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Thursday 18 January 2001

Healthcare Portal in Italy

IONA Technologies, the Enterprise Portal Company has announced that Lombardia Informatica has chosen the IONA iPortal Suite to build its new healthcare portal for the Lombardia region of Italy. The portal will be an exclusive point of access that connects citizens, medical practitioners and health administration employees to all of the healthcare organisation's existing databases and business processes. Citizens will have personalised Smart Card access to their personal information via the Internet, in a secure and scalable manner.

The healthcare portal is a pilot project for Italy, led by Lombardia, the largest region in Italy. Other Italian regions plan to follow this project and there are plans for the architecture to be extended to include areas such as education, agriculture and transport.

"Hundreds-of-thousands of people will initially have access to the healthcare portal, and it will soon be open to millions of Italian citizens," said Umberto Bussolati dell'Orto, President of Lombardia Informatica.

Contact: Benedicte Fillion. IONA
Tel: +353 1 637 2531
Web site:


Cylink PKI Certificate Authority for US Postal Service's NetPost.Certified

Cylink Corporation has deployed its NetAuthority public key infrastructure (PKI) solution as the certificate authority for the US Postal Service's NetPost.Certified, a new Internet-based service designed to secure and authenticate electronic correspondence between government agencies.

NetPost.Certified enables government agencies to obtain digital certificates - used to authenticate parties to e-business communications - provided online by Cylink's NetAuthority after users present proof of identity to the Postal Service. Users can then store the digital certificate and their private key on a NetPost.Certified Smart Card, which is then used to securely and privately send electronic files to government computers. Cylink's NetAuthority features a certificate authority, registration server, registration authority client and a toolkit that provides all the components to make applications and devices PKI-compatible.

Contact: Mike Hall, Cylink Corp.
Tel: +1 408 855 6390
Web site:
Sue Brennan, USPS
Tel: +1 202 268 6353
E-mail: sbrennan@usps.go


Elva and Atmel Develop Integrated Circuits for Smart Cards

Elva has designed two circuits for Atmel: AT88SC153 and AT88SC1608 that are secure and do not require microprocessors. These circuits are presently in mass production and are being utilised in applications such as: driver's licenses, campus, healthcare, energy meters, loyalty, e-purse, and to protect OEM parts in subassemblies.

VocaliD, Elva's "e"-Smart Card, is one of the major projects for the Elva/Atmel partnership program.

Contact: Serge Parienti, Elva Inc.
Tel: (925) 831-0504
Fax: (925) 855-8617
Web site: or


Aspects Software Secures Funding

Wireless SIM Smart Card solution specialists, Aspects Software Limited, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has completed a deal, spearheaded by Ernst & Young, which brings 12m of venture capital funding to the business.

Scottish Equity Partners is adding 0.75m to its existing 0.75m investment. As lead investors, 3i - Europe's leading venture capital company - is providing 5m, with Commerzbank AG investing 3m and SFK 99 Technology Fund, based in Helsinki, providing the balance of funding.

The finance will be used principally to drive new business activity to exploit the rapidly expanding mobile e-commerce and m-commerce sector through a new type of highly-secure SIM technology.

The key product development and marketing is being done under a new brand name - mobEcom Limited - which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aspects. mobEcom's new technology will, for the first time, transform the mobile phone into a highly secure mobile payment device capable of supporting key financial transaction types such as pre-pay, micropayment and m-commerce debit/credit payment.

Contact: Neil Stewart, Aspects Software/mobEcom
Tel: +44 (0)131 622 9500
Web site:

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