Friday, 03 June 2011

UK Government to Tackle 27 Billion-Pound Cyber Crime

The new National Cyber Security Programme of the UK will fund awareness activity and develop training courses for school and college students to help reduce the estimated GBP 27 billion cost a year to the public and private sectors. Money will also be given to the UK's security services.

At the recent London conference, UK's Cyber Security Minister - Francis Maude said: "for the UK's online economy to continue to grow, both it and the private sector need to instil confidence in consumers of their services by investing in measures to ensure that technology works, is resilient and secure".

Online crime activities were discussed at last week's G8 summit in France, while UK Prime Minister David Cameron and USA President Barrack Obama promised that UK and US will work together to "sustain and enhance the prosperity, security and openness of our networked world".

Its Now Apple and Google's Turn

Various applications of Apple Inc.'s App Store and Google Inc.'s Android Market are vulnerable to malware attacks, said the Symantec Corp. CEO Enrique Salem. Hackers have found out newer ways to easily download customer detailed information housed on their handsets and tablet PCs. Apple's store boasts more than 350,000 applications, while Android devices has over 200,000 such applications.

Recent news already states, how top US officials and military's Gmail passwords were compromised by Chinese hackers. Mr. Enrique Salem said, "Downloadable applications for smartphones and tablets represent a new front in the fight against computer threats. It's very hard to completely vet everything. It's early in mobile security".

Symantec, the largest maker of security software, may spend as much as $1.25 billion acquisitions this year to help it expand in mobile, CEO told Bloomberg.

NXP to Make China and Taiwan Its NFC Partners

Yesterday, NXP Semiconductors announced the launch of its first NFC Partner Program in China and Taiwan. The programme will help mobile phone and consumer device manufacturers integrating NFC in their devices.

NXP's NFC Partner Program seeks to bring a platform for a vast network of third party partners - system integrators, software developers, service providers, tool and system test laboratories, training institutes, distributors, etc.

With an initial focus on Android, NXP's NFC technology is installed in Gingerbread and is at the heart of the Nexus S and Google Wallet. The Partner Program will cover a broad range of applications from smartphones to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, consumer electronic devices and accessories.

Entrust Brings Together Physical, Logical and Mobile Authentication in One Software Platform

Entrust, Inc., announces the release of Entrust IdentityGuard 10.0, which brings together security solutions for three distinct, yet closely knit worlds - physical, logical and mobile access. This latest update offers users a single platform that delivers the broadest range of authenticators.

Through its single versatile platform IdentityGuard 10.0 enables organisations to easily manage and deploy a comprehensive range of unique authenticators simultaneously which can be issued based on specific requirements, associated risk and cost. The platform leverages a single administrative interface which allows organisations to manage and adjust security for a wide range of user groups, ranging from millions of consumers to a select group of senior executives. This flexibility enables organisations to adjust security in real-time to meet the quickly changing threat landscapes or future regulatory requirements.

"As the technology landscape continues to evolve, authentication platforms need to be designed with the future in mind. A platform that doesn't take into account future shifts such as biometric standards or easy integration of smartcards could leave an organization paralyzed with outdated capabilities," stated a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Entrust.

VeriFone's Fiscal Second Quarter Revenue Rises 25%

USA-based VeriFone Systems Inc. reported a 24.8% rise in its second quarter net income. The revenue amounted to $25.2 million from $20.2 million the same period in 2010. Net revenue rose 21.5%, to $292.4 million from $$240.7 million in the quarter ended April 30.

The leading terminal maker talked up its involvement with Google Inc.'s mobile wallet, which was announced last week. VeriFone predicted its revenue could increase by up to $150 million per year in the U.S. if the Google Wallet system leads to a wider adoption of mobile payments system.

Tyfone Expanded Its Team

Tyfone has decided to expand its team with strategic new hires. The newest additions to the Tyfone management line-up will be charged with expanding and marketing the NFC contactless payment and mobile banking offerings of the company.

Tyfone named Todd Nuzum as the new Vice President of Technology. Before joining Tyfone, Todd spent 13 years as a business systems architect at First Data, one of the world's largest providers of merchant processing services.

Mark Miyamoto is appointed as the Director of Sales. Mark will be responsible for product development and sales of Tyfone's mobile banking services in North America.

Aparna Battula will act as the Director of Engineering, and will emphasis in technical management and software design.

Tyfone also named Mahendran Kathiresan as the Director of Global Alliances. Previously, he was the India business development head at Infineon Technologies in Bangalore and was responsible for chip-based cards and security market strategies with a focus on emerging applications like 3G, UID, ePassport, transportation and mobile banking.

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