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Thursday 15 February 2001

Launch of Smart Cards with Two Payment Functions in Korea

MasterCard International and Kookmin Card Company in Korea have started issuing Smart Cards with two payment functions - Mondex electronic cash and M/Chip (MasterCard's credit/debit application for chip) functions.

The Kookmin Trade Pass cards will have credit, debit and Mondex e-cash functions, allowing cardholders to choose the payment program they wish for specific financial transactions. In addition, the cards have RF (Radio Frequency) capabilities to enable cardholders to use their cards throughout Korea's bus and train transportation network.

More than 1,500 merchants within Seoul have already signed up to accept the cards in their outlets, and Kookmin Trade Pass Card cardholders can also use the cards in other countries, with the credit function being made available initially.

The Kookmin Trade Pass cards will be operating on the MULTOS Smart Card platform, which enables numerous applications to be held on a single card simultaneously, separately and securely.

Contact: Veronika Clough, Mondex International
Tel: +44 (0)20 7557 5019
Georgette Tan, MasterCard International
Tel: +65 390 5971
Web site:


Leapfrog Contract with The National Safety Depot of Canada

Leapfrog Smart Products has signed a contract with the National Safety Depot (NSD) of Canada which it says guarantees Leapfrog $100,000, and the potential of $250,000 in its first year. Over three years, it will cumulatively be worth between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

The NSD, the safety training and certification provider to the Maritime Provinces in Canada, has contracted Leapfrog to implement eMEMBER, an application to track the certification status for each piece of equipment its customers' employees are certified to operate.

The Canadian government currently makes random appearances on job sites to perform spot checks of employees' certification statuses while on the job. Leapfrog's application will provide government officials with offline readers that check the certification status of an employee's Smart Card and verify their legal ability to operate the piece of machinery currently in use. The card also tracks employer, certification type, certification status, certification expiration date, annual continuing education status, certification course, course trainer and emergency medical information. In case of the latter, job foremen and managers will have readers to access the protected area in order to provide pertinent information to emergency service personnel.

The employee keeps the card until he changes employers when a new card is issued with current certifications and employment information.

The NSD will also become a reseller of the eMEMBER application to other associations similar to itself throughout Canada.

Contact: Kenneth Clinton, Leapfrog Smart Products, Inc
Tel: +1 407 838 0400
Web site:


PubliCARD Unveils New Smart Card Interface Chip

Infineer, a subsidiary of PubliCARD, has launched a new Smart Card interface chip, the TSB2750, which integrates a keyboard controller, a USB hub, and a fully certified Smart Card interface to offer computer keyboard and other electronics manufacturers significant cost savings and broad functionality.

It has also announced a substantial first order for the new product. PubliCARD says that Dallant Bank, in partnership with BTC Korea Co and KDE, is developing a USB keyboard implementing the TSB2750 solution. The contract involves a roll-out of 540,000 units for a country-wide Smart Card project.

Jan-Erik Rottinghuis, PubliCARD's President and CEO, commented, "We are pleased to introduce this innovative chip, which combines the features of three conventional chips into one, and positions Infineer as a cutting-edge supplier for the rapidly growing market for keyboards and other products with a Smart Card interface."

Gerard E. Manganti, Ruder Finn
Tel: +1 212 715 1637
Fax: +1 212 715 1660
Web site:


Schlumberger Acquires PCS Innovations

Schlumberger Test & Transactions has acquired PCS Innovations (PCSI), a provider of platforms, tools and services for the mobile Internet.

Stephane Legentil, vice president, wireless services, Schlumberger Network Solutions, said: "We will incorporate PCSI's strong research and development group into a North American technical centre focused on developing wireless applications and solutions. The resulting technology will give us an edge in the coming third-generation wireless data market."

PCSI's mobileMAGIC technology provides a secure messaging gateway that enables different mobile devices such as phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and pagers, to communicate using multiple applications, regardless of the protocol or standard. MobileMAGIC's public key infrastructure (PKI) security allows mobile operators, financial institutions and corporate enterprises to deploy secure messaging and transactional applications over wireless networks.

Contact: Emmanuelle Saby, Schlumberger Test & Transactions
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 46 71 04
Web site:
Web site:


Advertorial: Cryptographic Security Aspects of Smart Cards and the Internet 23rd - 26th April 2001

April 2001 sees the meeting of industry experts to discuss Cryptographic Security Aspects of Smart Cards and the Internet. The 4 day interactive workshop is taking place in Amsterdam on 23rd - 26th April and will cover topics such as:

  • An introduction to cryptography
  • The Rijndael Algorithm
  • Internet Security
  • Security of Multi Application Operating Systems
  • Bluetooth
  • Biometrics
  • PKI

For a programme and booking information visit

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