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Monday 17th December 2001

BioID Enters Surveillance Market

Biometric company BioID has announced that it is to extend its facial recognition technology in order to offer the service to surveillance developers.

The technology, which forms part of BioID SDK 3.0 package, will allow implementers to integrate the product with existing surveillance systems. The technology claims to be able to find a face from streaming video in 20 milliseconds and can also be used as an alert system to notify security personnel of known suspects.


Visa to Pilot Digital TV Authentication in Finland

Visa is to pilot its 3-D Secure payment solution on digital TV in Finland in what will be the company's first ever digital-TV implementation of authentication technology. Under the agreement, 3-D Secure will be piloted in digital TV alongside third-party EMV chip cards and electronic purse to ensure secure transactions.

The trial itself will begin in February 2002 and last six months. If successful it will be rolled out across all EU markets and is considered to be able to attract substantial digital TV uptake. Other participants in the trial are OKOBANK Group, Luottokunta, MTV3 (a subsidiary of Alma Media), Automatia Rahakortit and Modirum.


Infineon Developments to Cut Production Cost

Infineon has become the first semiconductor manufacturer to begin volume production of semiconductors processed on silicon wafers with a diameter of 300 mm (12 inches). According to Infineon, the increased number of chips that can fit on the surface of a 300 mm wafer - around 2.5 times as many as on the standard 200 mm (8 inch) wafer - can reduce production costs by up to 30 percent.

The company has also announced that it is to use smaller device geometries (0.14 microns). Alongside the production of the larger wafers, Infineon claim the developments will halve its production costs for DRAM chips at its Dresden facility.


Fortress GB Implements School Smart Card System

UK Smart Card company Fortress GB has announced that it has integrated a multi-application Smart Card system at Turnford School in Hertfordshire (UK) that can handle a number of essential day-to-day applications for pupils and staff on a single card.

The card integrates e-purse, access control and time attendance applications and can store information such as name, class and access rights. The card allows pupils and teachers to gain access to school premises and certain secure areas, electronically register attendance and pay for school lunches and other services.


ORGA and Perfect Plastic Printing Form Alliance

ORGA is to enter into a strategic agreement with card manufacturer Perfect Plastic Printing (PPP) to create a US-based manufacturing solution for large-scale chip card production.

ORGA is expected to exploit PPP's digital printing, translucent cards, full-face holograms and full-face foil printing technology.

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