Tuesday, 05 April 2011

USA Under Attack

Perhaps, the biggest case of data breach in the US history has occurred in the country's leading marketing firm Epsilon. Millions of active e-mail addresses of Epsilon customers have been stolen by an unknown hacker.

Epsilon handles customer communications for over 2,500 well-known companies, including JP Morgan, Citigroup, Best Buy, TiVo and Capital One to name a few. Annually, the Company sends out about 40 billion e-mails.

Epsilon has reported, "Clients' customer data were exposed by an unauthorised entry into Epsilon's e-mail system and the only information stolen was e-mail addresses and an associated customer name".

Currently, Epsilon is conducting a full-fledged investigation on the e-mail system's breach.

INSIDE Secure Offers New Security Module

INSIDE Secure has introduced VaultIC100. The latest security module will help producers of high-tech products reduce the cost of implementing robust security measures to protect their brands from counterfeiting and cloning.

According to Christian Fleutelot, general manager, VaultIC, secure microcontroller solutions business unit, at INSIDE Secure, "The VaultIC100 chip provides these manufacturers with a turnkey solution offering banking-level security to protect their brands at a price point attractive for high-volume markets".

VaultIC100 security module promises to offer highest level of cost-effective security to batteries, chargers, printer ink, toner cartridges and such other consumer electronics accessories.

The device features elliptic curve mutual authentication for added protection of the goods and services. INSIDE's VaultIC100 stands against cloning of various products, including computer and gaming console accessories, white goods, battery chargers, mp3 readers, Bluetooth earphones, smart energy meters, etc.

Vodafone to Sell SFR to Vivendi for GBP-7 Billion

The telecommunication giant Vodafone has planned to sell its 44% stake in the French mobile phone company SFR to Vivendi SA for GBP 7 Billion-pounds (7.95 billion-Euros). Vivendi SA is a Paris-based international multinational company with stakes in telecommunications, internet, music, television and film, publishing and video games. Vodafone is said to return 4 billion-pounds to its shareholders by buying back shares.

Vodafone's chief executive Vittorio Colao said in a statement, "The sale of our stake in SFR, at an attractive multiple, represents a significant further step in the execution of this strategy" - the Company's plan of selling assets in operations it no more controls. The UK-based Company's deal with Vivendi is said to be completed by June, this year.

Ingenico to Acquire Hypercom's U.S. Payment Systems Business

Ingenico has entered into an agreement with Hypercom Corporation to acquire its U.S. payment systems business. The deal will cost Ingenico US$54 million in cash. Many believe the transaction is a major step in Ingenico's plan to expand its activities in the U.S. payment solutions market, particularly in the banking sector.

Hypercom has a strong customer base in USA across different channels such as Bankcard, multi-lane retail and value-added services. The customers seem to be benefitted from Ingenico's innovative and robust Telium range of products, including contactless payments solutions.

The deal is expected to be finalised and completed in the second half of 2011.

UK's Cornwall Health Trust Breached Data Protection Act

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust breached the Data Protection Act by disclosing third-party personal data on two occasions, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said yesterday.

The first breach happened in July 2010 when an individual received a response to a subject access request for information the Trust held about them. Instead of sending the requester information solely about them, the Trust disclosed someone else's information. A similar disclosure occurred in December 2010 when the same requester received a second subject access response containing third party information.

Acting Head of Enforcement, Sally-anne Poole, said: "More and more people today want to find out exactly what information their GP or hospital holds about them, making subject access requests an increasingly popular tool. However, just because staff are busy with requests, this does not mean they can stop doing adequate checks before information is sent out. I am pleased that Royal Cornwall NHS Hospital Trust has agreed to take the necessary steps to make sure this sort of incident doesn't happen again."

Oberthur Technologies and Critical Path to Offer Mobile Phone Services

Oberthur Technologies and Critical Path, provider of messaging services, have entered into an agreement to provide a joint back-up and synchronisation platform for device and SIM data. The combined offer provides efficient management of a subscriber's personal data on either their SIM or their mobile devices.

Both the companies, henceforth, will provide an intuitive, comprehensive solution to synchronise, manage, save and restore personal data either directly from the customer mobile device or through a user-friendly web interface.

Customers can manage synchronisation automatically, periodically or manually since it allows device detection and recognition. Mobile operators will therefore secure customer satisfaction and loyalty by quickly storing and restoring their data and content.

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