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Tuesday 06 February 2001

Smart Cards Combine Patient Records and Payment Transactions

CardLogix, a Smart Card technology platform provider and Innovonics, a provider of hardware-based encryption products for secure online transactions, have developed a card and reader combination for transacting patient records and payments with a single desktop terminal.

The Innovonics patented PC Pay device and CardLogix multi-function Smart Card platform enables hospitals, doctors and insurers to access and update medical records and process payments via a combination Smart/credit/debit card reader and third-party software. Vital healthcare administrative functions can be performed more securely with Smart Card authentication and more conveniently using a single, compact desktop device.

The PC Pay Smart Card device enhances records and billing by using existing computer infrastructures. Innovonics offers PC Pay Developer Kits with several interface software choices for the creation and management of a custom payment and Smart Card system. Each kit also includes CardLogix' Winplex, a 32-bit Application Program Interface (API) with support for Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Delphi.

Developer kits are currently available and include two PC Pay devices, five Smart Cards, interface software and documentation. The PC Pay developer kits that include CardLogix' Winplex API are priced at $789 each and are available from both CardLogix and Innovonics.

Contact: Bruce Ross, CardLogix
Tel: +1 949 380 1312
Web site:
Tel: +1 602 906 1000
Web site:


OTI Finalises Acquisition of Two German Smart Card Companies

OTI has announced that it has acquired the remaining 49 per cent of European Smart Card system integrator InterCard Kartensysteme GmbH and electronic Smart Card hardware manufacturer InterCard System Electronic GmbH, operating from Villingen and Bad Durrheim in Germany. Subject to closing, OTI will own 100 per cent of each company.

OTI acquired 51 per cent of InterCard Kartensysteme InterCard System Electronic when the agreement was signed last June. Under the terms of the agreement, the remaining shares in the companies will be acquired by swapping shares. To secure the deal OTI has allocated 785,000 new shares to be held with a trustee for the balance of the acquisition. The new OTI shares will be distributed to InterCard owners over the next six months.

Contact: OTI
Web site:


First Digital Healthcare Archive in Europe

InSiteOne, Inc., of Wallingford, Connecticut, and Digital Share, S.A., of Paris, France, have announced a joint agreement to bring the first digital healthcare archive to the European marketplace. This initiative will enable physicians to retrieve digital images from InSiteOne's patent-pending InDex digital archive service through Digital Share's clinical portal, regardless of where they are located. France Telecom will provide the network infrastructure development.

"The intention of the clinical portal is to offer the relevant clinical information, to the right physician, in time," said Miguel Grollet, CEO of Digital Share. "While our original objective was to bring this service to the physicians and patients of a specific region of the country, we now see an opportunity to become one of the first clinical content providers in Europe."

Digital Share was formed to be a Clinical Content provider throughout Europe. The technology used, the clinical portal, which is being developed in the Poitou-Charentes Region of France, plans to deliver a secure personalised access point where each doctor can gain instantaneous access to all of the patient's medical records, including text, images, audio and video, even if the records come from different medical centres and physician practices in the region. This will include the ability to search, access and distribute medical information, from any information source, including databases, documents and the Web. Doctors will link to this database through a secure extranet connection. Authentication occurs using various forms of Smart Card technology.


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