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Thursday 12 April 2001

PubliCARD Production Facility for Smart Card Readers

PubliCARD's subsidiary Infineer has transferred production of its Smart Card readers to a high-volume, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Daiya Bay, Guangdong Province, China.

Working through Asian Identification Systems (AIS), Infineer's contract manufacturing and distribution partner in the Asia-Pacific region, the company has secured access to a large ISO 9002-certified production facility for the mould manufacturing and surface mount assembly of Smart Card readers. In addition, AIS, which serves as the exclusive reseller for Infineer's Smart Card readers in Hong Kong, has added Japan and China to its distribution territories for Infineer's products.

"Shifting production to this world-class Chinese facility is an important milestone for our rapidly emerging Smart Card reader business," said Jan-Erik Rottinghuis, PubliCARD's President and CEO. "The plant is capable of producing more than one million readers per month at a unit cost significantly below that of our former facility, and the shipments we have received to date have been of the highest quality."

Contact: Gerard E. Manganti, Ruder Finn
Tel: +1 212 715 1637
Fax: +1 212 715 1660


Philips Semiconductors licences SmartMIPS architecture

Philips Semiconductors has licensed the SmartMIPS architecture and the MIPS32 4KSc Smart Card core from MIPS Technologies, a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer and network applications.

The SmartMIPS architecture and MIPS32 4KSc smart card core will further accelerate consumers' adoption of multi-application Smart Cards. Combined with Philips Semiconductors' expertise, the new SmartMIPS low-power, high-performance embedded 32-bit processor will enable sophisticated applications and higher levels of security to be embedded in the next generation of Smart Cards, particularly as required by UMTS applications.

"This agreement with MIPS Technologies will increase our ability to develop leading-edge Smart Card technology for emerging applications, which require sophisticated products with greater processing power," said Karsten Ottenberg, vice president, Identification Businesses, at Philips Semiconductors

Contact: Chloe Shannon, for Philips Semiconductors
Tel: +44 (0)1223 314545
Web site:


Rainbow's iKey 2000 is Entrust-Ready

Rainbow Technologies has announced that its iKey 2000 series workstation security solution has been awarded the Entrust-Ready designation.

"Rainbow's iKey 2000 series is the industry's first true plug-and-play PKI security token," said Robert Shields, sr. director of strategic marketing, Rainbow Technologies. "The Entrust-Ready designation gives our joint customers a proven solution for authentication and authorisation of users in a PKI environment and for secure remote access."

Contact: Dan Chmielewski, Rainbow Technologies, Inc.
Tel: +1 949 450 7377
Web site:


Telstra Project Assists Mobile Phone Users to Shop Around

Mobile phone users will soon be able to choose between mobile carriers and keep their mobile numbers using Telstra technology. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has been mandated by the Australian Communications Authority to come into place by 25 September 2001. Currently, mobile phone users changing carriers must also change their number.

Through the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF), Telstra has been a driving force in the industry's attempts to find a technical solution which is fast, economical and efficient, and gives mobile users choice.

Telstra Wholesale's Managing Director, Ms Rosemary Howard, said: "Telstra has been a leading advocate of MNP. Telstra Wholesale has set up a business-class common network, to be used by all mobile carriers. With the flick of a switch a mobile user can move from one carrier to another once formalities have been completed between old and new providers.

"This common network is unique. In the UK, changing mobile carriers takes up to 30 days. Telstra's common network allows porting well inside the ACA's requirement of porting within hours."

Web site:

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