Wednesday, 06 April 2011

Spain Has World's First 'Contactless' Bank Machines

Spain's biggest savings bank, La Caixa, has installed "contactless" automatic teller machines (ATMs) in 3 Spanish cities -Barcelona, Sitges and island of Mallorca, making it the world's first bank to have contactless ATMs across its branches. La Caixa aims to install more contactless ATMs across Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in the coming weeks.

To draw money from the ATMs, now onwards, you only need to wave your debit card next to the reader installed at the place and enter your PIN code to withdraw cash or check balance, etc. The "contactless" ATM technology was developed by Japan's biggest IT services firm, Fujitsu.

To date, La Caixa has about 8,000 automatic teller machines, making it the largest cash machine network in Spain and the second largest in Europe.

NXP Offers Latest UCODE I2C RFID Chip

NXP Semiconductors N.V introduced its new UCODE I2C chip, which features an integrated I2C interface and a large 3,328-bit user memory.

The UCODE I2C Chip includes Gen2 UHF to embedded systems, providing bidirectional communication between a wireless reader and a microprocessor via an I2C bus. Customers can use the chip to configure various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, music players and game systems and can customise the devices remotely even when the device is not in motion.

UCODE I2C can quickly identify the serial number and the error logs internal to the device without opening it, resulting in saving time and energy. The UCODE I2C chip features 3,328 bits of EEPROM memory size, two independent front-ends, each of which can be enabled or disabled independently, as well as an RF or I2C interface which can also be disabled independently.

NXP will display the UCODE I2C RFID Chip at this year's RFID Journal LIVE! To be held in Orlando, Florida.

HID Global Adds A New Member to its ActivIdentity Family

HID Global and ActivIdentity, a recently acquired HID Global company, announced the release of ActivEntry 2.4 - the solution that enables Federal Agencies to comply with OMB M 11-11's requirements to secure physical access to buildings with the PIV or Personal Identity Verification card. The Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standards and certifications are mandated by the US Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).

ActivEntry 2.4 includes a new service application programming interface (API) that allows Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) vendors to integrate enrolment capability directly to ActivEntry's Validation Service. ActivEntry 2.4 also expands PIV card support to include PIV-I (PIV-interoperable) and PIV-C (PIV-compatible) for cards issued by non-federal entities.

York City Council Printer Behind Data Breach Act

City of York Council has breached the Data Protection Act, by accidentally disclosing personal data to a third party due to a printer mix-up.

ICO first came to know about the breach only on 10 February 2011, when the council admitted the act. Information containing sensitive personal data was incorrectly sent out with other documentation to an unrelated third party after being mistakenly collected from a shared printer, before being copied and posted by an employee who failed to check whether the papers were relevant to their case or not.

While the ICO found that the council had robust policies and procedures in place covering the handling of personal data, the case highlighted a lack of quality control, personal ownership and management supervision within the council and amongst their staff.

Acting Head of ICO Enforcement department, Sally-anne Poole said: "This case highlights the need for employees to take responsibility and ownership of tasks that involve handling personal data. If the documents had not been left unattended by the printer and had been carefully checked before they were sent out then this situation could easily have been avoided".

Dutch Banks to Block Online Poker Payments

Following last month's news that the Dutch Government wants to control the online gaming and poker market, reports that Dutch banks could be asked to stop all financial transactions relating to playing poker games.

Online gambling is deemed illegal in The Netherlands and the junior justice minister Fred Teeven told the Dutch News that "the government hopes banks will begin blocking credit card transactions to and from these sites including online poker sites".

Although all banks will receive a "blacklist" from the Dutch banking association, following the payments blockage regulations are not mandatory.

The Dutch government believes online poker, casino, bingo and sports will fetch at least 10 million-Euros a year from 2015, once they start issuing internet gambling and lottery licenses.

Cyara Solutions and Nuance to Deploy Speech and Voice Biometrics Solutions

Cyara Solutions has entered into a deal with Nuance Communications to sell Nuance's Enterprise software products along with Cyara's own products. The aim is to deliver better voice self services for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The Australia-based Cyara provides an end-to-end solution for testing IVR applications based on speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS) and voice biometrics.

Peter Chidiac, managing director, Australia/New Zealand, Nuance Communications said: "We are pleased to enter into this partnership and welcome Cyara as one of the newest resellers of our solutions".

"The Nuance reseller agreement enables us to more effectively offer next generation simulation, testing and monitoring across speech, TTS and voice biometrics applications - ensuring the best possible deployment of automated customer care services," stated Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara Solutions.

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