Thursday, 15 December 2011

STMicroelectronics Produces World's First Wafer Employing Fully Contactless Testing

STM Wafer

STMicroelectronics announced the successful production of the world's first semiconductor wafer whose dice were fully tested without contact probes. ST's innovative advance in testing technology enables a wafer containing chips such as RFID ICs to be tested using electromagnetic waves as the sole link to the array of circuits on the wafer. Higher yields, shorter testing times and lower product cost are among the potential benefits of this approach. In addition, contactless testing allows RF circuits to be tested under conditions that are close to the real application conditions.

ElectroMagnetic Wafer Sort (EMWS) is an evolution of Electrical Wafer Sort (EWS), the last stage of wafer fabrication before assembly and test of the final packaged products. At this stage in the manufacturing cycle, the processed wafer contains an array of identical circuits called die. A probe card connected to Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) is moved over each of the die and, in turn, the microscopic probes make contact with test pads on the die. The ATE then performs its tests to confirm that the die is fully functional, allowing any non-functional die to be discarded before the die are assembled and packaged.

Lookout Unveils 2012 Mobile Threat Predictions

Lookout Mobile Security has unveiled its 2012 Mobile Malware Predictions, based on data collected from its Mobile Threat Network, which includes more than one million apps and 15 million user devices worldwide. Mobile threats are on the rise - Lookout estimates that mobile threats successfully stole more than one million dollars from Android users in 2011. In 2012, Lookout predicts that the criminal business of malware will be more profitable than ever before as the possibility of monetising mobile devices grows and the cost of infecting devices lessens.

For the in-depth predictions, data and accompanying graphics go to:

Extended Qualification of Collis GlobalPlatform Test Tool

Collis is pleased to announce that GlobalPlatform has qualified another one of Collis' test tools. The qualified status was achieved for extending the existing GlobalPlatform qualified test tool with a new test suite. This test suite validates the card compliance of the new GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration, after successful completion of the GlobalPlatform TestFest process.

The 'Collis GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration Compliance Test Suite' can be used to test whether a smart card aligns with the GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration for the banking sector. Test labs can use the Test Suite to offer GlobalPlatform certification services to companies that provide smart cards to the banking sector. This tool can be used by other parties as a pre-certification tool. They can test a product's adherence to GlobalPlatform's Specifications prior to the official certification process. GlobalPlatform will list the card as 'qualified', once it successfully passes tests performed by the Collis GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration Compliance Test Suite in an approved GlobalPlatform laboratory.

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform, added: "We are delighted that Collis has shared its expertise and participated in the compliance program certification process. We believe this important work will lay the foundation in realising long-term interoperability within the smart card market."

WISeKey and Bancorp's Joint Venture to Change the Way the World Pays

WISeKey and The Bancorp, Inc. have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture to deploy and secure financial services internationally via the WISeID platform. Bancorp and WISeKey reached an agreement that would result in the integration of WISeKey's Digital Identity Management platform into Bancorp's technology infrastructure. This will grant Bancorp customers - both individuals and organisations - trusted identities, enabling them to complete online transactions with confidence, trust the identities of others, and the identities of the infrastructure on which the transactions run. Certain procedural steps regarding the formation of the joint venture remain subject to finalisation among the parties.

The parties shall deploy combined WISeID Bancorp applications and solutions in the USA, EU, and China.

Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey said, "Together with the International Organization for the Security of Global Transactions (OISTE) Foundation, we are very happy to cooperate with Bancorp to create the trusted infrastructure required to provide millions of people with an interoperable 'environment' for identification, authentication, and authorization during the course of online transactions. This cooperation goes in line with WISeKey's commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative ( to provide one billion digital identities with prepaid capabilities by 2015."

PayByPhone Adds NFC to Mobile Payments for San Francisco's


PayByPhone announces one of the largest deployments of NFC payment solutions in the world. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which selected the PayByPhone mobile payment system for parking, is currently adding NFC-enabled stickers to the city's 30,800 parking spaces to give drivers the option to pay for parking with NFC-enabled mobile phones in addition to mobile apps and mobile web for regular phones. All parking meters continue to accept payment with coins.

The PayByPhone system, already deployed in the Castro district will be extended citywide as installation of the stickers is completed. The PayByPhone NFC sticker has a passive electronic chip that does not require a battery and stores information such as the parking space number that can be read wirelessly by any NFC-enabled phone.

"This is one of the largest deployments of NFC technology in the United States and shows the practical benefits this technology can deliver in terms of ease of use and convenience. There has been a lot of hype around NFC recently and PayByPhone is pleased to now put the technology in the field for real world applications," said Neil Podmore, VP of Business Development at PayByPhone. "We expect this to help kick start the more widespread adoption and understanding of the practical benefits of NFC in 2012."

C&K Develops Harsh Environment Smartcard Connectors with Card Detection Switch for M2M Applications

C&K Components have designed a rugged smart card connector with a built-in card detection switch for machine-to-machine applications. Designated the CCM03 Series and CCM04 Series respectively, the harsh environment connectors meet IEC 512 certification and are resistant to shock, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures. The CCM03 and CCM04 Series Smart Card Connectors are ideal for asset tracking, automotive e-call and tracking, signage, metering, vending machine, security and remote monitoring applications.

The smart card connectors deliver an advanced contact system that optimizes electrical performance, flexibility and reliability, while minimizing the electrical contact resistance and overall cost. The CCM03 and CCM04 Series smart card connectors feature six or 8 contacts and a mechanical life of 10,000 to 50,000 cycles, depending on the type.

"Machine-to-machine devices are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, vibration, dust, moisture and other contaminants. The CCM03 and CCM04 Series offer the ruggedness and reliability required for such applications while offering high density contact and maximizing performance," said Jean-Michel Bourin, business development manager at C&K Components.

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