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Wednesday 22 August 2001

Rainbow's iKey Gains FIPS-140-2 Certification

The eSecurity group of Rainbow Technologies has announced that the Company's iKey 2032 workstation and network security solution has achieved FIPS-140 Level 2 certification from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

"As the market for authentication tokens continues to expand, the iKey is clearly becoming the USB token of choice for many types of organisations," said Shawn Abbott, president of Rainbow's eSecurity group. "FIPS-140 Level 2 certification makes the iKey 2032 a powerful and portable two-factor authentication USB device suited for applications that demand the highest level of security."


Deutsche Bank Adds BASE24 to E-payments Processing Platform

ACI Worldwide has announced the licensing of its BASE24 e-payment processing software to Deutsche Bank S.p.A, one of Italy's Top 10 banks and credit card issuers/processors. Deutsche Bank will use BASE24 to authorise, route and switch both ATM and POS transactions, and to meet processing requirements for EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Smart Card transactions.


Indivos US Patent for Tokenless Electronic Financial Transactions

Indivos has been awarded US Patent No. 6,269,348 for technology developed using biometrics for processing electronic financial transactions such as on-line debit, off-line debit and credit without requiring the user to directly use or possess any man-made propriety tokens. For any transaction designated to be processed as an electronic credit or debit, the Indivos technology provides a user, whether an individual or a business, with the ability to pay for goods and services either at the retail point of sale, at an ATM or over the Internet using only a biometric for authentication.

Indivos, provider of the Pay By Touch payment service in which consumers voluntarily enrol in order to access their checking, credit and loyalty accounts without having to use cumbersome, costly plastic cards, paper checks, key fobs and other tokens. Consumers who enrol, can easily access their accounts online using the security of fingerprint authentication.


Hypercom Training and Certification Program

Hypercom Corporation has established the first electronic payment systems industry training and certification program. Dubbed Hypercom University, the program will give developers, programmers and engineers the opportunity to gain valuable training in popular Hypercom hardware and networking systems, as well as software applications.

Jose Enrique Perez, senior vice president, Hypercom Worldwide Software Development and President of Hypercom University, said: "There is a clear need for courses and certifications that will benefit those professionals who are engaged in delivering value-added services to the point-of-sale."

In-depth training will include Smart Card payment systems, Visual HDT (VHDT) C++-based software, electronic signature and receipt capture, ICE-PAC on-screen/receipt terminal (POS) advertising, and IEN networks. Students successfully completing the courses will be granted the professional designations of Certified Developer, Certified Support Engineer or Certified Networking Engineer, depending on the course. Courses will be open to customers, international distributors, value-added resellers (VARs) and Authorised Repair Facility personnel at select Hypercom offices in the US, Europe and Latin America.


IVI Smart Technologies Relocates to Honolulu

IVI Smart Technologies is to relocate much of its product design group from their operations in San Jose, California and Tokyo to the new corporate headquarters in Honolulu.

Chairman, Terry Christensen, said: "Important factors we considered included access to Asian markets, a large and gifted local engineering talent pool and the unparalleled lifestyle that Hawaii offers our employees."

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