Monday, 06 June 2011

SCM Microsystems Launched New NFC Reader Module

Today, SCM Microsystems, a leading secure access, secure identity and secure exchange solutions provider, have announced of releasing its new SCM3712 commercial NFC reader module to be used for a range of devices and equipments. The latest NFC reader module enables NFC (Near Field Communication) peer-to-peer functionality for handheld card readers to POS terminals and vending machines.

The SCM3712 NFC module has a small footprint that connects via a USB interface and is available with either an integrated antenna or an optional external antenna. The module is ISO 14443, compliant, and is fully capable of handling NFC Forum-compliant tags based on MIFARE, FeliCa and Topaz technology as well as NFC-enabled mobile phones or other devices. Currently, the NFC reader module is available to OEMs and systems.

SCM Microsystems' NFC Reader Module let people have contactless, secure data exchange for applications such as cashless payments, ticketing, and electronic ID and loyalty couponing.

Lulz Security Attacked FBI Affiliated Website

Lulz Security hacker group attacked an FBI-affiliated website. This hacker group has already become famous in launching a series of attack on various Sony websites recently.

Nearly 180 passwords belonging to members of an Atlanta-based FBI partner organisation were stolen and leaked on the internet by Lulz Security. The logins belonged to the local chapter of InfraGard, which is a public-private partnership meant for sharing information about threats to US physical and internet infrastructure.

Paul Farley, president of the InfraGard Atlanta Members Alliance said: "Someone did compromise the website. We do not at this time know how the attack occurred or the method used to reveal the passwords".

Among the items leaked on the internet are passwords of the US Army, cyber-security companies, and major communications organisations.

According to news sources, "Infragard employee Karim Hijazi apparently recycled his work password for two external e-mail accounts - allowing digital infiltrators to easily break into Unveillance, a whitehat company specialising in data security and botnets".

Lulz managed to obtain documents pertaining to an alleged operation orchestrated by Unveillance and others to "control and assess" Libyan cyberspace through malicious means. "The U.S. government is funding the CSFI to attack Libya's cyber infrastructure. You [can] find the emails of all 23 people involved in the emails," claimed Lulz.

Taiwan to Introduce EasyCards in Rails

According to Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. (THSRC) and EasyCard Corp, people having contactless Easycards will soon be able to use the cards for travelling in high speed rails. Commuters can use Easycards to tap and pay for trips on Taiwan's high speed rail by the end of 2011.

THSRC Chairman Ou Chin-der said: "The touch-and-go service will save passengers at least 20 minutes of waiting and ticket processing time". Ou believes the new contactless service will help THSRC to double or triple its transportation load in the long term from the current 110,000 passengers per day. However, it is still not clear as to whether regular Easycard holders will be able to join the programme or not, according to the two companies.

First introduced in 2002, Easycards can be used to pay fares on Taipei's metro system, as well as to make purchases at small retailers and supermarkets around the city. At present, there are over 10 million Easycards in circulation in Taiwan.

Indian Bank to Get Monitise Apps

Monitise, a US-based leading provider of banking and payments technologies specialist, will be offering its first mobile money services in India. Monitise has developed the new applications for the Standard Chartered Bank's Breeze brand. The applications will provide the bank's customers to:

  • View bank and credit card accounts
  • Transfer funds to other banks in India
  • Pay utility bills
  • Locate the nearest SCB branch/ATM using an ATM Locator
  • Locate a place and pay. For example: Select a cinema hall, locate seats and purchase cinema tickets

The new Monitise application is compatible with more than 700 handsets, from Blackberry and iPhone to normal mobile phones.

Panasonic and Oculis Labs to Deliver Unique Security for Computers

Panasonic Solutions, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, and Oculis Labs, developer of data privacy software for mobile and desktop computers, have joined hands to introduce a unique computer security system for Toughbook 31, C1 and 53 PCs.

The software will ensure a high level of privacy and protection that was previously unavailable to laptop users. The solution is based on Oculis Labs' PrivateEye software that integrates facial recognition and detection algorithms with a standard webcam to actively protect information displayed on computer screens.

PrivateEye Enterprise automatically blurs a user's screen as soon as it detects an eavesdropper. The screen appears "normal" when the correct user is present, and will blur again if that user's attention is turned elsewhere.

Bill Anderson, CEO Oculis Labs said: "The combination of Toughbook computers and PrivateEye Enterprise will provide customers with advanced data protection from prying eyes. Our technology solves the eavesdropper problem in a sophisticated manner providing alerting, compliance logging, auto-blur and lockout functionality where traditional plastic privacy filters fall short".

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