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Friday 06 April 2001

Gemplus Predicts Short Fall in First Quarter Results

Gemplus International SA has warned that first quarter results are expected to fall short of the company's previous guidance. Based upon preliminary analysis of its results for the quarter ending March 31, 2001, the company anticipates revenue for the first quarter to be approximately 290 million Euro. This represents 25% growth from first quarter levels in 2000, instead of the 31-32% growth projected earlier. The company now expects operating profit to be slightly below break-even for the first quarter of 2001.

Antonio Perez, president and chief executive officer, said: "Despite continued strong performance in Asia, we are seeing softer SIM card demand in other regions of the world, particularly Europe and North America. The economic slowdown in the wireless industry is clearly affecting demand as our customers assess their businesses. However, 25% revenue growth in the current environment, while short of our guidance, is solid. This performance follows our strongest year ever."

Contact: Severine Percetti, Gemplus
Tel: +33 (004 42 36 67


Metaca Smart Card Loyalty Licensing Agreement with EdgeWare

Metaca Corporation of Canada has signed an agreement with EdgeWare Technologies Corporation to provide EdgeTech products, which includes a suite of advanced, open architecture software solutions for use in retail and Smart Card-based applications.

Included in the EdgeTech products is EdgeSmart, which is designed to deliver customer services and incentives incorporated on either stored value payment cards or co-branded loyalty Smart Cards. Metaca has commenced integration of EdgeWare's applications to its CardProgram management offering.

Contact: Web site:
Web site:


New COO for Oberthur

Oberthur Card Systems has appointed Amedeo d'Angelo as Chief Operating Officer from Managing Director of the company's SEMEA/Asia Pacific region.

He started his career as Sales Manager for AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and went on to become Managing Director of Samsung Semiconductor then Chairman of Gemplus International GIE. In 1995, he set up Incard, a company specialising in the development of products for Smart Cards. He then assumed responsibility for developing a world supply strategy for products and services for the cards activity of De La Rue from 1997 to 1999.

Contact: Stephanie de Labriolle, Oberthur Card Systems
Tel: +33 (0)1 41 25 28 42


Keyware Acquires Data Management and Processing

Keyware has announced the acquisition of Data Management and Processing (DMP), a provider of Smart Card authorisation services for merchants and card issuers. The acquisition will strengthen Keyware's existing biometric and Smart Card business, allowing the company to offer secure biometric authentication in addition to providing authorisation for each customer card transaction.

The purchase was made for approximately US $1.1 million in cash and an additional $800,000 in Keyware stock to be paid out over the next two years. During the past year, DMP had revenues in excess of 50 million Belgian francs (approximately US $1.1 million) and earnings of 2.5 million Belgian francs.

DMP is under contract with a number of major card issuers to handle authorisation services for more than 1.5 million cards and accounts.

Contact: Liz Marshall, Keyware
Tel: +1 781 933 1311, ext. 235


Bluetooth-based Wireless Payment Test in Swedish Stores

Ericsson's R520m mobile telephone, which incorporates Bluetooth wireless technology, is to be tested in wireless payment in Swedish stores in May by selected Eurocard customers using a virtual Eurocard in the phone.

Bluetooth makes it possible to transmit wireless data over short distances, quickly and free of charge - in this case, between the purchaser's Ericsson mobile phone, which incorporates the virtual Eurocard, and the store's cash register.

"Customers paying for purchases using a Bluetooth equipped mobile phone will be able to pass through the store check-out much faster," said Synnöve Trygg, president of Eurocard AB in Sweden.

Contact: Anders Niklasson, Press Officer, Ericsson Sverige AB
Tel: +46 8 579 183 00
Mobile: +46 70 519 30 33
Kerstin Ottosson, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications,
Eurocard AB
Tel: +46 8 14 70 28
Mobile: +46 70 660 52 00


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  • Soon your shoes will be doing your thinking for you. Find out more from keynote speaker Michael Hawley, Dreyfoos Professor of Media Technology at MIT and principal investigator Of "Things that Think" project at MIT's Media Lab
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