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Tuesday 03 April 2001

GuardDog Changes Name to CyberDog Communication

California-based GuardDog Communication, Inc., the "Encryption System-On-a-Chip Company" has changed its name to CyberDog Communication, Inc. "CyberDog Communication more accurately reflects the vision of our Company, which is to solve the corporate hacking problem by making encryption an efficient, easy-to-use solution for all users of the Internet," said David Czajkowski, CEO of CyberDog Communication.

Based upon the recent development of the Internet Authentication Protocol (IAP), CyberDog has been able to combine Smart Card technology, standard symmetric encryption algorithms and IAP into integrated circuits (IC) to create a technological leap for Internet users. IAP eliminates the need for transferring encryption keys or locating public keys from public or private servers, but instead allows access to decryption by verifying the identity of the receiver.

Contact: David Czajkowski, CyberDog Communication, Inc.
Tel: +1 760 744 8310
Web site:


Schlumberger Introduces IDS PICA Probe System

Schlumberger Test & Transactions has introduced the IDS PICA probe system, a revolutionary instrument that enables design and product engineers to non-invasively debug the newest integrated circuit (IC) designs for flip-chips on 0.13-micron and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) processes.

Schlumberger says the system is the first and only commercially available tool to use advanced PICA (Picosecond Imaging Circuit Analyzer) technology licensed from IBM, harnessing light emissions to track electrical signals as they travel through semiconductor devices. The IDS PICA system can help speed new products to market by dramatically easing the difficult and time-consuming process of gathering timing data and finding faulty areas of ICs targeted for semiconductor processing's technology-edge.

"Our customers are developing complex integrated circuits that require innovative analytical tools to help ensure rapid debug and qualification of their product designs," said Joseph Nemeth, vice president of worldwide semiconductor manufacturing at IBM. "The new Schlumberger IDS PICA probe system can help meet the diagnostic requirements of complex system-on-a-chip, flip-chip designs based on advanced 0.13-micron and SOI-based process technologies, such as IBM's CMOS 9S."

Contact: Mary Jo Colton, Schlumberger Semiconductor Solutions
Tel: +1 408 586 6474
Web site:


Gemplus Launches SIM Card for New Java Powered Phone

Gemplus has been chosen by Nextel Communications as the provider of SIM cards for the Motorola i85 wireless phone. These SIM cards are the first in the world to be manufactured to a specification other than the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). That means North American users of non-GSM phones can enjoy the same advanced features and high security that wireless customers in Europe and Asia have come to expect.

Gemplus is manufacturing the SIM cards for Nextel to iDEN standard specifications. This Motorola technology supports voice, data, short messages and other features in one phone. It operates in the 800 MHz and 1.5 GHz bands and is based on TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access).

A key benefit of the Gemplus SIM card for Nextel and its customers is enhanced security, with a strongly encrypted "handshake" between the user and the network that provides a highly dependable means of user identification.

"This is a groundbreaking development for North American wireless networks," said Jean-Louis Carrara, Director of Telecommunications for Gemplus in North America. "The use of SIM cards in the Nextel network is a tremendous endorsement of Smart Card technologies, demonstrating the intrinsic value of SIM cards in all networks, for all wireless technologies."

Contact: Ron Schwenger, Gemplus
Tel: +1 650 654 2978

* Looking for a Strategic Partner has announced that it is in discussions with several potential strategic partners, the goal of which is to enable the long-term future and value of the beenz business.

The company's Board of Directors has been conducting an in-depth analysis of the company, including a strategic review of its global business operations. It is planning to further restructure its UK operations which will result in a number of redundancies in the London UK office.

The company says it will continue to service the global beenz consumer network from its London office, and the new rewardzCodes off-line product will continue to be available.

Contact: Bill McIntyre, PR Consultant
Band & Brown Communications
Tel: +44 (0)20 7419 7000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7419 6939

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