Tuesday, 09 August 2011

92,000 Customers Details Stolen from Citi Cards Japan

Citi Cards Japan (CCJ) has confirmed that the personal information of 92,408 customers has been stolen and sold to a third party illegally.

The information that has been compromised includes account numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, gender and the date the account was opened, and only affects CCJ cardholders.

Card security information, including Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and Card Security Code (CVVs) have not been compromised.

CCJ immediately reported the inappropriate sale to the relevant authorities and the police, and has been cooperating fully with the investigation. So far no reports of fraudulent transactions have occurred.

TagStar Launches UHF Inlay with Three-Dimensional Readability

TagStar Systems today announced its new "Quadro" UHF (ultra high frequency) RFID inlay, which offers three-dimensional readability for industrial and logistics applications.

Many RFID transponders only function reliably along one (height from surface) dimension. TagStar's new "Quadro" design provides full three-dimensional readability, which offers greater flexibility for logistics and industrial applications where materials may be placed or stacked at differing heights or depths. TagStar's unique and patent-pending technology combines the benefits of long-range readability with support for all UHF chips and their specific features, making it compatible with the multiple different frequencies and standards used in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

In the past, the expansion of inlay readability along additional dimensions could only be achieved by using multiple antenna and chip configurations. TagStar's new Quadro inlay overcomes this limitation and allows the use of any chip with a single radio frequency configuration. It also enables readers to reduce their UHF emissions by up to 50%, making it easier and less costly to meet FCC regulatory requirements. The Quadro inlay further offers high resistance against detuning due to its large bandwidth but still allows excellent far-field performance due to its lower power consumption.

Level Four Software supports ATM updates mandated by American Disability Act

Level Four Software today confirms that by January 2012, its BRIDGE:test product will enable financial institutions and ATM deployers, to conduct fully automated end to end testing of new voice guidance functionality at the ATM. This critical step will help banks to ensure their ATM network meets new legal requirements from the American Disability Act (ADA) which come into force in March 2012.

After conducting extensive research and development immediately following the government ruling, Level Four is now creating the required updates to its Regression Test Manager product in BRIDGE:test. The solution will be demonstrable to external customers from August 15th 2011 via Webex and those interested in finding out more should contact the company.

Last month the U.S. Department of Justice issued a final ruling on new accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This ruling imposes new standards around ATM accessibility. It includes requirements on voice guidance, height and reach, layout and touch of keypad, screen visibility and Braille instructions.

All ATMs in the United States must become speech-enabled by March 15th 2012 in order to provide visually-impaired individuals with access to all services offered at the ATM.

Ian Kerr, CEO of Level Four, said: "The ADA ruling is a significant challenge for ATM deployers. To meet this deadline, updates to ATM terminals and software will be required. Especially in the case of voice guidance, these updates will need extensive testing so that errors and glitches between screen flows and voice commands do not occur. Left untested, such errors are not only costly to repair but can leave the bank open to non-conformity issues with the standards and also cause reputation damage when a customer encounters an ATM that is unusable."

New Austrian Rail Provider Selects VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise

VeriFone Systems, Inc. announce its PAYware Mobile Enterprise and managed services solution has been selected by WESTbahn Management GmbH for use as a mobile ticketing validation and payment service when its innovative rail service begins this December.

WESTbahn is a private rail service that will operate on the Vienna-Salzburg line, offering passengers hourly on-time service in new double-decker trains. All on-board customer service representatives will be equipped with PAYware Mobile Enterprise, which transforms a wireless PDA into a secure payment solution and incorporates a 2D bar code scanner that will be used by WESTbahn conductors to scan and validate tickets.

"VeriFone's mobile payment solution provides us with another important modernization tool in our efforts to innovate Austrian train service," said Stefan Wehinger, CEO, founder and co-owner of WESTbahn. "We'll be able to provide speedy and convenient on-board ticketing and without the convenience fees that travellers are accustomed to."

Introduced in January, PAYware Mobile Enterprise features built-in NFC, EMV smartcard and PIN entry capabilities.

Aware Awarded TSA Contract

Aware, Inc. announces that it has won a competitive contract to provide the Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with a "COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) Fingerprints System" and associated installation support, training, and maintenance. The solution will utilize Aware's Biometric Services Platform (BioSP), a COTS, service-oriented biometric application server, to submit standard-compliant "EFTS" fingerprint records to the FBI for employee background checks, and provide a user interface to view results and generate reports.

BioSP will perform various required workflows and functions associated with the background check process, including acceptance of records in EFTS format from TSA-approved collection agents, validation of the compliance of records being submitted, receipt and proper distribution of FBI responses, and temporary storage of records during the background check process. BioSP includes a browser-based user interface, which will be used by authorized personnel to view background check results, generate reports, and other administrative tasks.

"BioSP is well suited for this project not only because it is truly a COTS product but also because of its rich user interface, easy-to-configure workflows, and advanced fingerprint processing capabilities," said Rob Mungovan, Vice President at Aware. "We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with TSA and to have the opportunity to deploy BioSP at another U.S. federal government agency."

GoldKey Unveils Vital Security Features for Active Directory

GoldKey Security Corporation has announced the release of its smart card minidriver with support for Microsoft Crypto APIs (CAPI) for easy integration with PKI applications. With the new minidriver, users may effectively deploy two-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory without the need for additional software or middleware.

In contrast to password-only authentication, GoldKey's smart card solution provides a far more robust security model by requiring users to authenticate with two factors, something they have (a USB Security Token) and something they know (the user's PIN). In light of recent security breaches surrounding the use of OTP (One-Time-Password) tokens, this represents a solid alternative for securely authenticating Active Directory users.

The USB Smart Card Token eliminates the need for an external smart card reader and is ideally suited for log-in authentication and document signing, and does not require an internal battery for power and features a rugged, water-tight design - making it one of the most durable smart card tokens on the market.

In addition to supporting Microsoft Crypto APIs (CAPI), GoldKey's minidriver also supports the next generation Cryptography APIs (CNG) for advanced security such as elliptical curve cryptography (ECC).

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