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Monday 05 February 2001

Ingenico Fortronic Appoints Irish Distributor

Ingenico Fortronic, specialists in electronic payments and Smart Card systems, has announced a distributor agreement with leading Irish retail solutions firm, Databank Systems. The partnership will allow Ingenico to extend the reach of its Smart Card payment terminals and solutions into Ireland, and expand the functionality of its software applications throughout Europe.

A comprehensive range of Ingenico's countertop and mobile payment terminals and software applications will be distributed by Databank under the terms of the agreement, providing Irish acquiring banks and retailers with the latest secure electronic payment technology and Smart Card solutions.

Contact: Graham Wright, Ingenico Fortronic Limited
Tel: + 44 (0)131 459 8800
Web site:
John Wright, Managing Director, Databank Systems Limited
Tel: + 353 1 493 2921


Navy Selects Funge Systems' Smart Card Enabled Platform

Funge Systems, a developer of Smart Card solutions for digital transactions on the Internet and mobile devices, has announced that the Department of the Navy Smart Card Office has selected its Open Transaction Platform (OTP) to develop a prototype of a new Smart Card-enabled pocket computer and personal digital assistant (PDA) for wireless transactions.

Funge Systems, together with Smart Card integrator MAXIMUS, will demonstrate the ability to improve existing Navy applications through the use of a Smart Card-enabled, secure, portable wireless device.

The Open Transaction Platform allows end users to carry out secure transactions on any wired or wireless device, at any time and from anywhere. Transactions are initiated by a Smart Card that provides user identification, authentication, authorisation, multiple payment functionality, and the secure transmission of information. User authentication is accomplished using the Department of Defense Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Contact: Holly Pollinger, TMP Worldwide (for Funge Systems, Inc.)
Tel: +1 703 269 0171
Web site:
Web site:


First Smart Interstate Mass Transit Fare System

Cubic Transportation Systems has won a $20 million contract to provide the first interstate "touchless" mass transit ticketing system in the US. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has selected Cubic as the prime contractor for a new regional program, linking payment for WMATA buses serving Washington, D.C. and parts of Maryland and Virginia with the Metro's existing SmarTrip fare collection system.

"This is a smart business decision for Metro that will pay dividends for not only Metro, but other transportation systems in the region," said Metro General Manager Richard A. White. "Partnering with an industry leader in technology will enable Metro to concentrate on its core business and provide a better customer service base to the more than 500,000 people who use Metrobus on a daily basis."

Cubic was the architect of the two-year-old SmarTrip, the first mass transit smart fare collection system in the US, that has attracted 140,000 Smart Card users. SmarTrip technology allows regular commuters to enter the subway without removing their cards from their wallets and gives them the option using convenient SmarTrip "fast" lanes at WMATA's park-and-ride facilities.

Contact: Kelly Williams, Cubic Corp
Tel: +1 858 505 2378


EDS and Identix Demonstrate Secure Voting Solution

EDS and Identix last week demonstrated for members of Congress a new digital, secure voting solution that enables US military personnel overseas to vote online eliminating their need to mail in their ballots.

The demonstration was part of an exhibit on voting technology held at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.

"Adopting this solution would go a long way toward solving the military absentee balloting problem, which was related during this past national election to confusion over postmark dates and the lack of verification of voters," said Al Edmonds, president of EDS' Government Global Industry Group.

The solution uses Identix fingerprint technology to translate a digital signature unique to each voter. The fingerprint is then applied to an EDS Smart Card, which military personnel can use to vote online via the MILNET (a military intranet) and/or commercial Internet.

Contact: Peter Rowe, EDS
Tel: +1 972 797 9516
Damon Wright, Identix
Tel: +1 408 731 2000

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