed sophisticated fraud detection software and more consumers equipped their PCs with up-to-date anti-virus protection. The dip in online fraud has occurred despite a continuing rise in phishing attacks, up 21% from 2009.

Phone banking fraud losses totalled to 12.7 million-pound during 2010, an increase of 5% from 2009. Most losses involve customers tricked into disclosing their personal security details through cold calling or fake e-mails, says Financial Fraud Action UK.

Cheque fraud losses are also on the decline, down by nearly 1 million-pound from 29.8 million-pound in 2009 to 28.9 million-pound during 2010. The continuing drop in cheque usage has contributed to a 3% fall in overall cheque fraud losses.

Zetes Hits 10,000 Plus Mark for Voice Terminal Installations

Zetes Industries, a leading pan-European company in the value-added solutions and services industry for Automatic Identification of Goods and People marked a new milestone in its history of implementing voice projects. During 2010, the company has installed more than 10,000 voice terminals in various projects across Europe, strengthening Zetes' position as voice market leader with more than 50% of the European market.

The European market for voice technology has evolved significantly since the first implementations at the start of the millennium. Since the launch of Zetes' 3i Voice Solution in 2002, the number of voice users equipped by the company grew significantly: from 7 units installed in the first year to more than 10.000 in 2010, bringing the total install base to more than 50.000 units. Approximately, 8.500 of the voice terminals installed last year were voice dedicated devices, which use voice as the only interface; 1.500 were multimodal devices or combined with peripherals, such as keyboards or (RFID) scanners.

3iV Crystal is the first voice solution to offer both trained and untrained systems, and Zetes has been the first company to implement the Motorola Voice Optimised Wearable terminal in Europe at Italian retailer Gruppo Iper.

During 2010 some of Zetes major voice customers included companies such as Morrisons and Argos in the UK, Dia in Europe, South-America and Asia, Systeme U and CERP Bretagne Nord in France, FloraHolland in The Netherlands and Colruyt in Belgium.

Ogone Payment Services Secures PCI-DSS Compliance Eight Times in a Row

Ogone Payment Services, one of Europe's largest service providers specialising in the processing of online payments, announces that it has achieved Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification for the eighth consecutive year. Level 1 certification is required by all service providers, third party processors, payment gateways and other organisations that store, transmit or process payment card information on behalf of financial institutions, payment brands, or merchants and which handle over 300,000 transactions per year.

As a payment services provider operating in over 40 European markets, Ogone was required to demonstrate compliance through an independent audit of its physical security measures, IT environment and information security policies and procedures.

Certification of Ogone's data security standards was conducted by NTT Security (Qualified Security Assessor QSA), a fully independent and certified provider of information security and compliance auditing.

Android Wins Smartphone Battle in USA

Google's Android has surged past Blackberry maker Research in Motion to become the leading smartphone platform in the United States, market tracking firm comScore confirmed.

The Android operating system captured the top spot in the United States for the first time with a 31.2% smartphone market share for the three months ending in January. RIM was next with a 30.4% US market share, followed by Apple with 24.7%, Microsoft with 8% and Palm with 3.2% share.

According to comScore, 234 million Americans owned mobile devices at the end of January 2011 and 65.8 million owned smartphones. Samsung was the top handset manufacturer overall with a 24.9% share of the US market, comScore said, followed by LG with 20.8%, Motorola with 16.5%, RIM with 8.6% and Apple with 7%.

ICO Issues 'Wake Up' Call for UK Businesses Against New EU Law on Cookies

Businesses and other organisations running websites in the UK must 'wake up' to the fact that EU legislation, which will require them to get consent in order to store or access information on consumers' computers, is coming into force soon, Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said in a speech at the ICO's annual Data Protection Officer conference in Manchester.

The new law, which will come into force on 25 May 2011, is an amendment to the EU's Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. It will require UK businesses and other organisations to obtain consent from visitors to their websites in order to store on and retrieve usage information from users' computers.

One common technique of storing information is widely known as a cookie, which is a small file that a website puts on a user's computer so that it can remember something, for example the user's preferences, at a later time. The majority of businesses and organisations in the UK currently use cookies for a wide variety of reasons, from analysing consumer browsing habits to remembering a user's payment details when buying products online.

Christopher Graham said: "While the roll out of this new law will be a challenge, it will have positive benefits as it will give people more choice and control over what information businesses and other organisations can store on and access from consumers' own computers". According to him, the country's business houses need to work towards addressing the way they use cookies.

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