Friday, 12 August 2011

South Korean Government Identifies Travellers using Cross Match Technology

Cross Match Technologies, Inc. has been selected by the South Korean Ministry of Justice to support its Foreigners' Fingerprint Verification System.

The Ministry will register foreign travellers in 30 immigration offices throughout South Korea using the Cross Match Patrol, an FBI Appendix F-certified biometric capture device, which delivers the highest quality ID flats and ten-print images. By doing so, it will build a high quality database against which it can compare and verify the biometric data of those entering and travelling within the country.

Operators can quickly capture quality fingerprints with minimal interaction, making it quick and easy to enrol biometric data into South Korea's traveller identification program. "Cross Match is proud to partner with Digent on this endeavour, which is an integral part of our global immigration support strategy," states Hugues Gervais, Regional Director, Asia & Pacific at Cross Match.

Digent's Fingerprint Authentication Server software, allows for rapid matching and verification of captured fingerprints. "Cross Match Patrol systems with Digent Matching software provide biometric verification within seconds," says Tae Whun Kim, Marketing Director at Digent. "The Cross Match-Digent solution can verify more than 500,000 fingerprints per second, which will aid the Ministry of Justice in fingerprinting approximately nine million foreign travellers to South Korea annually."

Printed Batteries to Reach $370 Million by 2016

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has just released a new report "Printed Battery Markets - 2011". The reports considers the printed batteries business as a niche market that will create reasonable revenues in the coming years but fraught with risk and a business unlikely to support more than a few companies. The firm sees the market for printed batteries to be worth approximately $370 million in revenues in 2016 with smartcards the dominant application for most of the period forecast in the report with RFID, disposable electronics and sensor applications providing the bulk of the remaining revenues.

The report projects both the volumes and the value of printed batteries used in powered smart cards, RFID, smart packaging, electronic shelf labels, cosmetic and pharmaceutical patches, smart bandages, military and civilian sensors, and disposable electronics.

In addition the report identifies both immediate and longer-term opportunities for printed batteries including how they may work with energy harvesting devices. In addition, it analyzes the product/marketing strategies that employed by leading printed batteries manufacturers and related companies.

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Lieberman Software Calls for Companies to go Wired-only

As a new wireless network sniffing app for Android - reportedly with attack, man-in-the-middle and remote trojan facilities - is about to be released, Lieberman Software is warning companies that wireless connections should no longer be considered the best option for network deployments.

According to Philip Lieberman, President and Chief Executive Officer, the development of dark apps such as the Android Network Toolkit means that anyone armed with an Android smartphone or tablet computer can now become a wireless network hacker.

"The release of Android Network Toolkit, however, pushes things to an entirely new level, since it means that hacker script kiddies and newbies can play with IT resources that are accessible wirelessly. Words like 'irresponsible' and 'short-sighted' spring to mind here, but the bad news for corporate IT managers is that these discussions are now irrelevant, as the genie is now truly out of the bottle," he added.

Yes, there is an argument that VPN authentication and encryption can secure a wireless connection, but the big question that IT managers must now ask themselves when deploying a network is whether wireless is truly the best solution for their organisation. Lieberman said: "The VPN for my Android phone (Motorola Global 2 and others of a similar variety) does not work reliably. There is also no wired connection for my device as well as others. So consequently, VPN and wired options do not exist for many consumer/commercial devices. Oh happy day for hackers!"

"All it takes is one wireless configuration error, and Android-equipped hackers can gain access to the corporate network - and then all hell can break loose. IT managers now need to think seriously about ditching their wireless networks and going over to the security benefits that only a hard-wired company network environment can offer," he added.

Novacroft Migrates North Yorkshire's ENCTS Administration to County Level

Novacroft has managed a successful migration of English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) administration from North Yorkshire Concessionary Fares Partnership (NYCFP) to North Yorkshire County Council.

NYCFP comprised 8 individual councils - Harrogate Borough Council, Selby District Council, Hambleton District Council, Ryedale District Council, Scarborough Borough Council, Craven District Council and Richmondshire District Council and City of York Council.

However, with the recent government mandate to transfer concessionary travel responsibility to county councils, NYCFP was required to transfer scheme administration to North Yorkshire County Council. Novacroft has worked on North Yorkshire's ENCTS project since its launch in April 2008, and has completed a number of scheme changes alongside the migration. One such change is an improved 2-part disabled application validation process, which improves efficiency of application processing, and therefore enhances the levels of customer service provided to the end user.

Further improvements include a new suite of reports, and a change to ENCTS card artwork to reflect the new county-level administration.

Novacroft supported North Yorkshire through these mandated changes through PRINCE2 project management practices, attention to detail and through a close relationship between the stakeholders and Novacroft's dedicated account manager, who ensured that the transition ran smoothly.

Jan Davidson, Transport Concessions Manager for North Yorkshire County Council, said: "I am delighted with the successful path that the ENCTS migration from district to county level has taken. The transition went smoothly, and I look forward to continuing the great working relationship with Novacroft."

MasterCard Names Debra Janssen MD Director, Access Prepaid Worldwide

MasterCard Worldwide has announced that Debra Janssen has been appointed managing director of MasterCard's Access Prepaid Worldwide subsidiary, effective immediately.

As managing director, Janssen will oversee operations and continue to advance the Access Prepaid Worldwide business, which is focused on the management and delivery of consumer and corporate prepaid travel cards to business partners around the world, including financial institutions, retailers, travel agents and foreign exchange bureaus. She will add this position's roles and responsibilities to her current purview as group executive, Integrated Processing Solutions (IPS) at MasterCard. Janssen replaces Mark Horgan, who is leaving Access Prepaid Worldwide to join UK-based retailer Sainsbury.

Prior to joining MasterCard in 2009, Janssen served as executive vice president of EFT Processing Services for Fidelity Information Services, a global payments processor.

"We are extremely excited to have Debra expand her current role and take on the mantle of leadership within the Access Prepaid Worldwide team. Debra brings to the group an impressive background and experience within the prepaid market, and has had extensive involvement with the Access team through her leadership of IPS," said Timothy Murphy, chief product officer, Core Products, MasterCard Worldwide.

In April, MasterCard completed the acquisition of the prepaid Card Program Management (CPM) operations of Travelex, and rebranded it Access Prepaid Worldwide.

A Billion Payment and Banking Cards to be Shipped in China by 2016

IMS Research has forecast that the number of payment and banking smart cards shipped in China will reach over one billion by 2016.

According to report analyst, Don Tait, "The People's Bank of China announcement in March 2011, to convert China debit and credit payment cards to smart cards, is key to driving growth. All financial institutions in China must be ready to issue financial smart cards by 1st January 2013. By 2015, all new cards in issuance will be smart cards. This announcement will have a great impact on global smart card shipments from 2013 to 2016."

"In China there is a much higher proportion of the population with bank accounts in cities than in rural areas. IMS Research has forecast that this urban market will grow quickly. The attitude (particularly of the young) is that it is very easy to open a new account when required. In some aspects, accounts (and cards) are almost seen as commodity or disposable items. Having many bank accounts could be considered particular to China. It is also worth noting that some of these bank accounts are dormant. " Tait continues, "It is also believed that where contactless payment and banking cards are used, they will be dual-interface cards."

"The growth of payment and banking cards in China is projected to happen over a much shorter timeframe than in many developed Western countries. This reflects the fact that change is mandated. Having the support of the government will also drive this initiative to mass rollout and acceptance. The projected growth of payment and banking smart cards is especially notable considering there were only 17.0 million cards shipped in 2010."

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