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Monday 09 April 2001

ORGA Reports Record Results

ORGA Kartensysteme's fiscal year results recorded sales of DM552 million ($253 million US$), an increase of 42 per cent over the previous year's total of DM388 million ($178 million USD).

ORGA increased its EBIT from DM52.5 million ($24 million USD) to DM92 million ($42 million USD), a rise of 75 per cent.

The company plans to continue growing strongly in the Smart Card market in the future and expects above-average growth for the current fiscal year. ORGA's target for 2001 is sales of DM800 million ($366 million USD), an increase of more than 50 per cent.

"With our clear orientation as a Smart Card integrator, we were able in the past year to further consolidate our position as one of the world's largest vendors of Smart Card systems and expand into completely new dimensions," said Udo Folling, Chief Executive Officer.

He added that the construction of the new Smart Card Centre in Flintbek near Kiel means that as of the summer of 2001 ORGA will double its annual production capacity from 100 million to 200 million Smart Cards.

Contact: Bernd Schafers-Maiwald, ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH
Tel: +49 5251 889-1200
Fax: +49 5251 889-1249
Heather Reinsel, ORGA Card Systems, Inc.
Tel: +1 610 993 9810
Fax: +1 610 993 8641


MULTOS Abolishes Load and Delete Charges

To accelerate the migration to multi-application Smart Cards around the world, the MULTOS Consortium has agreed a changed pricing structure for Key Management Services (KMS) for its MULTOS operating system. Charges for individual application load and delete certificates have been abolished. These certificates, required for adding and removing applications on MULTOS multi-application Smart Cards, now become freely available to encourage issuers to exploit secure post issuance updating and loading of applications. From now, only initial enablement of cards will attract a charge.

Contact: Product information e-mail:
Web site:


Net Nanny Ships BioPassword for Windows 2000

Net Nanny Software International is now shipping BioPassword for Windows 2000 clients running on Windows NT servers, providing a layer of authentication security that is significantly better than current user authentication processes.

The company plans to provide further releases later this year to keep pace with the release of other Windows operating systems. The company currently offers a platform-independent Software Development Kit (SDK) for third parties to integrate into their own applications.

While BioPassword provides security on its own, it can be combined with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Smart Cards, digital signatures, tokens and other user authentication devices, which require the use of some form of PIN or password.

BioPassword is a software-only authentication solution that measures the unique way in which people type and lowers the risks and costs associated with stolen, shared and forgotten passwords, providing a formidable barrier to potential intruders and a deterrent to disgruntled employees. It works seamlessly with existing Windows NT or Windows 2000 security features.

Contact: Nika Herford, Net Nanny Software Inc.
Tel: +1 425 688 3008
Fax: +1 425 688 3010
Web site:


BioID Introduces Biometric Authentication Software

BioID America, a biometric authentication software developer, is introducing an enterprise-level biometric authentication software, BioID Enterprise 3.0, at the RSA Conference in San Francisco from April 9 to 11.

BioID Enterprise 3.0 is the first multimodal authentication solution that is designed to be integrated with existing security measures deployed by the financial and healthcare sectors and government agencies. The technology simultaneously analyses three biometric traits - face, voice and lip movement - for easy-to-use secure authentication in networks, web-based networks and physical access.

A reduced template size enables BioID Enterprise 3.0 to be used with a wide range of new applications, for example, templates can be stored on a Smart Card to enable monitored access to PCS, networks and restricted areas.

Contact: Scott Williams, BioID AG
Web site:


Dial a Coke in Australia

Telstra MobileNet and Coca-Cola have announced the trial of a service called 'Dial a Coke' enabling Telstra post paid customers to use their GSM mobile phones to buy drinks from selected Coca-Cola vending machines. The 'Dial a Coke' trial from 3 April to 3 May involves 17 Coca-Cola vending machines at Sydney's Central Railway Station.

Telstra OnAir's National Product Development Manager, Greg Day, said the trial provided a glimpse of the opportunities provided by Telstra's innovative wireless applications.

"This initiative is a precursor to people being able to use their mobile handsets for functions such as micro payments for parking, ticketing and bookings," he said.

Norm Farrell, National Manager Equipment Services and Vending, Coca-Cola Amatil said: "Through this innovative technology partnership between Telstra's mobile network and our vending network, consumers at Central Station will have the opportunity over the next month to experience what the future has in store."

Customers simply call the number indicated on the vending machine, have the purchase amount credited to the machine and make their selection which will then appear from the machine. The transaction is charged to the customer's mobile phone account and appears on their next bill with the vending machine's location.

Contact: Tel: 1 877 Telstra
Web site:


Sponsorship Advertorial: CardTech/SecurTech 2001

CTST 2001-- advance registration discounts available through April 16!
CardTech/SecurTech 2001: Navigating the Digital Frontier
Conference Dates: May 14-17, 2001
Exhibition Dates: May 15-17, 2001
Location: Las Vegas--The Sands Expo and Venetian

Experience: 300 exhibiting companies. 200 prominent speakers. 9,000 people from around the globe converging around smart cards, biometrics, and secure e-business.

Check for details.

At the digital frontier, it's trust and relationships that give you the edge. That's where secure identification technologies come in. Smart cards, biometrics and public key infrastructures are key to establishing trust in the digital world. Find out everything you need to know at CardTech/SecurTech 2001.

With its 1,000-booth exhibition and acclaimed 200-speaker seminar program, CTST 2001 is the world's premier conference covering the marketing, business and technical aspects of deploying card and security technologies successfully. The show covers many technologies, applied to diverse business situations in numerous market sectors in almost every country around the world. To get a feel for just how expansive the CTST experience is visit or email to request a brochure.


  • Soon your shoes will be doing your thinking for you. Find out more from keynote speaker Michael Hawley, Dreyfoos Professor of Media Technology at MIT and principal investigator Of "Things that Think" project at MIT's Media Lab
  • Keynote speaker Steven Levy, Senior Technology Editor of Newsweek and author of "Crypto: When the Code Rebels Beat the Government"
  • Visa smart cards in the news
  • B2B Internet Transaction Security panel
  • Multi-application, and interoperable cards in large-scale ID programs
  • As always, sessions for beginners as well as veterans on smart cards and biometrics

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