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Thursday 01 February 2001

ACI and WearLogic Partner

ACI Worldwide and WearLogic are partnering to market and distribute WearLogic products via ACI's global distribution network. They also plan to combine ACI's Personal Online Data (POD) secure e-wallet application and its MONAD multiple application Smart Card solution with WearLogic's SmartWear Wallet technology to transform the everyday wallet into a wearable electronic wallet that can securely manage personal information and finances.

The combination will allow Smart Card issuers to supply cardholders with a physical wallet that contains a card reader, screen and keyboard in addition to the usual pockets and compartments found in a traditional leather wallet. The wallet would act as a personal and financial portal that consumers can always have with them.

In traditional shopping environments, cardholders can use the wallet's reader to determine if they have sufficient value or credit available on their card before handing it to a clerk for payment. The wallet also can keep track of points and other value used in customer loyalty programs. This functionality carries over to the virtual world where cardholders can connect the physical wallet via ACI's online POD wallet to securely access the Internet, update their account and loyalty information online, as well as automatically complete forms and make purchases.

Contact: Gene Hinkle, ACI Worldwide
Tel: +1 402 390 8906


Joint Venture to Target $3 Billion Government e-Procurement Market with a Web-based Smart Card

Vertical Computer Systems has announced a joint venture between iNet Government Services LLC (iNet) and Apollo Industries Inc to form a separate LLC under the name "SmarteGov" which will pursue Smart Card opportunities in public sector e-procurement, which is estimated to amount to approximately $3 billion a year.

SmarteGov will be an Internet-based platform for public sector Smart Card transactions and will seek to leverage the convenience, portability and next-generation interactive data management capabilities of Web-enabled Smart Card technology. The SmarteGov Smart Card will include a conventional financial transaction card with a chip offering multi-application facilities.

"There is a major thrust by the public sector to offer both traditional and innovative uses of Smart Card technologies, not only for information authentication and verification, but for uses such as asset control, medical record filing, purchasing, SmartVoting, etc. Government is embracing the Internet and Smart Card technologies at an unparalleled rate," said Basil Nikas, CEO of iNetPurchasing Inc. and SmarteGov.

Contact: Sean Collins, Coffin Communications Group
Tel: +1 818 789 0100


Intermec, Philips and Gemplus Tag Submit Joint Proposal to ISO

Intermec Technologies Corp., Philips Semiconductors and Gemplus have jointly submitted an updated proposal to ISO 18000-6 for a UHF protocol to be used in item management applications. The proposal follows last week's announcement of a joint submission to GTAG, an initiative of the UCC-EAN voluntary standards organisation charged with studying the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) in supply applications.

The joint proposal defines a standardised protocol for ISO 18000-6. This will enable users of UHF smart label technology in all markets to build RFID systems incorporating components from more than one vendor. By ensuring interoperability, the proposed standard means a reader from one manufacturer would, for example, be able to decode labels from different manufacturers.

Contact: Kathie Jackson Anderson, Intermec
Tel: +1 425 348 2799
Angeline Fraud, Gemplus
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 36 68 34
Paul Morrison, Philips
Tel: +1 408 474 5065 (USA)


Elva Starts Mass Production of VocaliD Smart Card

Elva says it will start mass production of VocaliD Smart Cards in a matter of weeks.

The first series of cards will be delivered to clients for pilot tests in early April 2001. These prototype cards will allow numerous demonstrations in a wide range of applications in the e-commerce sector.

Contact: Elva Inc.
Tel: +1 925 831 0504
Fax: +1 925 855 8617
Web site:


Lucent and Certicom Alliance on Secure Mobile Internet Solutions

Lucent and Certicom Alliance on Secure Mobile Internet Solutions Certicom, a provider of mobile e-business security, and Lucent Technologies have announced an alliance to jointly develop secure solutions for Lucent's mobile Internet offerings worldwide. The development effort will focus on end-to-end solutions that provide user authentication and security to enable safe and secure transactions between the growing base of mobile Internet devices and the Internet.

Web site:
Web site:

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