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Wednesday 11 April 2001

Schlumberger Introduces Cyberflex Palmera Smart Card in the US

Schlumberger has announced the availability in the US of its Cyberflex Palmera Java-based Smart Card, the new multi-application card which builds on the security, functionality and performance of Schlumberger's Cyberflex Smart Card family.

"This new card redefines expectations for time-to-market for smart services," said Francois Lasnier, field marketing director in North America for Schlumberger.

"Going from service definition to prototype card could now take as little as a few months, compared to a year or more with non-Java solutions. This provides a real edge to our customers as they compete to be first to market with secure, standards-based services."

The Cyberflex Palmera card is designed to complement any existing card infrastructure. The card enables card infrastructures to easily migrate to new smart applications, while providing continuity for current customers and preserving their investment in existing terminals, networks and other equipment.

Contact: Brittany Jedrzejewski, The Bernard Group
Tel: +1 512 327 2195, ext. 126


GlobalPlatform Awards Contract to Datacard

Datacard Group has been awarded a Smart Card management contract by GlobalPlatform, the cross-industry organisation promoting a standardised framework for multi-application Smart Cards.

Under the agreement, Datacard will provide the software and services required to manage the Smart Cards GlobalPlatform plans to issue to its Member companies. Approximately 300 cards will be issued.

Initially, Members will use the cards for logical access to secure areas of the GlobalPlatform web site. Eventually, the organisation plans to offer a variety of applications to its Members that will be securely delivered using Open Platform technology.

Contact: Kevin Gillick, Datacard Group
Tel: +1 952 988 2846


Gemplus Partners with Computer Associates

Gemplus S.A has announced a development partner agreement with Computer Associates International. (CA) to provide a powerful, portable solution for deploying PKI-based digital certificates. This relationship will enable customers to rapidly deploy and effectively manage trusted E-Business identities across the enterprise - including mobile users, such as field sales staff and on-the-go executives.

The new E-Business security solution is based on the integration of CA's eTrust PKI system, which manages and administers digital certificates across the enterprise, with Gemplus' GemSAFE, Smart Card technology

Contact: Ron Schwenger, Gemplus
Tel: +1 650 654 2978


Croatia's PBZ Bank Selects Hypercom as Partner

Hypercom Corporation has delivered 6000 T7PS and S8 Point of Sale terminals to Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ) in Croatia with a further 1000 to be shipped in May. PBZ can now accept all card types Europay/MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners on their POS terminals.

Flora Lendvai, head of the card department at PBZ, said: "Recently we have seen dynamic changes in the economic and social structure of Croatia as it adjusts to the standards of other European countries. PBZ is committed to matching this growth and our partnership with Hypercom allows us to provide the best service that our customers demand."

Contact: Pete Schuddekopf, Hypercom Corporation
Tel: +1 602 504 5383


Datacard Introduces Consultancy

Datacard Group has announced that it has assembled a team of Smart Card specialists that will provide card issuers with a wide range of security evaluation services. The new London-based group, called Datacard Consult p7, includes many of the security experts who previously worked for a company called platform seven (p7), which Datacard acquired in March 2000. p7 was the research and development arm of National Westminster Bank and creator of the Mondex electronic purse scheme and MULTOS operating system.

"Creating a trusted platform is a paramount concern for most Smart Card programs, especially for financial and personal data applications", said Graham Higgins, Head of Datacard Consult p7. "We believe we have the most accomplished team in the industry for measuring and improving the integrity and security of a chip, an operating system or an entire Smart Card program. Essentially, we examine our customer's chips and operating systems with the skill associated with a more sophisticated attack," Higgins said. "We generally are able to find fraud, theft and forgery risks that our customers were not expecting."

Jerry Johnson, Datacard president and CEO, commented: "Acquiring p7 greatly expanded our Smart Card portfolio. We are now able to provide our customers with the world's most complete line of Smart Card issuance and Smart Card management solutions - including an end-to-end architecture for issuance of multi-application Smart Cards."

Contact: Kevin Gillick, Datacard Group
Tel: +1 952 988 2846


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  • Soon your shoes will be doing your thinking for you. Find out more from keynote speaker Michael Hawley, Dreyfoos Professor of Media Technology at MIT and principal investigator Of "Things that Think" project at MIT's Media Lab
  • Keynote speaker Steven Levy, Senior Technology Editor of Newsweek and author of "Crypto: When the Code Rebels Beat the Government"
  • Visa smart cards in the news
  • B2B Internet Transaction Security panel
  • Multi-application, and interoperable cards in large-scale ID programs
  • As always, sessions for beginners as well as veterans on smart cards and biometrics

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