Thursday, 28 July 2011

eMerchantPay Launches eComm Payment Module

eMerchantPay, a leading European-based provider of online payment processing solutions to worldwide merchants, has launched an innovative solution to further enhance the user experience and provide greater functionality for the growing needs of online retailers.

The release of the eComm Module is the latest addition to eMerchantPay's dynamic suite of payment processing options that demonstrate their long-standing commitment to creating solutions for merchants that simplify online payments and enhance functionality for their businesses.

eComm has been specifically designed to provide greater flexibility in accepting online payments in terms of personalised payment forms, multiple currency and language options, comprehensive customer service portals, automated email notifications, login and password management and automated re-billing.

eMerchantPay made eComm module includes options that seamlessly cascade any merchant account's declined transactions to a separate in-house third party solution where more tailored fraud-scrubbing parameters are set to dramatically increase the chances of converting the transaction into a sale. The module enables online retailers to increase profitability by streamlining both the front and back office aspects of payment processing.

Survey Reveals IT Holds More Power than Managers

While the world is distracted with the continuing reports of phone hacking practices and other corporate data breaches, it is revealed that hundreds of organisations are now vulnerable to internal threats. According to a survey released today, conducted by Lieberman Software, 42 percent of IT staff can get unauthorised access to their organisation's most sensitive information - including the CEO's private documents. The failing is blamed on management's naivety when it comes to understanding just how much privileged access their IT departments actually have.

39 percent of the technology professionals interviewed in this study confirmed that that their senior management does not have the faintest idea what IT can and cannot access. And, a staggering 78 percent admitted they could walk out the office tomorrow taking highly sensitive information with them. However, perhaps the most alarming revelation is that a third of respondents say they'd still be able to access sensitive information long after leaving the company - as the result of lapses in the organisation's security practices.

Commenting on this research Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, said "Companies should wake up to the fact that IT holds the keys to the kingdom. Nothing is secret or private unless you establish systems and procedures to lock down data from prying eyes and, according to our study, most organisations don't. In the good old days the most sensitive data was locked away in a filing cabinet with just one or two trusted key holders. Today, it's locked away in a virtual filing cabinet, but the problem is most companies have no idea just how many people have keys to this cabinet. What's clear from this survey is that management just doesn't understand the privileges their IT staff have to the most sensitive data. Even the bosses' documents can be read by 42 percent of IT personnel and, if these guys can't be trusted - which in some cases they can't - the directors shouldn't be surprised when their data gets leaked or exploited."

HID Global Gets Federal Bridge Certification

HID Global has completed the cross-certification to the PIV-I standard via the CertiPath Bridge. With this certification, HID Global plans to launch its PIV-I Service, an online offering that aims to reduce the time and complexity required for contractors to obtain employee credentials, which comply with PIV-I requirements. The certified PIV-I Service offering will be managed by HID Global's identity assurance business, ActivIdentity.

CertiPath is the U.S. Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority partner in testing PIV-I credentials, used for both physical and logical access. The company introduced the architecture for a single credential that can provide secure access and interoperability for employees, customers, and partners in 2009. It now applies that experience and expertise to vet and validate that issuers' credentials meet the PIV-I standard.

Point Of Sale Industry Standardizes on FaceCash Mobile Payments

As the payments industry has evolved over many years, the market for in-person payments has grown increasingly fragmented and confusing. That's now changed, with several Point of Sale (POS) software vendors announcing their planned support for the FaceCash mobile payment system in their respective products. FaceCash uses a barcode or NFC signal to facilitate secure retail transactions, and is currently available as a mobile app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

By year-end 2011, POS offerings from Dinerware, POS Lavu, Own Point of Sale, POSitouch, Posera Maitre'D, RPOWER, ERPLY, MI9, SalesVu and ShopKeep will integrate with the FaceCash API, which allows POS software to work with the FaceCash payment network. Some of the software modules are already in testing.

"It's great to see so much enthusiasm around FaceCash," Aaron Greenspan, Think's CEO stated. "We're making good progress toward our goal of making 'FaceCash' and 'mobile payments' synonymous."

With the FaceCash API, POS software vendors can create a new tender type button for FaceCash mobile payments. Since FaceCash relies on the ThinkLink payment system instead of the traditional card interchange, merchants can save 50% to 80% on per-transaction fees, while providing benefits to consumers that save time and money, such as bill splitting and electronic receipts.

"The POS Lavu iPad POS System with FaceCash will provide the greatest payment technology available in the market today," said Andy Lim, CEO of Lavu, Inc. POS Lavu turns the popular iPad tablet into a cash register.

UK Gift Card & Voucher Industry Experiences Continued Double-digit Growth

The UK's gift card and voucher market has experienced a double-digit increase of 14.3% in year-on-year sales in Quarter 2 (Q2) of 2011, according to the latest statistics from The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA), the trade body representing the 4billion-pound UK market.

The report, compiled independently by Ernst & Young (E&Y), confirms a significant boost in this market performing well ahead of overall retail sales growth of just 0.8% over the same period, according to statistics from the British Retail Consortium (BRC). These UKGCVA results are the second successive period of substantial growth year-on-year following a 15.6% increase in the market in Q1.

In Q2, it was consumer sales rather than B2B that experienced the bigger growth at 17.5%. Corporate direct sales reported a 12% increase and remain the largest sales channel for gift cards and vouchers.

Andrew Johnson, Director-General of the UKGCVA, comments: "The buoyancy of this sector is hugely encouraging and demonstrates that in this challenging consumer environment, the flexibility and choice delivered by gift cards and vouchers offers an attractive solution. The gift card and voucher market clearly remains resilient against the backdrop of weak consumer spending and depressed retail sales.

VITAband Contactless Payment Program Released

VITA Products, Inc., a leading US-based company offering a first-of-its-kind identification and contactless payment platform, announced the launch of its new payments and identification program using Visa's payWave-enabled contactless payment chip.

The program showcases VITAband, the first in VITA Products Inc.'s line of wearable accessories that store emergency contact and medical information, while offering contactless payment functionality.

The VITAband has an embedded micro-chip that can facilitate contactless transactions at thousands of retailers across USA with the simple wave of the wrist at point-of-sale terminals equipped with contactless functionality. VITAband users are issued a prepaid account that is enabled by Visa's contactless payment technology, Visa payWave. Transactions are debited from the prepaid card account each time the VITAband is waved in front of a contactless payment terminal.

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