Tuesday, 08 February 2011

General Patent Subsidiary, Leighton Technologies, Settles Patent Suit with CPI Card Group-Colorado

General Patent Corporation (GPC) announced yesterday on behalf of its subsidiary, Leighton Technologies LLC (Leighton), that it settled a patent lawsuit with CPI Card Group-Colorado, Inc. (CPI) of Littleton, Colo., which has licensed the Leighton portfolio of "Contactless Card" patents.

General Patent Corporation had contacted CPI claiming infringement of the Leighton patent portfolio. CPI filed an action for declaratory judgment (10 CV-02583) in U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. General Patent filed a counter-claim for patent infringement. CPI agreed to settle the patent litigation and take a license under the Leighton patents.

"General Patent is not going to be intimidated by a declaratory judgment suit and we are going to mount a vigorous defence and counterattack," said Paul J. Lerner, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at General Patent Corporation. "We are pleased that CPI, after reviewing our counter claim for patent infringement, decided to settle the litigation and license the Leighton patents."

CPI Card Group-Colorado, Inc. is the fifth licensee of Leighton's portfolio of "Contactless Card" patents. The portfolio was previously licensed by Gemalto, Inc., HID Global Corporation, Oberthur Technologies Group and Allsafe Technologies, Inc.

HID Global Drives Expansion in RFID Industry and Logistics Business

HID Global announced it has appointed Jason Walden to drive the company's Identification Solutions (IDS) RFID Industry and Logistics business in the UK, Ireland, Benelux and Scandinavia. Walden will be responsible for extending HID's leadership in RFID tagging into the rapidly growing market for solutions that support asset-tracking, process automation, medical processes and identification of returnable transport items.

"Jason Walden's background and expertise in RFID is an exciting addition to the HID team," said Marie-Francoise Glotz, vice president of Industry and Logistics with HID Global. "We continue to make significant investments in the business and Jason's appointment is another important step in expanding our position in the RFID tagging market."

Walden brings nearly 15 years of experience to HID's RFID Industry and Logistics business, including extensive knowledge in supply chain management, data collection systems and solutions that identify, track, and manage the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency.

TSYS and CASSIS International Enter into Mobile NFC Partnership

TSYS announced that it has entered into a partnership with CASSIS International to provide secure mobile payment, loyalty and commerce functionality. CASSIS is a mobile trusted service manager (TSM) for banks, retailers, transit operators and mobile service providers, and is globally certified by Visa and MasterCard.

"Consumers will soon be using their phones as their wallets, so delivering secure mobile payments, loyalty, rewards and coupons will be a 'must have' for our bank and merchant customers," said Troy Woods, president and chief operating officer, TSYS.

"We look forward to collaborating with TSYS to advance the value, convenience and integrated functionality of mobile NFC," said TH Tan, chairman of CASSIS International. "Together, we can help all parties along the payments value chain to bring mobile NFC to market, so that everyone stands to win - most of all consumers."

'PEAK' Label Security from G&D Confirms Product Authenticity

The new PEAK security label adds an extra dimension to the security feature developed by G&D to protect product brands and already successfully introduced in the pharmaceutical industry. PEAK stands for Printed and Embossed Anti-Copy Key and is embossed onto the packaging, e.g. of medical products, using special tools during the manufacturing process. PEAK Label is different in that it can be affixed as a self-adhesive label to packaging and products like a seal. As a result, the security label not only enables the authenticity of the product to be verified, but also serves as protection against opening and tampering.

G&D has developed PEAK Label especially for products where the PEAK security feature cannot be integrated directly into production of the folded box packaging. Supplied on a roll the labels are countable and can also bear an individual identification marking, the customer can ensure controlled handling of the protection technology to provide a secure supply chain. This means, for example, that the quantity of original packs put into circulation can be tracked with absolute precision and unauthorised overproduction by suppliers prevented.

The highly secure labels cannot be removed and stuck down again tracelessly, which provides protection against opening. This ensures that the product concerned is authentic and that the packaging has not been previously opened or the contents swapped.

PEAK technology is based on an intelligent combination of printing and embossing. The design of the packaging includes an optically variable embossed pattern which confirms the authenticity of the product to the consumer. The new labels, which are manufactured in a highly secure production environment controlled by G&D, likewise incorporate the proven PEAK technology. Their manufacture does not require any high-cost dye pigments or holographic foils.

Voice Commerce Appoints Lindsay Harben to Launch Issuing Division

Voice Commerce today announced that it has appointed Lindsay Harben to head up and launch its issuing division. Lindsay joins the group following a six year career in the Payments Industry and her appointment follows the recent announcement that Voice Commerce Group has become a full member of The Payments Council.

Prior to joining Voice Commerce, Lindsay worked as an independent consultant to issuing Banks and programme managers within the cards and payments space.

Nick Ogden, CEO of Voice Commerce Group, said: "2010 was a strong year for Voice Commerce and the appointment of Lindsay Harben underlines our strategic plans for growth in 2011. Lindsay's extensive experience in the payments industry will serve us well as we look to further penetrate the market with new and innovative offerings surrounding mobile and e-money."

Credit Agricole Selects Gemalto for its Mobile Contactless Payment Program in Nice, Paris

Credit Agricole selects Gemalto to support the bank in deploying NFC mobile payment solutions in Nice. As part of the "Nice, Ville NFC" initiative, Credit Agricole Provence Cote d'Azur offers its customers a new trendy and convenient payment means, using an NFC approved mobile phone.

Since January 2011, customers of Credit Agricole Provence Cote d'Azur have been able to subscribe to the NFC payment method at their local branch, enabling them to perform transactions at stores in the Nice Cote d'Azur urban community in a fast and intuitive way.

Gemalto supplies the Trusted Service Management operated services allowing for the secure deployment and management of mobile contactless payment, regardless of the mobile network. Its experience in the personalisation of banking cards and the remote deployment of services is facilitating convergence between the mobile and banking worlds.

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