Monday, 11 July 2011

Spendvision's New eMoney Module Enables Businesses to Track and Manage NFC Transactions

Spendvision, a provider of total transaction management solutions, today announced the availability of its new eMoney module, which allows businesses to capture, manage and report on purchases made using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The module will enable eMoney transactions to be integrated with all other types of spend, making it easier for staff to record all expenses, irrespective of the payment method used, ultimately affording businesses greater insight into what employees are spending.

Momentum is growing for services that enable consumers to purchase low value items by tapping their mobile phone or a pre-paid card against a reader at the checkout. Indeed, Juniper Research recently predicted that global NFC mobile contactless payment transactions will reach nearly $50 billion worldwide by 2014. However, as more employees start buying goods and services in this way, enterprises are faced with significant challenges as they attempt to incorporate digital cash into the overall picture of corporate spend.

The new eMoney module will also help businesses to manage the split between private and business spending. With the line between work and personal spend blurring, having a single mobile device or eMoney card is becoming the norm and it is vital that businesses are able to easily identify who needs to pay for what. Spendvision facilitates this by enabling employees to select which transactions are business-related on their card or device.

"With so many low value transactions to be accounted for, the key to integrating them with other types of expense is to provide employees with a simple, quick way to log and manage all their payments, including eMoney. That's exactly what our new module does," said Shane Bruhns, COO of Spendvision

Consult Hyperion Joins Smart Card Alliance

Consult Hyperion, a specialist in the field of secure transactions in contactless smart cards and mobile devices, has announced its membership in the Smart Card Alliance, a non-profit group comprised of over 180 smartcard and security companies across the world. Smart Card Alliance works for the adoption of smartcard technology in USA and Latin America.

Through its association with the alliance, Consult Hyperion hopes to strengthen its position and develop newer relationships with leading companies for supporting large scale smartcard implementations in governments, banks and telecommunication sectors.

EUR 80.5 Million of Online Card Payments Processed in the First Half of 2011

Online payments by card reached a total value of EUR 80.5 million in the first half of 2011, according to statistics made by Romcard. The total value of online card transactions amounted to 18 percent growth over the amount of transaction done in 2010. The number of transactions was 1.3 million, which represented a growth of 8 percent that of the last year.

The service sector had 63 percent growth in the number of transactions compared to the same period last year. Majority of online payments done via credit cards came from buying flowers, books and gifts.

C-SAM and Multicard Partner to Roll out Mobile Payments in Netherlands

C-SAM and Multicard have finalised a partnership to provide C-SAM's Mobile Transaction Platform (MTP) and related M-Commerce and M-Payments services to Multicard's customers in the Netherlands.

C-SAM offers a range of mobile phone based financial and non-financial services for consumers to securely conduct transactions in the real and virtual environments using their existing smart and feature mobile phones and networks. The Company's patented MTP enables carriers, banks, and service providers to deliver secure mobile phone based transaction services for finance, retail, healthcare and government applications.

"C-SAM provides a highly scalable Mobile Wallet Management Platform, supported by a comprehensive SDK and more than 25 reference value added services, enabling large networks to create a scalable and sustainable ecosystem of providers," said Felix Marx, C-SAM's CEO. "We believe the partnership with Multicard will enable us to provide field-tested and proven technology solutions along with local delivery and support for our customers in the Netherlands."

New, Advanced Anti-Phone Hacking Application for US Government

Michael Franco, one of USA's leading experts in secure wireless communications technology is launching his own company - Safe and Secure Mobile, Inc. He will also release a new security application - that includes NSA approved technology as used by the government agencies.

The new application can be downloaded by millions of BlackBerry and Android smartphone users worldwide beginning this week. A Symbian version of the application is slated for release later this month and an iPhone version is slated for release by the end of August 2011.

The application is inserted in a mobile device in such a way that it is completely invisible to the user. It is not displayed in the application list, user menus or user settings. Instead, it resides silently in the protected device, undetectable even against sophisticated voltage monitoring methods. The software continuously monitors all attempts to open data ports and continuously blocks these attempts in a mobile phone.

Franco is the former head of The National Security Agency (NSA) Advanced Secure Communication Lab where he was responsible for writing specifications for what became the Presidential Secure BlackBerry. The team of experts also includes scientist Frank Cole, who is specialised in building and analysing secure communication platforms and software development.

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