Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Canadian First: Sunova Credit Union Instantly Issuing EMV Debit Cards

Everlink, a provider of Integrated Payment Solutions and Services in the Canadian marketplace, is pleased to announce that Sunova Credit Union is leveraging the Everlink Instant Card Issuance system to produce fully personalised EMV Chip debit cards in their branches.

Everlink is the first financial services company in Canada to not only offer an EMV Instant Card Issuance system but to actually produce a fully personalised Chip debit card in a branch that has been certified by both Interac and MasterCard. With the first implementation completed successfully, Everlink can offer financial institutions the ability to provide highly customised cards, with a more personal touch, to the cardholders. The Everlink solution provides a number of additional security features including the ability to print the cardholder's picture onto the back of the card and of course allows the cardholder to select their PIN as soon as their card is produced.

The system will allow financial institutions to offer multiple card images for cardholders to choose from in addition to the full personalisation of the Chip and printing of the cardholder data as defined by the financial institution (e.g. card number, cardholder name, valid date and expiry date). The best feature of the product is that it can all be done in less than 2 minutes, on location, in a branch.

The Everlink Instant Card Issuance system, powered by SmartSoft technology, provides clients with the means to issue debit, credit or prepaid cards (both MAG Stripe or Chip) as well as PayWave and PayPass contactless cards. Everlink will add Interac Flash contactless functionality within the next few months.

"Everlink is the first in Canada to deploy this innovative solution and issue cards in this way," said Mark Ripplinger, President of Everlink. "We are very proud of this accomplishment, and what it means for our clients. The ability to produce or issue your own EMV Chip cards on demand in a branch location is very significant in the fast-paced payments industry."

American Express and Payfone Announce Strategic Alliance to Power Global Mobile Checkout

American Express and Payfone, a mobile payment processing service announce a strategic alliance to create and power a new global mobile checkout service. As part of the agreement, Payfone will combine its advanced mobile authorisation and payment services with American Express' recently launched digital payments platform, Serve.

Working together, Serve and Payfone will provide consumers with the ability to make purchases from online merchants using their mobile phone number at checkout. Consumers will be able to link their mobile numbers to a variety of payment methods including their pre-or-postpaid mobile operator account, as well as via a customer's Serve account.

"The alliance is an important next step for the international roll out of Serve. We look forward to working with Payfone as we evolve the Serve platform to provide the most advanced payment solutions for buyers and sellers, while setting new standards in security, simplicity and reliability," said Dan Schulman, Group President, Enterprise Growth, American Express.

Payfone is unique in leveraging the existing assets of mobile operators, such as the global SS7 signalling network for directly connected payment authorisation and processing. This approach distinguishes Payfone from other competitors.

Payfone's unique IP focuses on driving merchant's sales conversion and revenue yield while managing fraud using new factors of authentication that are inherent in the mobile operator networks. For consumers, it means greater choice in payment methods and the most frictionless user experience, across any device.

Prepaid 2011


Wells Fargo to Pilot EMV Chip Technology for Int'l Travellers

Wells Fargo is piloting the Visa Smart Card, which includes the traditional magnetic stripe along with EMV chip technology, helping increase card acceptance worldwide. The pilot is the industry's first chip program by a national bank and includes 15,000 Wells Fargo consumer credit card customers who travel internationally.

EMV is the global industry standard for chip payment technology. EMV chip-based payment cards contain an embedded microprocessor, which is a type of small computer. The microprocessor chip contains the information needed to use the card for payment, and is protected by various security features. Customers do not see much difference when using an EMV chip.

"U.S. issuers and merchants rely primarily on magnetic stripe technology," said Eric Schindewolf, vice president of product development for Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card. "However, many parts of the world have adopted chip-enabled payment cards as a primary means of authentication, which has been problematic for customers who travel abroad and were unable to use their credit card. By combining traditional magnetic stripe along with the EMV chip technology, we hope our customers will have the convenience to use their credit card no matter where they are in the world."

Lockheed Martin Named Biometrics "Company of the Year" By Frost & Sullivan

Lockheed Martin has been named the North American Biometrics Operations and Integrations "Company of the Year" by Frost & Sullivan, recognising the Corporation's success in delivering innovative biometrics solutions that offer high levels of customer value.

"Lockheed Martin has a proud history of delivering biometric solutions that play an important role our customer's law enforcement and national security missions," said Linda Gooden, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions. "We are honoured to receive this prestigious award in recognition of that work as we continue shaping the future of the biometrics industry."

Frost & Sullivan based the award on a rigorous analysis of the biometrics marketplace, including factors such as customer value, industry leadership, growth and performance. The award was presented at the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award Banquet, April 12, 2011, in Marco Island, Fla.

Frost & Sullivan highlighted Lockheed Martin's role as the lead industry partner for several major government biometrics initiatives, including the FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI) program, which is expanding and enhancing the Bureau's current identification capabilities. Lockheed Martin was also recognised for its role in developing RapI.D, a new DNA analysis system that leverages the latest in microfluidic research and development to accelerate the DNA identification process.

Smartag Supplies NFC Smart Poster Tags for Google Places Service

ACiG Technology, a supplier and distributor of RFID products and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc. announced that is has been selected as the exclusive supplier of near field communication (NFC) RFID stickers for the roll out of Google's marketing campaign for Google Places in Austin, Texas. The NFC stickers are manufactured by ACiG's sister company, Smartag.

Google is currently distributing the 80x50mm stickers to local business owners throughout Austin to help them promote their products and services and encourage people to rate and review the businesses on Google's new local recommendation engine. The smart stickers are utilized to convert conventional advertising posters to connected smart posters. Consumers with NFC-enabled mobile phones who have downloaded the Google Places app can simply touch their devices to the stickers to access all kinds of relevant information about a local business from across the web - such as its address, phone number, hours of operation, payment types, helpful reviews and more. Consumers can rate or review the business right from the webpage on the mobile device, and then receive more personalized local recommendations in their search results based on their opinions and those of their friends.

"As a manufacturer and distributor of core RFID technology, we see many market trends develop from their earliest stages," said Roger Hornstra, President U.S., ACiG Technology. "Smart posters are expected to be a tremendous growth area in B to C marketing and we are excited to work with Google as it pioneers this exciting application of NFC technology."

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