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Tuesday 21 August 2001

Smart Card Exchange: Smart Card News to Act as Honest Broker

Every company at some time or other over-orders or manufacturers an item that remains on the shelf but which has a value to another company if only one knew who that company was. Now at Smart Card News you can advertise your item, be it a small run of cards or a whole factory plant for only 50 per quarter.

Smart Card News will act as a broker between buyers and sellers of Smart Card related products. All that is required is a description and perhaps a photograph of your item. This will appear on a special page at our website.

Potential buyers can then contact SCN with an offer which we will pass along to the seller, in complete confidence and all for only 5.00 (Private Sale) or 50.00 (Business Sale) per quarter. There is no charge to buyers. For more information about this service please email Sheena Stenning ( or visit the Smart Card Exchange page at the SCN website:


Passlogix Delivers Single Sign-on Software

Passlogix has announced the availability of v-GO Single Sign-On (SSO) 3.0 which gives enterprise users the benefits of single sign-on while connected and disconnected to the corporate network, while roaming between computers and while sharing a computer with multiple users. v-GO SSO's flexible client-based architecture also now works with virtually any LDAP directory and allows network administrators to choose any form of user authentication.

v-GO SSO enables enterprise users to authenticate once via their Microsoft Windows logon, a Smart Card, directory logon, biometrics or PKI logon and seamlessly access all password-protected Windows, Web, hosts-based and proprietary applications. After successful user authentication, v-GO SSO automatically recognises and responds to all password-related requests on behalf of the user, including logon and password change requests.

v-GO SSO is priced at $69.95 per user. Visit Passlogix's Website at or e-mail for additional information.


Randall Schrader Joins Leapfrog as CEO

Leapfrog Smart Products has announced the appointment of Randall Schrader, former President and CEO of Realistic Solutions, as Chief Executive Officer and President, taking over from co-CEO and President Dr Les Bromwell. Co-CEO and co-founder Dale Grogan will assume the position of President of Leapfrog Healthcare Solutions.


Unisys and Litronic Partner in Identrus Global E-Commerce Trust System

Litronic and Unisys have announced that they have received Identrus certification of Trusted Community Solution, a Unisys packaged Identrus-enabled system that operates on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The Unisys packaged offering incorporates Litronic's SSP Global Trust (GT) application suites including SSP NetSign GT for Identrus Smart Card integration on the client desktop and SSP Profile Manager GT for Smart Card issuance and lifecycle management.


SafeNet Announces Security Solutions for 802.11 Applications

SafeNet has announced that its VPN software, SoftRemote, is available to provide an immediate solution to the recent security vulnerabilities concerning wireless LANs, addressing issues with the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) standard, as well as securing a variety of IP communications methods. SoftRemote is a FIPS 140-1 and IPSec standards-based remote access client offering secure communications for a variety of IP transports including 802.11 wireless technology, remote access, broadband technology, fast Ethernet, ISDN, and frame-relay.

"Our security experts designed SoftRemote to offer interoperable security for a wide range of wired and wireless applications," said Tony Caputo, Chairman and CEO for SafeNet. "We secure information at the IP level for a variety of communications methods making SoftRemote a VPN product that can be deployed in many applications."


IOCard Group Appointment

IOCard Group has appointed Tore Uberg Alve to head up the Group's Nordic division. Former Managing Director of CEKAB, the bank-owned national payment processing centre in Sweden, he is a Norwegian national with executive-level payment systems experience in Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the UK.

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