Friday, 22 July 2011

Nokia's Loss is Apple's Gain

Nokia has announced a net loss of 323million-pounds in the second quarter of 2011, compared to a profit of 199.6million-pounds in the same period last year.

Nokia's shipments of smartphones fell by 34% to 16.7million units meaning Apple became the world's biggest smartphone producer in the second quarter of 2011.

"The challenges we are facing during our strategic transformation manifested in a greater than expected way in Q2 2011. However, even within the quarter, I believe our actions to mitigate the impact of these challenges have started to have a positive impact on the underlying health of our business. Most importantly, we are making better-than-expected progress toward our strategic goals," said Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia.

New French eID Card Projected to Tackle Theft Identity Problem

Identity theft is a growing issue in many countries with 80,000 cases per year in France alone, according to the French Interior Ministry. For this reason the French National Assembly has decided to vote on the new law on identity protection. The new French smart ID card is supposed to protect against identity theft and offers a new way to interact with administration services. However, to open a digital world for French citizens, the Government has to focus on smart card readers' deployment.

"The French eID card program is conveyed to tackle the identity theft problem, which is of growing importance in the country," says Jean-Noel Georges, Global Director Smart Cards Practice at Frost & Sullivan. "The proposed solution is a smart card with two chips: one including personal data with biometric information, and a second one for e-services, with the latter usage optional only."

The French Government has to face two major issues before successfully implementing the project. To be able to manage biometrics and personal information, there is a need to create a database to collect, store and manage all the data. However, taking into consideration historical facts, France decided to restrict the database access to authorised persons only, using a professional smart card to be logically authenticated. The search will give only a list of possibly matching persons, keeping privacy secured.

"The second issue is the national ID card usage for e-commerce and interaction with administration by using e-services," comments Jean-Noel Georges. "To allow a French citizen access to the digital world by using a digital signature, the need of an external reader is mandatory." This might be an important hindrance for e-services usage adoption, if the French Government will not push for smart card reader deployment.

According to the latest report from Frost & Sullivan, entitled "Quantitative Global Forecaster", the Government and ID market worldwide has been growing significantly reaching 198 million unit shipment in 2011, with a market growth rate of 4.2 per cent (2010-2011).

Trend Micro Helps IT Embrace Consumerisation with Enterprise Mobile Solution

Trend Micro is helping organisations embrace the productivity gains and cost reductions of allowing employees to bring their own-owned IT equipment into the office, unlock the full business potential of this move. As personal and professional lives become more intertwined, an increasing number of employees are using their own consumer-grade tablets, smartphones and PCs for work - regardless of company policies; a phenomenon known as consumerisation.

Mobile Security 7 for enterprises/businesses extends protection beyond traditional PCs to secure data on a wide range of consumer-grade mobile devices, such as Android devices, iPhones and iPads. With threat prevention, data protection, and mobile device management under a single point of control, enabling organisations to protect data, limit data loss incidents and reduce the operational costs of managing employee-owned mobile devices.

"The consumerisation of IT carries with it a unique blend of strategic and operational challenges. The lack of a planned approach to consumerisation creates security risk, financial exposure and a management nightmare for IT. Despite these risks, it represents a great opportunity for organisations of all sizes to drive increases in productivity, business agility, and customer and employee satisfaction," said Rik Ferguson, Director of Security and Research at Trend Micro.

Giftango Brings the Mobile Wallet Era Closer

Giftango, the digital eGift card company, announced the release of its Mobile Wallet Conversion Platform, for securely converting plastic gift cards into digital forms of payment by inserting and leveraging a 2D barcode on the back of a plastic gift card.

The patent pending platform features an API module for physical card printers, enabling them to create secure 2D barcodes, a free merchant-branded mobile gift card portal, and an API built by Giftango specifically for merchants and mobile wallet creators.

How the Mobile Wallet Conversion Platform Works The plastic printer is given access to a secure API allowing them to convert plastic card data into a secure 2D barcode that they then print on the back of the plastic. Merchants distribute their new gift cards and consumers scan the barcode with their smartphones, which pulls up a branded gift card portal designed for the merchant. The consumer is now able to not only view balance data and transaction history, but also is able to instantaneously convert the card to digital, re-gift the card from its plastic form as a digital gift to a friend or family member and more. Multiple security elements are employed to ensure brand integrity and disallow improper use of the 2D code. Just placing 2D Barcode on the back of the card without a platform encrypting and controlling the process will yield unintended consequences for the merchant.

"Companies like PayPal, Google, Apple and others are working hard with merchants to make adoption of the mobile wallet a reality, and digital gifting plays a key role in making this pervasive," said David Nelsen, CEO, and Giftango. "Until today, nobody has been able to figure out a secure and cost effective way to turn traditional plastic gift cards, into an easy-to-use, secure, and seamless digital gift offering. We are excited to bring such a solution to the merchants, consumers, printers and wallet providers at a time when digital gifting is really hitting its stride."

Global Facial Recognition Market to Witness Double Digit Growth

According to a new research report by RNCOS, "Global Biometric Forecast to 2012", usage of biometric technology for security applications has shown tremendous growth during the past few years. Among many technologies, usage of biometric systems has increased significantly worldwide. These systems, apart from monitoring, provide secure authentication facilities through various means, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, iris recognition.

Facial Recognition Technology has emerged as the fastest growing technology among the biometric technologies accepted worldwide and will continue to follow the same trend in future also by growing at a CAGR of around 31% during 2011-2013. Facial Recognition Technology is applicable to both verification and identification. In addition, it is the only biometric system that can routinely be used in a covert manner for surveillance as a person's face is easily captured by video technology. The main factor, which has surged the demand for this technology is the capability of surveillance offered exclusively by this technology.

RNCOS' Global Biometric Forecast to 2012 report provides thorough research and rational analysis along with reliable statistics of the global biometrics market. The report also provides extensive information on the traditional markets and the emerging technologies. Besides, an insight of trends prevailing in the regional biometrics segments across the globe has been covered in the report. Analysis and statistics regarding market size, growth, share, segmentation, and geographic distribution have been studied in details in the report to present a comprehensive view of the global biometrics market. The report has also examined current market trends, industrial developments, and competitive landscape to enable clients understanding of the market structure and its progress in the coming years.

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