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Thursday 30 August 2001

Cubic Transportation Systems Opens Boston Office

Cubic Transportation Systems has opened an office in Boston to position itself to support potential opportunities for Smart Card transit ticketing systems, including a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) bid expected to be released in the fall.

The Boston "T", the country's oldest and fourth largest transportation system, is targeted for an upgrade of its ticketing system within the next five years. It includes light rail, commuter rail, bus, paratransit and ferry services.

"We want to be positioned, prepared and ready to deliver a proven and relevant ticketing technology that works for Boston. By learning and living the transit system and the city, our team will understand operational issues and requirements," said John Satterfield, Cubic's vice president, Eastern Region, Business Development.

Cubic is the largest supplier of integrated ticketing and automated fare collection (AFC) systems for mass transit, including magnetic and Smart Card-based systems. Cubic also is the technology developer behind the Nextfare Solution Suite, a package of advanced tools that can be integrated into any AFC. An example is Nextfare Express - called SmartBenefits by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority - which enables employers to deliver transit benefits to a customer's Smart Card.


Smart Cards Record Treatment for Drug Offenders

Smart Card technology from Netsmart Technologies has been selected by San Joaquin County to manage the county's Proposition 36 initiative - a new California initiative that mandates treatment instead of incarceration for first and second time non-violent drug offenders. The new law went into effect on 1 July.

County officials knew that recording all of the Proposition 36 substance abuse treatment, education and health program information for drug offenders was going to be a daunting task.

George Feicht, administrator of the San Joaquin County Office of Substance Abuse's alcohol and drug program, said that without the innovative program, his staff would have to compile the complex records manually. "The beauty of this is the data goes right into the data bank," he said.

He explained that the Office of Substance Abuse, the lead agency for the county's Proposition 36 program, is responsible for collecting data on all the offenders and submitting it to the State's Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs - which in turn submit a report on participant performance to the Governor. The Smart Card tracks every class, medical appointment, counselling session, and treatment appointment each participant attends, which could involve as many as 30 different agencies and organisations.


ACI Launches Payments Software Engine on IBM eServer Mainframes

ACI Worldwide has announced a new-generation product for real-time processing of consumer payment transactions on IBM eServer z900 and S/390 mainframes.

The ACI Enterprise Payment System (EPS) provides application software to acquire and authenticate, route, switch and authorise transactions regardless of the channel in which they originate. Customers in many industries-finance, retail, telecommunications, data processing-can use EPS to process transactions from any endpoint including Internet shopping networks, mobile commerce, Web ATM and home banking systems. The software can also be used to upgrade legacy ATM and point-of-sale systems, adding support for new features such as Smart Card programs and e-check processing.

EPS operates on the IBM eServer z900 and S/390's operating systems, z/OS and OS/390, and takes full advantage of their Parallel Sysplex clustering technology for fault tolerance and scalability.


Bioscrypt Unveils V-Smart Physical Access Device

Bioscrypt has unveiled the latest addition to the VeriSeries access control product line, the "V-Smart" which is a contactless MIFARE read/write device integrated with a biometric fingerprint reader. The user simply presents the Smart Card and places a finger on the reader. The V-Smart then compares the presented fingerprint with the fingerprint template stored on the Smart Card to verify the user's identity.


Advertorial : The 8th International COSAC 9th-13th September 2001

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COSAC is widely regarded as one of the world's most participative and productive information security symposiums. Conceived, managed, and attended by vastly experienced practising professionals, it takes place in the intimate and luxurious surroundings of the five-star Hotel Castle Dunloe in Killarney, Ireland.

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