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Wednesday 09 May 2001

Keyware Smart Card Solution for Belgian Football League

Keyware has signed a contract with the Belgian Football League as the exclusive ticketing software provider for the new Football Fan Card in a deal valued at approximately US $1 million. The league plans to introduce more than 300,000 of its new generation of personalised Smart Cards for the 2001 - 2002 football season.

The new cards, valid for three years, will be available through any first division club. They will be personalised for each individual fan and will be required for stadium entry on game days. Keyware, which worked with the league to introduce the first generation Football Fan Card three years ago, has also signed on as a co-sponsor of the new cards along with Jupiler. Both company logos will appear on the cards.

In the future, the fan cards can be used by stadium management throughout the league to better control the flow of crowds in and around the stadium. For those stadiums wanting to provide even greater security for the fans, the cards can also be configured to include biometric data such as a fingerprint. When used with special scanners at key access points throughout the stadium, the cards can offer stadium security a far greater degree of crowd management.

"Managing crowds at large sporting events has become a serious problem around the world," said Francis Declercq, president and CEO of Keyware. "The Football Fan Card uses the best available technology to ensure an increased level of security and safety of the fans. In addition, the software on the cards can also be modified later to provide tighter security using biometrics, for direct payment transactions at stadium concessions, and even for loyalty discounts at restaurants, hotels, and other retailers. Recently, Keyware also partnered with Bull Hungary to develop a Smart Card system for the Hungarian Football League."

Jean-Marie Philips, general director of the Belgian Football League said, "Our final aim is to protect people's safety and exclude registered troublemakers. We are currently reviewing the possibility of using this Football Fan Card as a physical access system and adding biometric verification of the identity of the cardholder on the most critical places in certain stadiums."

Contact: Elizabeth Marshall, Keyware
Tel: +1 781 933 1311, ext. 235


APS and Motorola Prepaid Electricity Initiative

American Payment Systems (APS), the leading authorised walk-in payment agent network in the US has announced an agreement with Motorola's Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector to utilise the APS agent network as a re-valuing option for the PowerCom revenue management solution, a prepayment system that uses Smart Cards and state-of-the-art metering equipment to enable electric utility residential customers to buy power as they need it.

Motorola's PowerCom solution includes meters that measure electricity usage up to the prepaid dollar amount. Customers can easily purchase electricity at APS AccuPay locations nationwide by adding value to their PowerCom Smart Cards at APS dealer agents. At home, customers insert their re-valued card into the PowerCom home display unit, which reads the card and add the new value to the amount available for consumption.

Contact: : Richard Tiani, Director Marketing and Business Development
American Payment Systems
Tel: +1 203 407 4188


SCM Microsystems Introduces Wireless E-25 Smart Card Reader

SCM Microsystems has shipped the E-25, the first personal multi-functional Smart Card reader aimed at broadening the use of Smart Cards. As previously announced, Dalmatinska Bank Zadar in Croatia will use more than 100,000 E-25 readers for their Secure Internet Banking implementation based on public key infrastructure (PKI).

The E-25 reader can be worn around the neck as a corporate badge or attached to a belt. It features a keypad for secure PIN code entry and an LCD to read data from the card. It also features a Radio Frequency transmitter to open doors, access courses for students or facilitate 'on the spot' payment in cafeterias or on public transport.

The E-25 can also be connected to a computer via USB or RS-232 serial ports for conventional Smart Card applications such as secure authentication to networks, Internet payment or e-couponing downloads and loyalty applications.

Mladen Filipan, executive vice-president of PC security at SCM Microsystems, said: "This one device will literally permit secure access to any service, from anywhere in the world. For instance, whether at home or when traveling, users can securely access bank accounts or sensitive corporate data on the Internet, by plugging the E-25 into the USB port of any PC. The E-25 reader is absolutely unique in the market."

Contact: Darby Dye, SCM Micosystems
Tel: +1 510 360 2302


Nomad and Hypercom Partner

Nomad Software and Hypercom Corporation are partnering to deliver end-to-end EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) PoS acquiring solutions to banks preparing to meet the EMV migration timescales for acquiring by 2002.

Under the partnership, Nomad will provide its payments processing software with Hypercom providing Smart Card capable payment terminals and networking equipment.

Contact: Ian Slater, Nomad Software
Tel: +44 (0)20 7292 2400
Fax: +44 (0)20 7734 3363


Incard Health Card for Regione Lombardia

Incard S.p.A. the Italian Smart Card manufacturer, Incard, has started to supply 320,000 PDC health cards to Regione Lombardia, the first Italian region adopting a Smart Card to simplify diagnostic procedure and to improve efficiency of the Italian health system.

In order to ensure interoperability, the card is compliant with Netlink standard, which is operating in Italy, France, Germany and Canada. Netlink project defines two types of cards; HPC (Health Professional Card) used to identify and certify the doctor to the health system, and PDC (Patient Data Card) used to contain cardholder data, emergency data (i.e. blood group) and administrative data and clinical data (hospital admission).

Contact: Mariarosaria Risi, Communication Manager, Incard
Tel:+39 823 630111

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