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Tuesday 06 March 2001

Keyware Security System for Euronext Building in Brussels

Keyware has revealed that it has equipped the Euronext building in Brussels with a new security access control system using advanced proximity cards. This system is linked to Keyware's Central Authentication Server (CAS) which enables companies to manage multiple biometric and non-biometric authentication techniques (PKI, proximity cards, Smart Cards, PINs, passwords, etc.) from one central server for physical access control applications as well as e-commerce, network, Smart Card and telecommunication applications.

All people working within the Euronext Brussels premises are now required to be registered and to have a proximity card in their possession. When entering and leaving the building they have to show the card with an integrated encryption system to a reader. The system than accepts registered users and rejects impostors.

Euronext is now able to easily add other authentication methods such as PKI, tokens or biometrics for physical access control as well as for network or information access. Euronext Brussels ( - born from the merger of the stock exchanges of Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris - is already evaluating the integration of biometrics for physical access control into the existing security infrastructure.

Contact: Elizabeth Marshall, Keyware
Tel: +1 781 933 1311, ext. 235
Web site:


RSA Security Introduces RSA SecurID Card Studio

RSA Security has announced RSA SecurID Card Studio, a cryptographic Smart Card personalisation system that enables a single card to be programmed for network access, digital credentials, physical building access and corporate ID.

The RSA SecurID Card Studio management system includes an electronic Smart Card personalisation system that automatically formats chips for RSA Keon PKI, generates key pairs, requests certificates from the RSA Keon Certificate Server, and creates a photo ID for Smart Cards. It also includes imaging software, camera and printer for designing and producing cards, and provides an integrated magnetic stripe reader and supports pre-programmed proximity access cards for use with physical building access readers.

Bill McQuaide, vice president of product marketing at RSA Security, said: "RSA SecurID Card Studio completes the RSA Single Sign-on Portfolio and combines multiple functions into a single Smart Card."

Contact: RSA Security
Tel: +1 877 RSA 4900
Web site:


Bull CP8 Announces Winners of the SIMagine Competition

Bull CP8 has announced the winners of the SIMagine competition organised by Bull CP8, Sun Microsystems, STMicroelectronics and Europay International to encourage innovative applications for tomorrow's mobile phones. The applications were developed in Java and integrated in SIM cards.

Companies/independent developers category: first prize, together with 25,000 euros, was awarded to Ofye, a start-up created in January 2000 and based in France, for its "Ofye" application which enables a mobile phone to process images via its SIM card.

Schools category: first prize and a cheque for 25,000 euros awarded to the University of the Balearic Islands for their application which gives users a complete directory on their mobile phone, for example of hotels and restaurants for a place being visited, a company directory, etc. while maintaining a replica on a PC. The directory can be deleted or renewed on request.

5000 euros prizes
Cegetel Prize awarded to the team from the Eurecom Institute based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, for their application enabling personalised advertisement messages to be added directly to the list of standard menus according to the subscriber's profile.

Optimus Prize awarded to Indonesian start-up INTI. With their application, should subscribers have a car accident, they press one of the keys on their phone to immediately send a message to their insurance company which can then set up everything to provide the necessary services: send a breakdown mechanic, another car, etc.

Swisscom Prize awarded to Turkish start-up Moya. With the "Mylist" application, the subscriber can filter all incoming calls or messages. This service can be used during a meeting, for example, to authorise calls from one designated person only, or to send a personalised wait message to one or more numbers.

Orange Prize awarded to Spanish start-up WhatEverNet for a multi-player interactive role-playing game application, offering simulated virtual worlds.

2000 euros prize
Innovation Prize awarded to Russian start-up Novasoft for a GSM home automation application. With this application, a subscriber can control, start or stop his or her video recorder, washing machine, heating, provided these devices are connected to the Internet.

M-commerce Prize awarded to the team from the University of Malaga for a secure ticketing application. With it, subscribers can use their mobile phone to purchase electronic tickets for transport, concerts, etc. in a secure manner, since the tickets integrate encryption algorithms. Once received, they are validated by the seller's mobile phone.

Java Prize awarded to Japanese start-up Nettime for an i.mode application. With this application, the subscriber can receive i.mode pages even without an i.mode phone.

B to B Prize awarded to Polish start-up Mobile IT for a mobile phone agenda application. This application enables users to have their own personal agenda in which they can add or delete meetings and appointments on their phone. A copy is also kept on their PC.

All teams retain the intellectual property of their applications.

In addition to the prizes, the winners all recently embarked on a week's journey to Asia/The Pacific, offered by Bull CP8.

Contact: Bull CP8
Web Site:


Schlumberger Smart Cards and OTA Technology for AT&T Wireless

Schlumberger has signed a memorandum of understanding with AT&T Wireless to provide SIM (Subscriber Identify Modules) Smart Cards and related OTA (over the air) technology to support AT&T Wireless' new GSM network platform.

AT&T Wireless recently announced that it will introduce wireless data services by overlaying a GSM/GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) platform to its existing nationwide TDMA (time division multiple access) digital network beginning this year.

Schlumberger is providing Simera Classic, part of its line of Cyberflex Simera SIM cards and also its Aremis service administration platform environment for activating/deactivating, configuring, tracking and billing of mobile value-added services on existing SIM cards. Aremis offers the capability of loading complete Java-based SIM toolkit applications over the air directly onto the SIM card.

Contact: Brittany Jedrzejewski, The Bernard Group
Tel: +1 512 327 2195, ext. 126
Web site:


Advertorial: How to Prevent Illegal Transactions on the Internet

A workshop to discuss the security issues surrounding Smart Cards and the Internet will include International industry experts.

Smart Card News will be hosting the Cryptographic Security Aspects of Smart Cards and the Internet workshop at the beautiful Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 23rd - 26th April 2001.

During the 4 day workshop delegates will meet with industry experts to discuss topics such as Bluetooth Security, PKI, Biometrics, the Rijndael Algorithm and demonstrations of how to collect sensitive information from the Internet. There will also be plenty of networking opportunities as an exciting social calendar has been arranged. Amsterdam is renowned for being an exciting city, easily accessed from all over Europe and an International hub for airline travellers. A conference dinner has been arranged at a Bedouin restaurant, there is an afternoon visit to a local security company, and a leisurely evening champagne cruise through the historic city of Amsterdam.

Delegates who register before the 20th March will each receive the second edition of W.Rankl and W.Effing's Smart Card Handbook published by Wiley, for FREE.

Who should attend? The workshop is targeted at management and staff with responsibilities for specifying and implementing information security systems, IT managers, system analysts, security specialists, security architects and IT consultants working in the field of Smart Card Internet security.

For a programme and booking information visit

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