Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Moggle, Launch 'Virtual Piggy' to Create Secure Solution for Youth on the Internet

Moggle, Inc. announces the release of its Virtual Piggy technology which allows children to transact with online merchants, games and social networks in a safe environment under parent supervision.

Moggle's Virtual Piggy provides an online payment profile that allows parents to setup, monitor and control their children's spending online. Parents can determine how much a child can spend in a single transaction, or over a period of time and also control the merchants with which a child can transact. Parents also have the ability to setup approval rules and notification methods. Virtual Piggy tracks all spending and parents can receive alerts and reports on patterns for when and where funds are spent. Virtual Piggy was developed in response to the growing need for parents to allow their children to transact online in a controlled manner as a result of an increasing number of online services and products targeted towards children.

Virtual Piggy has been certified by the Chase Paymentech system and can process transactions from all major credit and debit card systems, Virtual Piggy is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, which provides security, robustness and reliability. Moggle plans to extend Virtual Piggy's payment processing ability to other payment processors.

Dr. Jo Webber, Chairman of Moggle, Inc. commented: "In 2009, an estimated $26 billion was spent by children on online purchases, a figure that is expected to grow. Many of these purchases were incurred without adult supervision and lead to accidental buying sprees for virtual games and goods using parents' credit cards. With the launch of Virtual Piggy we have developed an easy to use, seamless system that allows parents to monitor and guide their children's spending and make their online experience safe and enjoyable."

O2 Plans NFC Rollout in Second Half of 2011

A second major UK mobile operator will commercially launch NFC with Telefonica O2 UK during the second half of 2011. O2 joins the Orange UK-T-Mobile UK joint venture, Everything Everywhere, in making known its plans to roll out NFC.

Everything Everywhere, which is partnering with Barclays bank's credit card unit, Barclaycard, for its launch, is likely to launch before O2.

O2 sees NFC as a major opportunity to build its financial services arm, O2 Money. A spokeswoman confirmed to NFC Times that the company is recruiting 14 new staff for the unit. O2 Money launched a pair of prepaid payment cards in 2009, which O2 has touted as the "most successful UK card launch".

O2 has not released the number of prepaid O2 Money cards it has on issue, but said it has 850,000 customers for the cards and insurance products combined. O2 Money is also considering launching a credit card.

Ingenico and Merchant Link Partner on Point-to-Point Encryption and Tokenisation Solution

Ingenico and Merchant Link announce a joint solution to offer Merchant Link's TransactionVault tokenisation technology with Ingenico On-Guard point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to merchants in the U.S. Ingenico On-Guard with TransactionVault is a comprehensive data security solution is primarily geared toward integrated multi-lane merchants.

The Ingenico On-Guard with TransactionVault solution helps merchants reduce their business risks and liabilities associated with potential data breaches by eliminating the transmission and storage of plain-text cardholder data from the merchant's environment, rendering card data unreadable and unusable to cyber criminals. This comprehensive payment processing and hosted tokenisation solution will help merchants reduce their PCI DSS compliance footprint.

Motorola XOOM First Device to run on Google's New Android 3.0 OS

Motorola Mobility, Inc. announced it won the "Best of CES" award for its Motorola XOOM - the first device on Google's new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system designed from the ground up for tablets. In addition to "Best of CES" award, Motorola received 2 other award honours - "Best Smartphone" for the Motorola ATRIX and "Best Tablet" for the Motorola XOOM.

The stylish and slim Motorola XOOM tablet device offers a best-in-class dual core processor and includes Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), powerful Google software developed specifically for tablet computers. Motorola XOOM features Google's new services for music, books, apps and video, and supports Adobe Flash Player, all on a 10.1-inch widescreen display.

Trub AG Expands its Range of EMV Smartcard Solutions with CombOSO CPA

Trub AG is expanding its portfolio of EMV smartcard solutions with CombOSO CPA. This new competitive product complies with the SEPA specifications, and is particularly interesting for private label cards.

The CombOSO portfolio of operating systems developed by Trub for EMV-compliant smartcard solutions is being expanded with CombOSO CPA (Common Payment Application). CombOS CPA implements the latest EMV CCD and CPA specifications for payment applications in compliance with SEPA. It is especially destined for private label card operations, but can also be used for ATM, debit or credit cards with either the MasterCard or Visa payment solutions.

CombOS CPA supports e-banking authentication and prepaid or loyalty applications. The newest addition to the CombOS portfolio is the first on the highly acclaimed SLE78 chip programme from Infineon using "Integrity Guard" for extremely high security standards.

A cost-effective card production is made possible by the compact chip design with enough personalisation memory for future developments. Furthermore, the new CombOSO CPA chip can be personalised very efficiently using EMV CPS.

Six Card Solutions, leading issuer of debit cards in Switzerland, will be deploying CombOSO CPA for Maestro and V Pay cards starting from 2012.

Contactless Credentials Shipments to Reach 2.5 Billion in 2015

IMS Research's new report "RFID - Smart & Secure Contactless Applications - World 2011" stated that by 2015, there will be shipment of 2.5 billion high frequency contactless credentials in the world.

According to report analyst, Don Tait, "The three leading application sectors for contactless credentials are Government ID, Transportation/Mass Transit and Payment & Banking. In 2010, they accounted for around 85% of all high frequency contactless credential shipments".

The new report predicts increasing demand of contactless credentials for transportation in countries like India, China and Indonesia. In 2010, national ID card schemes were implemented in Germany, Turkey, Brazil and India, due to which there will be maximum shipment of contactless credentials in these regions.

In 2015, the payment and banking sector is believed to migrate towards EMV and contactless deployments, accounting for nearly one third of all contactless credential shipments.

The smart-card sector is projected to account for most high frequency contactless credential shipments in the next 5 years, with 1.6 billion units shipped in 2015 (67.4% of the total amount to be shipped).

Piracy Websites Attracts 53 Billion Visits a Year

A study by anti-fraud firm MarkMonitor has monitored illegal traffic levels on 43 file-sharing websites and found they generated more than 53 billion visits per year. The top 3 sites -, and alone generated more than 21 billion visits last year.

The study only used a small sample of sites suggesting that the problem could be in fact much bigger. The US Chamber of Commerce will use MarkMonitor study to identify trends and rogue sites on the internet.

According to Mark Mulligan, an analyst at research firm Forrester, commercial file-sharing sites, with other non-network based methods help in sharing pirated music and films as peer-to-peer technologies.

One of the sites highlighted by the study, RapidShare, has come under scrutiny from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) which blames the Swiss-based file-hosting firm for carrying huge amounts of pirated content.

India Latest to use Zynga's New Payment Options

Leading social gaming website Zynga, the developer of games like Mafia wars and Farmville will offer new payment options like prepaid game cards, internet banking and mobile payments through premium SMSs to Indian gamers by the first half of 2011. According to the website Financial Chronicle, Zynga has around 270 million monthly users and around 3-5% pay to progress in their games. Currently, Indians use Zong and PayMo to pay for Zynga games.

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